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Les Cailloux-Vignoble Lucien et André Brunel SAS

6 Chemin du Bois de la Ville, 84230 Chateauneuf du Pape

This company is co-exhibitor of
SCAS Chateauneuf du Pape wine-producers

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ProWein 2020 hall map (Hall 11): stand H09

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ProWein 2020 fairground map: Hall 11

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Our products

Product category: wines fromVallée du Rhône

Les Cailloux (reds) 2016

An outstanding Châteauneuf du Pape !

Terroir: This cuvee gets its name from the countless round pebbles present in the vineyards as well being at the origin of the Domaine’s name.
The vineyard is composed of multiple plots, with each having its own characteristics which give this wine its incredible complexity: Bois de la Ville and Les Serres have a deficient and filtering gravel bed making for perfect draining of water to obtain a very concentrated juice. Farguerol and Cansaud have red and blue clays which boast an extremely rich aromatic property. Finally Cabrières and Revès whose chalky-like limestone brings the overall structure and long finish to the whole.

Tasting notes: The 2016 vintage is now a legendary vintage of Châteauneuf du Pape, at the same level as 1998 or 2010. All the climatic conditions were there to give birth to an exceptional wine. A hot and dry summer but without any heatwave and a harvest season without any rain allowed an optimal concentration and maturation of the grapes.

Bouquet: dominant aromas of red fruits enhanced by a woody touch from the barrel-contained Syrah grapes. 
A great taste of red fruits, leather and undergrowth. The tannins are harmonious and elegant. Long finish in the mouth allowing for even more complex aromas of undergrowth, leather.
This wine is a model of complexity and elegance. An ageing of minimum ten years will be necessary to allow him express all his potential.

Wine-Food Pairing: Red Meat - Game.

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Product category: wines fromVallée du Rhône

Sommelongue 2017

Grenache at its best.

Terroir: A single plot of land located to the north of Orange which benefits from ideal sunshine. It allows the Grenache to ripen under perfect conditions. The clay and calcareous surface soils site on gravel subsoil which helps drain and dry after the rain.
A well-managed ground cover partly reduces the vigour of the Grenache and results in moderate yields giving perfect ripeness and a great balance to the wines.

Tasting Notes: The 2017 vintage, with exceptional climatic conditions, allowed the grenache to fully express itself. Intense color and a powerful fruit are the symbols of this vintage.
The Sommelongue has a long-lasting rich, fruity, and silky taste in the mouth. It's a well-balanced wine with very supple tannins and a pronounced taste of spices and liquorice.

Wine-Food Pairing: Red Meat - Charcuterie.

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Product category: wines fromVallée du Rhône

CDR André Brunel 2016

The vines, regrouped in 2 plots located to the east and west of the Rhône, gather all the complexity of the Rhône terroirs.

This wine comes from two terroirs with complementary qualities allowing the Grenache to reveal all its potential: elegance and finesse thanks to the small yields and clay-limestone subsoil of the Saint Geniès de Comolas terroir in the Gard and power and hardiness thanks to the round pebbles and clay subsoil of the Travaillan in the Vaucluse. 

Tasting Note: The Grenache expresses all its qualities through the wine: exuberance of red fruit, roundness of tannins. The Syrah and the Cinsault bring their structure and elegance. The 2016 vintage, with exceptional climatic conditions, allowed the grenache to fully express itself. This cuvee Est Ouest is then the perfect wine for an aperitive between friends or to destress after a hard day of work.

Wine-Food Pairing: Red Meat - Charcuterie

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Product category: wines fromVallée du Rhône

Bécassonne 2018

A white aromatic and fresh wine which is ideal for an evening with friends.

Terroir: The Bécassonne cuvée comes from a unique plot, particularly suited for this production of white wine.
A clay earth on a calcareous subsoil which all lies on a hill exposed to the rising sun but protected from the burning setting sun by a pine forest, allowing the grapes to fully ripen and to give a floral and exotic character to this wine while preserving a real freshness which is fairly rare for the white Côtes du Rhône Blanc.

Tasting Notes: The cuvée is characterized by hints of floral and exotic fruits.
The 2018 vintage with relatively fresh temperatures during the harvest season allowed an optimal maturation of the roussanne and clairette grapes. This wine combines body and freshness and is a perfect partner for the aperitive.

Wine-Food Pairing: Fish – White meat.

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Product category: wines fromVallée du Rhône

Cuvée Grenache 2016

All the Grenache qualities in one wine.

Terroir: The vineyards producing this cuvée are located to the north of Orange. Small yields and also clay-limestone subsoil bring elegance and finesse to this wine and the Grenache brings its fruit aromas and roundness.

Tasting Notes: The Grenache expresses all its qualities through this wine: exuberance of red fruit, roundness of tannins. The 2016 vintage, with exceptional climatic conditions, allowed the grenache to fully express itself. This cuvee Grenache is then the perfect wine for an aperitive between friends or to destress after a hard day of work.

Wine and Food pairing: Red Meat - Charcuterie

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About us

Company details

Our family has been in the Châteauneuf-du-Pape region since the 17th century and has been fully committed to making wine for five generations.

As of the 17th century, the wine-making activity of our family was testified by the purchase of a vineyard plot from the Bishop of Avignon to the north of the appellation.

Numerous generations followed on, all working in the vineyards but it was only in 1954 that Lucien Brunel created the name “Les Cailloux” to develop the business and promote the Domaine’s wine qualities and special characteristics. From that time one, it was referred to as the Domaine Les Cailloux.

In 1971, André Brunel took over the reins of the Domaine. His endless motivation resulted in a rapid growth for the Domaine: repurchasing of Côtes du Rhône and Vins de Pays vines, and launch of the infamous Centenary Cuvée in 1989. He also made some considerable changes in the vine management process by being one of the first people in Châteauneuf-du-Pape to use the ground covering method and to proceed with a non-chemical approach to wine-farming.

In 2012, his son, Fabrice Brunel, joined the team so the family history can continue.

The Estate is divided up into three appellations: Châteauneuf-du-Pape of course, but also Côtes du Rhône and Vaucluse Vins de Pays.

Our pursuit for quality, our utmost respect for the land and the drive to always provide our customers with wines they can enjoy throughout their ageing, impels us to be immeasurably meticulous during its production, regardless its appellation.

The differences are mainly the maturing times (longer for the Châteauneuf, and shorter for the Vins de Pays to make them available sooner) and the usage of vats (for Syrahs in Châteauneuf-du-Pape to mellow out the tannins, absent on the Côtes du Rhône and the Vins de Pays to maintain the fruits freshness). 

We want to produce wines reflecting their region and origin while remaining elegant and wonderfully subtle. 

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