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Combier Distillerie SAS

48, rue Beaurepaire, 49400 Saumur
Telephone +33 2 41402300
Fax +33 2 41402309

This company is co-exhibitor of
Food'Loire Chambre Régionale d'Agriculture des Pays de la Loire

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Franck Heydecker



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Our products

Product category: Other clear spirits

L'Original Combier | Liqueur d'orange Triple Sec

This famous orange liqueur was initially developed in a single alembic still at the back of the shop set up in 1834 by confectioner Jean-Baptiste Combier and his wife Josephine Destre. With fresh oranges arriving on Loire river barges, it was here that Combier created the recipe for the world’s first Triple and no doubt inspired by his wife’s family connections with Holland and the island of Curacaosec orange liqueur. The recipe has since remained unchanged.

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Product category: Other clear spirits

Elixir Combier | Plants and spices liqueur


A hygienic dessert liqueur devised by the revolutionary Doctor Raspail was the inspiration behind the recipe for Elixir Combier. Studying the recipe in Raspail’s famous medical almanack, the talented Jean-Baptiste Combier set out to improve the original formula, making it his own.

Botanicals : Cardamone, nutmeg, myrrhe, clove, cinnamon, saffron, agar, orange, lemon...

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Product category: Other clear spirits

Kummel Extra Combier

An ancient liqueur of Germanic tradition, Kummel was a particular favourite in Eastern Europe. Its name can mean either cumin or caraway. An unusual liqueur, it was first produced at the Combier distillery in 1852. Combier’s master distiller has revised today’s recipe in keeping with its unique character and historical significance. Less sweet with more fruit, Kummel Extra Combier is a seductive blend of cumin, caraway and fennel.

Botanicals : fennel, cumin, caraway

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Product category: Other clear spirits

Liqueur Pure Folie Combier | Strawberry liqueur


A supremely elegant and sophisticated liqueur, Pure Folie is the essence of the strawberry, a Loire Valley speciality. Devised as an ode to these small, juicy, fragrant fruits, its spicy sweetness will surprise with hints of mint and ginger in the depths of its enticing rich, red hue, a cocktail in itself. Franck Choisne spent the best part of a year creating this intricate combination of flavours. Pure folly indeed.

Botanicals : Loire Valley strawberries, selected spices and Saumur white wine (Chenin)

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Product category: Other clear spirits

Gin Meridor | London Dry Gin

Gin Meridor is the first Loire Valley produced London Dry Gin. The recipe created by Franck Choisne is the fruit of over two years of development and is achieved by distilling all the ingredients together in Combier’s historic alembic stills.

Perfect for this style of spirits, the stills, with their exceptionally long swan necks extract a maximum of fragrance from the carefully chosen ingredients.

Botanicals : Juniper berries, coriander, lemon zest, orris root, cubeb, liquorice are artfully combined with two ingredients emblematic of the Loire Valley: rose petals and elderflower.

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Product category: Other clear spirits

L'Entêté | Absinthe verte

In 2010, Franck Choisne was instrumental in obtaining an amendment to the 1988 Decree forbidding the use of fennel in absinthe. To celebrate this historic event and his personal victory, in 2012 Franck Choisne created a green absinthe, which he called L’Entêté, (stubborn in French). Fresh and herbaceous, L’Entêté is true to the spirit of the great absinthes of the 19th-century.

Botaniques : Spanish green aniseed, organic wormwood grown locally in the Loire Valley, roman wormwood from Italy, fennel from Provence, hyssop, melissa, peppermint etc. L’Entêté contains 9 ingredients in all

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About us

Company details

Since 1834, the Combier distillery has practiced a unique craftsmanship rooted in the work and the vision of its master distillers the first of which was Jean-Baptiste Combier. Creator of the first orange liqueur Triple Sec, the Saumur institution has won a unique place in French cultural heritage. Franck Choisne, master distiller and today’s face of the brand, follows a path just as bold. A talented expert and artful arranger of flavours he works hand in hand with the original alembic stills to craft bespoke spirits in the inimitable house style. Today as yesterday, the signature recipes of liqueurs, gins, absinthes and syrups capture and magnify the aromas and flavours of meticulously selected plants and fruits. Precision and skill have made the Combier distillery a treasure trove for bartenders and other professionals in the sphere of gastronomy.

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