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Dorodouli Tsipouro & Spirits Distillery Credor Ltd

P.O. Box 593, 575 00 Kardia, Thessaloniki
Dorodouli Distollery, Kardia Airport area of Thessaloniki, 575 00 Kardia, Thessaloniki
Telephone +30 2392 035953
Fax +30 2392 035954

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ProWein 2020 hall map (Hall 7): stand B51

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ProWein 2020 fairground map: Hall 7


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Our range of products

Our products

Product category: Craft Spirits

About Dorodouli Distillery

Dorodouli Distillery.
We were inspired by stories and the secret recipes of genuine distillates and the mastery of "specialists". The uniqueness of our products is the fruit of our love for development and the flavorful development of traditional, authentic ancient methods and recipes.

Innovation & Research
In order to achieve our goals for innovative products, the distillery research team decides to start the study by investigating the known recipes and techniques for distilling marc. Initially, one hundred and twenty different recipes were made and studied, which after being archived were "resting" for one year with interim trials and evaluation records. At the end of the trial period, thirty-two recipes were selected, of which 15 were included in the production process.

The traditional heritage of our family's passion is the distillation of tsipouro. Our mission is to approach and pass on to next generations this passion enriched with new wings and transform local northern Greek distillation recipes into superior products. We manage and extend our requirements to new green development standards and good resource management in an open company where "the spirit can distil spirits".

We created a new perspective on the world-famous flavors of renowned alcoholic beverages. Our unique distillery creates fifteen different premium spirits by specializing in the distillation of grapes and wine.  

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Product category: Brandy, Craft Spirits

alchemestes collection

Alchemestes collection consists of premium spirits with unique performance based on the distillation of grapes. We invite you to discover your ”Philosophical Litho” in alchemestes collection where gastronomic luxury becomes a daily pleasure. Feel the secret of renewal energy, where myth meets the material and denatured. Find, choose and enjoy the mission that suits you or enjoy it in a cocktail.

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Product category: Brandy, Craft Spirits

Classico collection

The research group of Dorodouli Distillery called to elevate the pure Greek drink, the traditional tsipouro, by enriching its collection with the inspired series, named Classico. Based on the pomace distillation in the vaporization process. Each model in this series is created with a special recipe and named its uniqueness. 
Classico collection reflects the transition of tsipouro in the new world. Mainly, the collection is suggested with excellent food pairing options and menus, where a premium degustation of the different characters of tsipouro begins.   

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Product category: Craft Spirits

Nostalgia collection

Nostalgia | Grape Marc
Nostalgia | Aniseed Grape Marc
When elegance meets simplicity! Nostalgia! A quality tsipouro blooms in the gardens of Thessaloniki, bringing to life the nostalgic moments of pleasure!

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Company news




Feb 3, 2020

| Ideas for a new season | Dorodouli Distillery |

Aiming for a more perspective era in Dorodouli Distillery, we would like to introduce you to our new chapter "Perfect Serve". As a result of the delicate distillation process, we value the exceptional quality in every moment for the consumers!

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About us

Company details

Are you ready to share the passion? In Dorodouli Distillery, we distill grapes & fruits for the lovers of Brandy, Gin, Whisky, Tequila, Aperitif, Rum, Tsipouro. Follow the experts in a premium degustation with Classico & Alchemestes collections!  

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