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Domaine de Montmarin, 34290 Montblanc

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ProWein 2020 hall map (Hall 11): stand A04

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ProWein 2020 fairground map: Hall 11


Exhibitor Categories

  • 02  Exporter
  • 02.01  Europe
  • 02.01.04  Germany


  • 02  Exporter
  • 02.01  Europe
  • 02.01.10  United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Our range of products

Product categories

  • 02  Sparkling Wines
  • 02.07  Quality sparkling wine/Sekt with origin
  • 02.07.01  Champagne

Our products

Product category: Champagne

La Cardinale

Chardonnay 100% 
The Colour: Golden yellow.
The Nose: Powerful and rich evoking the aroma of a buttery brioche and lightly toasted vanilla.
The Palate: From the first taste, the wine has a distinctive presence. The taste-balance and bubbles are refined and elegant. Its profuse aromas call out the pleasure of fruit: yellow peach, dried apricot, roasted hazelnut.

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Product category: Champagne

Prémices Grand Cru

Chardonnay 100%
The Colour: A pale and pretty lemon-yellow.
The Nose: Fine. Its complex bouquet reveals exotic aromas of lychee and passion fruit across a lightly-smoked background.
The Palate: Fine and regular bubbles with delicate citrus notes: candied lemon peel.

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Product category: Champagne


Chardonnay 60% 
Pinot noir 40%
The Colour: A lustrous deep yellow-gold.
The Nose: Fruity notes of green apple and lemon zest which open out to a finish of white almond nougat.
The Palate: Soft and smooth revealing aromas of candied-fruit brioche finishing on a note of orange blossom.

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Product category: Champagne

Blanc de Noirs

Pinot Noir 100% 

The Colour: Lustrous and golden with silvery highlights.
The Nose: Powerful and rich. Opens with aromas of cooked pear and peach further lifted with a hint of roasted almonds. The base notes are softer with a whisper of quince jelly and fig.
The Palate: At the first taste the bubbles are fine and refreshing sharpened by a trace of lime zest. The taste-balance rapidly transforms in the mouth towards a satisfying sweetness with a suggestion of white nougat.
The finish is full and rich.

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Product category: Champagne

Millésime 2014

Chardonnay 20% 
Pinot noir 80%
The Colour: A bright and pretty pale gold.
The Nose: Direct, clear, intense. Dried fruits, lightly roasted; orange with a buttery finish.
The Palate: A generous, characterful wine. It is full-bodied and rich, expressing an aroma of toased brioche. The fine bubbles and the notes of candied lemon peel at the finish give it a fresh and harmonious feel.

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Product category: Champagne

Rosé de saignée

Pinot noir100%
The Colour: Salmon pink.
The Nose: A scent of fresh rose, raspberry, mango and lychee.
The Palate: Fresh, structured and elegant. Blackberry, blueberry and a hint of mint.

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About us

Company details

Our vineyard
We are the fourth generation to cultivate nearly seven hectares of land dotted through different regions of Champagne. Our vineyard is made up of 25% Chardonnay (Côte des Blancs and Sézannais); 68% Pineau Noir (Sézannais, Épernay and Aube); and 8% Pinot Meunier (Ardre Valley). These discrete terrains and their soils, now classified as World Heritage sites by UNESCO, enable us to vinify these three Champagne grape varieties.
This diversity of soil and climate is the secret to the rich aromatic notes of our champagnes.

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