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Minos Cretan Wines S. A.

Dimokratias 9, 70100 Peza-Heraklion-Crete
Telephone +30 2810 741213
Fax +30 2810 741597

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ProWein 2020 hall map (Hall 17): stand B90

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ProWein 2020 fairground map: Hall 17


Nicolas Miliarakis




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Our products

Product category: Kreta

2 Gorges White 2019

2 Gorges White (80% Thrapsathiri,20% Muscat of Spinas)
Vineyard....”Sambas”, at an altitude of 300 meters


Hectare Production....80 hectoliters of grapes per hectare

Fermentation..... common vinification of both grape varieties. We start by a pre-fermentation cold maceration at 7o Celsius and then we proceed to the alcoholic fermentation in stainless steel tanks, which is done at 12-14o C

Wine Tasting.... Nice silver-yellow color with some green nuances. A rather extrovert aromatic expression of what seems to prevail: rose petal, mastic and honeysuckle thanks to the Spina Muscat. The wine is aromatically balanced in the mouth, it has a good grip that is due to the Thrapsathiri variety acidity. There also exist some expressions of a green Granny Smith apple aroma. A very satisfying and pleasant aftertaste.

Matches with.... a joyful and very enjoyable wine for the summer week-days dishes pleasure. It matches successfully with sea-food, crustaceans, small fried or grilled fish, salads, pasta with sea-food, green pies, Cretan fennel pies, stuffed tomatoes-bell peppers-and aubergines with rice and mint.

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Product category: Kreta

Assyrtiko Miliarakis 2019

Assyrtiko (100% Assyrtiko)
Vineyard .... “Peza Valley”, at an altitude of 240meters

Soil....  Calcium-clay

Hectare Production....70 hectoliters per hectare

Vinification.... pre fermentation cold maceration which is followed by the alcoholic fermentation done in stainless steel tanks. A regular stirring of the lees is done (batonnage), a process that lasts 2 months

Wine Tasting... a yellowish color of very good depth, a color that fully reflects the Assyrtiko grape and its wine. The wine offers some silver chromatic overtones as well. Captivating aromas of lemon trees blossoms, lemon pulp, along with some touches of white pepper and lemon zest. A very well shaped and balanced taste of discreet sensual expression; it expresses all the olfactory elements, along with a light touch of minerals. Very good grip, a very pleasant electrifying acidity and a very long aftertaste

Matches with.... big fish, cooked and garnished with various steam vegetables or grilled and sprinkled with a simple olive oil and squeezed lemon sauce, grouper cooked in various ways, salty-white and hard cheeses, octopus, cooked or raw clams

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Product category: Kreta

Malvasia White 2019

M Miliarakis (50% Malvasia Aromatica,50% Malvasia di Candia)
Vineyard....”Sambas”, at an altitude of 300 meters


Hectare Production....75 hectoliters of grapes per hectare of the two Malvasia types, preceded by a pre-fermentation cold maceration process at 7 centigrade Celsius. Alcoholic fermentation is done at 12-14 centigrade Celsius

Wine Tasting....golden-yellow color. Very appealing, expressive and elegant aroma of fern, basil, tangerine, thyme honey, hints of tropical and exotic fruits and some “sumak” spice. Very aromatic, sensual, feminine and extrovert taste that captures all the senses. It is very refreshing till the end that lingers in the mouth .

Matches with.....sea bass prepared the French way (with  fenugreek),chicken with tarragon, traditional Greek greens pies without cheese, jumbo prawns with mango, chicken Kiev, chicken a la Milanesa, fish stuffed with fresh aromatic herbs

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Product category: Kreta

Turtle Miliarakis White 2019

Turtle (white) - 50% Rousanne, 50% Vidiano

Vineyard..... ”Turtle” single vineyard, at an altitude of 440 meters

Soil... Sand-clay

Hectare Production....70 hectoliters per hectare of both grape varieties, preceded by a pre-fermentation cold maceration process at 7 centigrade Celsius. Alcoholic fermentation is done at 12-14 centigrade Celsius. A regular stirring of the lees is done (batonnage), a process that lasts 2 months

