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Laplandia Vodka / Shaman Spirits Oy Ltd.

Tehtaantie 5, 91800 Tyrnävä

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Our products

Product category: Craft Spirits

Laplandia Super Premium Vodka

This product is the Flagship of the Laplandia brand and the original creation. Its undisputed smoothness and purity has been proven through multiple international tasting awards. The exceptionally soft groundwater of Lake Hirsijärvi together with 7-times-distilled high grade wheat spirit alone are enough to create an extraordinary finish, but adding a tiny drop of natural honey produces a result so smooth it is suitable for even the most sensitive of tongues

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Product category: Craft Spirits


The Latin word Aureus is defined as golden, magnificent, shiny, fabulous and vivid, all of which perfectly describe this product in its entirety.

Cloudberry, having its growth habitat limited to the northern hemisphere, is considered the king of wild-berries amongst the northern people and is thus often referred to as ‘’Lapland’s Gold’’.

This is the only vodka in the world made using wild cloudberries, and every litre contains an impressive equivalent of 210g of cloudberries. Cloudberry is related to raspberries and blackberries, but has an initial bitter taste and is therefore usually consumed with a little touch of sugar.

This product is perfect whether you consume it straight, on the rocks or as heart of a cocktail, but in order to truly grab its real essence, we recommend to try it straight, slightly chilled.

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Product category: Craft Spirits

Laplandia Eclipse

As its name suggests, this product is a rare phenomenon that is witnessed only by the most privileged enthusiasts among us. Darkened by the Eclipse, this black coated bottle together with its gold decoration is a demonstration of glass art at its finest.

In order to ensure the content of this phenomenon to be unique as well, we infused it with one of nature’s own sweeteners, found deep in the forests of Lapland, Xylitol. This vodka holds all of Laplandia’s well-known pure attributes, along with an additional smoothness and mild sweetness.

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Product category: Craft Spirits


This is the only vodka in the world made using real wild bilberries, and each litre contains an overwhelming equivalent of 570g of bilberries! Bilberry is Blueberry’s more aromatic wild cousin, which is found exclusively in the northern forests. It has a very mildly tart taste which is essentially overpowered by its sweetness.

Its beautiful dark purple colour combined with its authentic bilberry flavour provides incredible opportunities in the world of cocktails, but enjoying it chilled and straight is a total game changer.

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Product category: Craft Spirits

Laplandia Espresso Shot

Finland is the worlds’s highest coffee consumer per capita, thus setting the bar up in the sky when it comes to taste of coffee. Having our water resources as a base together with this kind of passion for coffee was destined to result in something revolutionary. And it did.

This product provides endless possibilities for cocktails while it is perfect to be consumed straight, slightly chilled.

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Product category: Craft Spirits

Laplandia Coco Shot

This product is a result of a long and devout development process, in which we perfectly managed to bring out the subtle and mild coconut flavour without making it boring.
The secret was to add a hint of a certain citrus fruit, which gave it a very interesting distinctive character.

Needless to mention the cocktail possibilities it provides, however we recommend to give it a try on the rocks as well.

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Product category: Craft Spirits

Laplandia Mint Shot

Peppermint combined with booze is an old tradition in the Finnish drinking culture. This vodka will leave you with a sweet and cooling aftertaste like that of a breath mint.

Traditionally it is drunk as a schnapps at the end of dinner parties for example, but one of the must-try classics from the Finnish after-ski culture is Hot Mint Chocolate!

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Product category: Craft Spirits

Laplandia Lemon Shot

Everybody loves a gently sweet lemon flavour and the already soft body as a base enhances the smoothness even further making it hard to believe its vodka.

Lemon is such a gentle flavour and familiar to most people that this vodka can be used and consumed in endless different ways starting with simply on the rocks.

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Product category: Craft Spirits

Laplandia Ananas Shot

Pineapple is also a rather classic tropical fruit usually familiar to most. It is, however, not always easy to bring out its authentic taste in alcoholic beverages and not seem artificial. Luckily our Master Blender is like no other, and this product tastes like it has freshly squeezed pineapple juice in it.

Perfect as an ingredient to almost any cocktail one can think of.

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Laplandia Vodka

About us

Company details

When Rock n’ Roll meets Diamonds

Unlike your usual story that begins with long traditions and history lessons, Laplandia’s tale begins with two strangers, with completely different backgrounds, crossing paths.

While on a business trip to Lapland, David a Finnish diamond jeweller with some distant connections to the alcohol industry, was captivated by the flawless beauty and natural purity of the region. He called it the ‘Land of Purity’. This thought ignited and inspired the idea on which the blueprints of Laplandia Vodka were born.

David’s vision was that Laplandia would represent all the known characteristics and attributes of Lapland such as purity, cleanliness and naturality. All he was missing was a distillery with the resources and capabilities to fulfil such a dream.

Meanwhile, in the capital of Northern Finland, Oulu, lived an artistic soul, Ilpo, who had spent a significant part of his youth as a rock n’ roll roadie, and was later known for running his own rock club. Over the years Ilpo had started craving something more to his life and eventually his ties to the nightclub world brought him to co-found a distillery – right at the border of Lapland – in 1998. This distillery was Shaman Spirits.

Over the years Shaman Spirits came to identify itself as a distillery that would focus solely on quality and pure ingredients. Due to its geographical location, it had unique resources available (for details see For years Ilpo had a vision of finding a partner with good enough international ties and experience to introduce those resources to the global market.

As faith would have it, and rather coincidently, the Universe brought this unexpected duo together. And when discovering each other’s visions, there wasn’t a shred of doubt in their minds that the right pieces of the puzzle had finally found each other. Not long after, Laplandia Vodka as we know it today, was born.

The plain, white decoration of the bottle was designed to represent the ‘Land of purity’ in all of its aspects, while the 24K gold used in the midnight sun is a tribute to David’s background and the legendary gold fields of Lapland. After all, that’s where he was visiting when getting his first stroke of wit that eventually led to all of this.

On the other hand, Ilpo’s creative ambitions from the rock n’ roll days are channeled into marketing and recognised through the colourful flavoured vodka selection, the luminous presentations, the tone of voice and the general attitude of the people behind it all.

Today, having won multiple prestigious international tasting awards, Laplandia is slowly reinventing vodka around the world.

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