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Kardasi Distillery Konstantinos Kardasis

5th, Klm Tirnavos-Larissa Str., 40100 Tirnavos
Telephone +30 249 2025250
Fax +30 249 2025250

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Our products

Product category: Ouzo


Ouzo Kardasi is made according to a traditional recipe that has been in the family since 1914. The secret of this recipe is the combination of 15 aromatic seeds and herbs, some of which are extremely rare, in a balanced proportion. The sweetness that characterizes KARDASI OUZO is precisely due to the use of these herbs, as it contains no sugar. This extract of seeds and herbs of the highest quality is distilled in a small copper still made by Greek craftsmen in Istanbul. The distillation process is slow, almost mystical. The distillate is collected and, after dilution, stored in stainless steel tanks for a short time until the aromas are balanced. Then it is filtered and bottled
The soft taste and intense aromas of anise, cinnamon, bitter almond and nutmeg (and not only these) are characteristic of OUZO KARDASI
It can be drunk with cold water or ice cubes, accompanied by fresh salads, seafood or spicy dishes of Mediterranean cuisine.

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Product category: Ouzo

"GR" GOLDEN RECIPE (high quality dry ouzo)

This DRY OUZO "Golden Recipe" inherited from our grandfather and perfected it almost 100 years later in the 100% ouzo distillate.
The recipe includes 16 different herbs, fruits and seeds (some of which are extremely rare) that give the distillate a unique flavor and natural sweetness without the addition of sugar or other sweeteners.

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Product category: Other spirits


Kardasi Tsipouro from Tirnavos is made from grapes that come from our private vineyards. There we cultivate
the "Black Muscat", a grape variety with rich characteristics and
the wine has an excellent aroma that grows only in the region of Tirnavos. The grapes are brought to the winery only after a thorough control and sorting
It is produced in modern copper stills according to the double distillation method
The 100% natural grape distillate is distilled slowly and at a controlled temperature
The first fractions of the distillation (heads) and the last fractions (tails) are removed and separated from the main distillate.
The whole main distillate is redistilled at low temperature
The finished distillate is collected and stored in stainless steel tanks for a few months to be homogenized and obtain balanced flavors.
It is then diluted at a desired temperature, filtered and bottled
The Tsipouro without anise is the distillate in which the aromas of the grapes used for its production are easily recognizable
In this particular Tsipouro, the aroma of black muscat and the flavors of rose petals, caramel and butter are evident. Its taste is soft and fruity. It can be drunk without water at a temperature of 12-15°C, accompanied by traditional Greek delicacies (meat, pickles and spicy salads).
To the Tsipouro without anise, anise and fennel seeds are added in the second stage of distillation. In this tsipouro, the anise aroma dominates, leaving a slight tingle on the tongue and a sweet aftertaste. It is served with cold water or ice cubes, accompanied by cool Greek salads and seafood.

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Product category: Other spirits

"GH" GOLDEN HARVEST (premium grape marc spirit)

This GRAPE MARC SPIRIT is a high quality white distillate that can be enjoyed neat or mixed as a base for special cocktails in contemporary mixology.
We vinify and distill separately the low-yield grapes from an old vineyard that is over 65 years old. Due to the great age and the peculiarity of the place and the soil where the old roots of muscat are planted, the grapes it produces have particular and pronounced citrus aromas, in addition to the usual floral aromas of the black muscat variety.
Its limited production reaches 20,000 bottles per year.

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Product category: Other spirits

TSIPOURO AGED KARDASI (aged marc spirit)

Aged Tsipouro Kardasi is a fine distillate of black muscat grapes, aged in French and American oak barrels. The distillate remains in the barrels for a period of 18 to 24 months. The retention time depends on the type and degree of distillation of the barrel
The aging process changes the character of Tsipouro, giving it finer aromas, a richer taste and a very intense aftertaste
The final blend forms an exceptional distillate, soft and full, which pleasantly surprises
It is dominated by aromas of fresh fruits, vanilla, citrus fruits, but also spices, mocha chocolate and smoky aroma
It can be drunk without water, at low temperature, in a distilled glass (tulip glass) as a digestif after a good meal
It can also be served in an old-fashioned glass at a cool temperature, accompanied by spicy nuts or dried fruits (prunes, apricots, figs, etc.).
It goes best with dark chocolate with orange filling.
It can also be used as a base for imaginative cocktails.

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Product category: Other spirits


The beneficial, medicinal and therapeutic properties of mastic are known since ancient times.
The tear of the pistachio (Pistacia lentiscus var. Chia), which comes exclusively from the tree of the genus pistachio, grown on the Greek island of Chios and nowhere else in the world, is patiently and painstakingly collected by local growers
The mastic liqueur of the Kardasis family is made from this special tear. The mastic liqueur pleasantly brings out the unique mastic aroma and, combined with its sweet and crystalline taste, makes an excellent aperitif.
It is served iced, without water or with a slice of lime, before or after meals, or can be used to prepare unique cocktails.

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Product category: Other spirits


The Botanical Liqueur of the Kardasis family is produced by the extraction of herbs, seeds and fruits
It is a relaxing and particularly digestive liqueur, for the production of which Greek and international herbs (some of which are very rare) are used
The intense aromas of citrus, sage, cloves, cinnamon and bitter orange are particularly pleasing to the nose
Sweet at first, bitter on the finish, accompanied by an explosion of its botanical aromas
It is served as an aperitif, without water or with a slice of orange, or as a digestif after a meal
It can also be enjoyed with soda, tonic and ice or added to cocktails.

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Product category: Other spirits


Kardasi Original Greek Spirit (like brandy) is an exceptional alcoholic beverage resulting from the experience and expertise of the Kardasi family in the third generation. In it dominate the aromas of vanilla and burnt oak. Enjoy it after a good dinner or try it with ice cubes

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About us

Company portrait

The Kardasis company was founded in 1991 by Konstantinos Kardasis, replacing the third generation of the family involved in grape products.
In the family vineyards, the Black Muchat variety of Tirnavos is cultivated.
High quality extracts such as tsipouro, ouzo and alcoholic spirits are produced in our modern facilities.
The Kardasis family is consistent and responsible and aims to provide consumers with high quality and safe products. It applies the quality management system for food GFSI: FSSC 22000, certified by TUV HELLAS.
The company's products have been awarded gold medals in international competitions (CONCOURS MONDIAL DE BRUXELLES, ISW GERMANY, TERRAVINO ISRAEL, WOMEN'S WINE & SPIRITS AWARD ENGLAND).
Kardasi's quality products are available in selected liquor stores and in the most popular SUPER-MARKETS in Greece, as well as in DUTY FREE SHOPS.
Apart from the Greek market, in recent years, and in several foreign countries, including: Canada, USA, Brazil, Israel, China, Cyprus, England, Bulgaria, Germany, Austria, Netherlands, France, Spain... ... ... ... ... ... ... with great success and acceptance.

Company data

Sales volume 1-9 Mio US $
Export content max. 10%
Number of employees 1-19

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