Wine Tasting..... Light yellow-golden color. Dense and distinguished aroma, reminiscent of dried flowers and herbs (such as dill, thyme, marjoram, lime blossom) and combined with hints of wild flowers honey, nutmeg and gooseberry. This elegant and complex aromatic personality is expressed in the mouth in a quite fat yet not flat way at all. The wine is armed with good acidity and lingers in the mouth

Matches with..... Lamb and veal sweetbreads, mushroom dishes, rich fish with buttery or creamy sauces, sea bass, sea bream, turbot, John Dory and/or Greek big fish such as sfyrida and mylokopi

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Product category: Kreta

Vidiano Miliarakis 2019

Vidiano (100% Vidiano)
Vineyard .... “Hindi Sterna”, at an altitude of 240meters

Soil....                 Sand-clay

Hectare Production.....70 hectoliters per hectare

Vinification..... Starting with a pre-fermentation cold maceration process at 7 centigrade Celsius, the alcoholic fermentation that follows is done at 12-14 centigrade Celsius. A regular stirring of the lees is done (batonnage), a process that lasts 2 months

Wine Tasting..... Color is a combination of silver and lemon tones. A very appealing and attractive aroma which reminds apricot, orange blossoms honey, bee wax and traditional Greek “yarma” yellow peach. Rich and fulfilling in the mouth, food calling, good grip. Very typical and distinguished personality, charming long-lasting flavors and a preponderant fruity feeling on the forefront. A very nice and pleasant, lingering aftertaste

Matches with.... White meat, poultry, snails yet not cooked the Cretan way, lamb and goat cooked with greens and an egg and lemon sauce, traditional Greek Easter soup (mageiritsa). Fabulous with thin beef carpaccio and Parmesan flakes. Matches very well, too, with rich-oily fish or fish cooked with creamy white sauces. Also, very satisfying with salads with a pronounced taste, eventually a French style offal’s salad

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Product category: Kreta

Vilana Fume Miliarakis 2018

Vilana “Fume” (100% Vilana)
Vineyards... various plots in the Peza region, at an altitude of 240-300 meters


Hectare Production....70 hectoliters per hectare

Vinification and maturation..... Alcoholic fermentation in stainless steel tanks, followed by maturation in new French oak barrels for 40 days

Wine Tasting.... Light straw color, combined with silver touches. Elegant aromas of apples “golden”, pears, fresh raw almond, mature yellow melon, banana and hints of vanilla. A refreshing and very pleasant taste, finely buttery and peppery on a fruity background. Sufficiently lingering aftertaste.

Matches with..... Summer Greek vegetables cooked in olive oil and-eventually-in tomato sauce, stuffed tomatoes-peppers-and aubergines, rolled vine leaves stuffed with rice, all kinds of salads, small fish, seafood, small crustaceans, fried small red mullets and grilled sardines.

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Product category: Kreta

2 Gorges Red 2018

2 Gorges Red (50% Kotsifali, 30% Syrah, 20% Mourvedre)
Vineyard....”Sambas”, at an altitude of 300 meters


Hectare Production....70 hectoliters of grapes per hectare

Fermentation.... Following the classical red vinification. There is a common vinification of Kotsifali and Syrah. Additionally, there is a late-separate-vinification of Mourvedre. The maceration of the grape skins with the must last 12-16 days. The alcoholic fermentation is temperature controlled and it is done at 23oC .Then follows a maturation process in French oak barrels which lasts 8 months.

Wine Tasting.... Tasting the wine is deeply and very dark ruby colored, with a violet rim that indicates its youth. There is a light vegetal and earthy expression of the aroma coming from the Kotsifali variety, to which is added a whiff of black, Corinth raisins and some non-sweet raisins cake. The wine is rich and powerful in the mouth, it possesses very powerful and somehow sharp tannins, an almost electrifying acidity and a satisfying expression of peppery fruit. A quite long peppery aftertaste to give total satisfaction and enjoyment to the palate. It is a full, rich, fruity and concentrated wine

Matches with.... red meats, mostly cooked in thick sauces and garnished with vegetables, grilled meat, pasta with ragu of various meats (rabbit, guinea fowl, beef hare, vison, buffalo, wild boar can be used), pork knuckle in a sauce and served with mashed potatoes or linguine, meats in a mushroom or chestnuts sauce. It is superb and matches perfectly with Cypriot “seftalies” (pork ground meat with parsley and spice, wrapped in a crepine).

