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Lykos Winery IKE

Malakonta-Eretria, 34008 Evia, Malakontas

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ProWein 2020 hall map (Hall 17): stand B120

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ProWein 2020 fairground map: Hall 17


Katerina Katsiavelou



Dimitrios Lykos

0030 6937318787



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Our products

Product category: wines from Mittelgriechenland

Lykos Malagousia (PGI Evia)

NOSE: citrus fruit and sweet mature peach, apricot with aromas of flowers

MOUTH: pineapple, peach, apricot

AFTER TASTE: honest, long sweet feeling

COMBINED WITH: seafood (crab, shrimps, lobsters, crayfish, squid), spaghetti with seafood or white medium oily sauces, rice with vegetables, chicken cooked with citrus fruit like lemon and orange.

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Product category: wines from Mittelgriechenland

Lykos Sauvignon Blanc (PGI Central Greece)

NOSE: intensively aromas of grass, green pepper, citrus united with a crunchy acidity

MOUTH: freshness, botanic aromas.

AFTER TASTE: long with a dry tropical taste

COMBINED WITH: oysters, mussels, baked or smoked fish, goat cheese, pies with salty cheese, spinach and herbs.


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Product category: wines from Mittelgriechenland

Lykos Chardonnay Bio (PGI Central Greece)

NOSE: over matured melon, vanilla, and tobacco

MOUTH: butter, spicy aromas, oily full body

AFTER TASTE: long, with a taste of over matured orange and melon.

COMBINED WITH: fatty fish like salmon, sardines, white meat with fatty sauces. As for cold cuts we can choose ham and sausages.

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Product category: wines from Mittelgriechenland

Lykos Grenache Rouge (PGI Evia)

NOSE: rose, cherry

MOUTH: red crispy fruits and light, spicy, herbal character

AFTER TASTE: long and spicy

COMBINED WITH: salads («Greek salad», green salad with pomegranate, green salad with dried tomato) and oily food (tomatoes filled with rice and herbs, peas etc), spaghetti with red sauces, pizzas with spicy red sauces like BBQ, fish in the oven with tomatoes and herbs. As for the meat, we can choose white meat with fresh tomato and the challenge of the combination with a fine cooked eel.

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Product category: wines from Mittelgriechenland

Lykos Grenache & Syrah (PGI Central Greece)

NOSE: candy caramel, strawberry

MOUTH: Charleston candy, sweet strawberry, loukoumi

AFTER TASTE: sweet and fruity

COMBINED WITH: fruit salads from matured fruits and hard cheese

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Product category: wines from Mittelgriechenland

Lykos Cabernet - Merlot (PGI Central Greece)

Lykos Cabernet 70% Merlot 30%
NOSE: fresh red fruits, spicy, tobacco

MOUTH: vanilla, wood, marmalade of red fruits

AFTER TASTE: tannic spicy character

COMBINED WITH: meat like beef, lamb and cheese like parmesan or gouda.

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Product category: wines from Mittelgriechenland

Lykos Kratistos (PDO Nemea)

Agiorgitiko 100%, 12 months in oak barrels
NOSE: spices (cinnamon, carnation, vanilla, tobacco), cherry, strawberry

MOUTH: marmalade of cherry, berries, cinnamon chocolate and really soft tannins

AFTER TASTE: cherry and chocolate long lasting.

COMBINED WITH: rich, aromatic meats like lamb, partridge, quail, hare, wild boar. It fits perfect with cheese like edam gouda and blue cheese such as gorgonzola and cold cuts like mortadella and pate.

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Product category: wines from Mittelgriechenland

Lykos Cabernet Sauvingon Bio (PGI Central Greece)

Lykos Cabernet Sauvingon Bio (PGI Central Greece), 18 months in oak barrels
NOSE: vanilla, cocoa, green pepper

MOUTH: red pepper, cherry, sour cherry, tobacco with sensible tannins.

AFTER TASTE: raisin, marmalade of red fruits and peppers

COMBINED WITH: wild hunted animals like deer, wild boar, hare but also with aromatic poultry with fatty red sauces. As for the cheese we go to hard pepper sweet cheese. Cold cuts like pate and ham are a perfect fit and as for the bitter chocolate? Find out!

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Product category: wines from Mittelgriechenland

Lykos Syrah (PGI Central Greece)

Lykos Winery: SYRAH 100%, 18 months in oak barrels
NOSE: red, forest fruits, pepper, ink, skin

MOUTH: berries, vanilla, bitter chocolate, red and black pepper

AFTER TASTE: rich tannins with the ability of long matured spices and peppers.

COMBINED WITH: red meat like beef, lamb pheasant, duck, hare, deer. We can choose cheese like gouda, edam, boiled cold cuts and chocolate with nuts and fruits.

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About us

Company details

Lykos Winery was founded in 1989 by Apostolos Lykos and is located in Central Greece at beautiful Island of Evia, just 80 km from Athens at the area of Malakonta- Eretria. The idea of its creation came as a sequence of the family`s restaurant which produced its own wine to serve its customers. The restaurant is still running next to the Winery and both coexist for winetourists. Lykos family is second generation winemakers, who give respect to winemaking tradition while complimenting these traditions with the utilization of cutting edge technology.

They continue to realize the vision of the family which is to contribute to the continuous improvement of Evian vineyard. The vineyards are spanning at both sides of south central Evia, mountainous Viotia and in Koutsi area of Nemea. The unique collaboration of sun, earth and human knowledge creates an explosive effect, combining the ideal terroir aura of Evian with the uniqueness of the cold winter which favors the phenolic ripening of the grapes.

All the rich experience of creation that has passed from grandparents to grandchildren with passion and love has resulted in our wines receiving numerous international awards. Recently
Lykos Cabernet Sauvignon Bio (P.G.I. Central Greece) was awarded with Silver Medal at Texsom Awards 2019. Kratistos (P.D.O.Nemea), the matured Agiorgitiko was awarded with Gold Medal at Sakura Awards 2019  in Japan and got 90 points at Asia Decanter 2017. Malagousia (P.G.I. Evia) was awarded with Gold Medal at Berliner Wein Trophy 2016 and got 90 points at Decanter 2016. The majority of its production is exporting to EU countries, China, Japan and USA. New markets such as Korea and Australia are yet to be discovered.

The visited winery tour of the underground cellars with oak barrels and the tasting room is a unique experience combined with the tasteful suggestions of the homonymous family`s restaurant. The winery is open for visitors all year around and welcomes private oenotourists and organized groups. At the premises there are available for selling all the winery`s wines as well as traditional local products. Also, wine seminars, business presentations and other events can be supported. Its location, so close to Athens and its offerings makes it a wine destination on its own.

A visit to our winery in Malakonta, which overlooks the main road of wines of Evia is the ideal trip to the countryside which can be combined with its archaeological sites and diamond tastes!

Malakontas Eretrias, 340 08 Evia-Greece, +30 22290 68222 &
Facebook/Twitter/Linkedln: Lykos Winery

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