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Product category: Kreta

Turtle Miliarakis Red 2018

“Turtle” red (45% Grenache Rouge,40% Syrah, 15% Mourvedre)

Vineyard..... ”Turtle” single vineyard, at  an altitude of 440 meters 

Soil..... Sand and clay

Hectare Production.....70 hectoliters per hectare

Vinification....Classic red vinification. Maceration lasts 12 days and the

alcoholic fermentation is done at 20 centigrade Celsius

Wine Tasting.... Sour cherry color of medium depth with violet edges. It expresses and offers a very appealing and elegant aromatic bouquet of all the aromatic nuances offered in a very elegant way by all the grape varieties like leather, pepper, violets, sweet spice and slight hints of cocoa powder. Dense and powerful, it needs age to fully develop its charm and show its capacity to age beautifully. The tannins are delicious and the acidity of the wine is balanced. Excellent and lingering aftertaste

Matches with......Veal or beef skillfully grilled, lamb chops, grilled meat of any kind with rich sauces, pigeon, grilled fillet of red tuna, pasta with rich red sauces, leg of lamb or goat baked in the oven.


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Product category: Kreta

Miliarakis Single Vineyard Red 2018

Miliarakis Estate “Kolomodis Single Vineyard”, 80% Kotsifal, 20% Mandilari)
Vineyard.... ”Kolomodi” single vineyard, at an altitude of 265 meters

Soil..... Limestone-clay

Hectare Production....70 hectares of grapes per hectare

Vinification.... Co-vinification of both grape varieties in stainless steel tanks. Maceration lasts 15 days and alcoholic fermentation is done at 20 centigrade Celsius. Fermentation is followed by maturation in French oak 300 liters barrels from Nevers.

Wine Tasting..... Deep ruby color. Aromas of dried red fruit, blond tobacco leaves, dried herbs, pepper and sour cherry. It is juicy in the mouth, armed with sharp tannins and good acidity. Beautifully shaped and expressed fruit both on the nose and in the mouth.

Matches with..... Spaghetti Bolognese, tagliatelle or pappardelle with guinea fowl ragout, rabbit or beef stifado, moussaka, game, stuffed aubergines

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Company news




Jan 15, 2020

Glad to be back!

Wishing you a Great and Happy New Year, we are glad to reconduct our "Rendez-vous" for this year in Dusseldorf.
Don't miss the chance to discover the Wine side of Crete by escorting you through a tasteful wine journey based on indigenous varieties, unique terroir and a 90 years old experience in wine making. MINOS-Miliarakis Winery at Stand 17B90 . Be there !

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About us

Company details

MINOS is in its eighth decade and produces wine from local varieties, such as Kotsifali and Mandilari for reds and Vilana, Malvasia, Vidiano and Thrapsathiri for whites; they are turned into wine and bottled using the state of the art methods and cutting edge machinery regarding technology and methodology. Part of the red wine production ages in French oak barrels holding 225 and 300 litres each, kept in a specially designed underground area with ideal temperature and humidity conditions. The company is also trying to promote the Cretan vineyard through its varieties, innovating and adopting methods never before utilized in Crete; Examples include the production of its White wine using the red Kotsifali variety (White from Kotsifali), the first ever presentation in Crete of White wine from Vilana stored in barrels (Vilana Fume) and the successfully comeback, in 2004, of the white Malvasia variety, a wine historically associated with the island in making a dry wine. Lastly, the firm has included in its range foreign red varieties, the main examples of which are Syrah and Mourvedre.

MINOS is developing a vineyard comprising of privately owned and contract areas covering 40 hectares and continues to work with local farmers, aiming at securing high quality grapes. The company is still run by members of the founding family, headed by 3rd generation member, Takis Miliarakis; since 1998 Nikos Miliarakis (4th generation) has joined its ranks and, recently, Maria Miliaraki, daughter of Takis, also joined the company. MINOS employs 10 people throughout the year, who, with their experience and pride for their work, warrant the high total quality of the final product.

Currently, the overall production of MINOS comes to 350,000 – 400,000 bottles a year, of which 65% is consumed on the island, 15% is traded through the rest of Greece, and the remaining 20% is exported. The main destinations abroad are the US, Canada, the Netherlands, Serbia as well as lately China and seeks to extain its network to additional countries.

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