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Groupe Labruyère / Labruyère Family

70 Avenue Edouard Herriot, 71000 Macon
Telephone +33 3 85203818
Fax +33 3 85203802

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ProWein 2020 hall map (Hall 11): stand L08

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ProWein 2020 fairground map: Hall 11


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  • 02  Exporter
  • 02.01  Europe
  • 02.01.04  Germany


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  • 02.01  Europe
  • 02.01.07  France


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  • 02.01  Europe
  • 02.01.10  United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

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  • 02.01.12  Italy


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  • 02.01  Europe
  • 02.01.25  Spain


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  • 02.02.22  China, Peoples Republic

China, Peoples Republic

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  • 02.02  Asia
  • 02.02.27  Japan


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  • 02.04.01  Canada


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  • 02.05  South America
  • 02.05.01  Argentina


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  • 02.05  South America
  • 02.05.04  Brazil


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  • 02.06  Australia and Oceania
  • 02.06.01  Australia


  • 02  Exporter
  • 02.07  Africa
  • 02.07.50  South Africa

South Africa

Our range of products

Product categories

  • 01  Wines (according to cultivable areas)
  • 01.01  wines from Europe
  • 01.01.05  wines from France
  •  wines from Bourgogne

wines from Bourgogne

About us

Company details

1 Family, 4 Estates
Labruyere Family's roots are in Beaujolais, Romaneche-Thorins, within the Moulin-a-Vent Appellation, where Domaine Labruyere was established in 1850. In 1988, Domaine Jacques Prieur extended Family's portfolio of great terroirs with Burgundy's most prestigious Appellations. It was followed by Chateau Rouget and its finest Pomerol terroirs in 1992. In 2012 the Labruyère Family decided to awaken great terroirs of Champagne by becoming Récoltant-Manipulant in the Grand Cru village of Verzenay.

The Labruyere Family has always attached great importance to traditional values such as hard work, entrepreneurship and family devotion.
These days, more and more importance is given to the respect of the environment, in order to pass on healthy vineyards to next generations. Respectful practices, ranging from sustainable farming to biodynamic agriculture, are implemented in all estates, depending on the specificities of each vintage, each terroir and each team.
In order to enhance the identity of each terroir, a vineyard designated approach is privileged in all estates. This led for example to three specific cuvees at Domaine Labruyere: Champ de Cour, Le Carquelin and Le Clos, only Monopole of the Appellation.
At Domaine Jacques Prieur, there is a great emphasis on the various climats, which are all vinified separately.
In Chateau Rouget, the art consists of blending grapes coming from the best plots in order to get the same unique style each year.
Labruyere Family aims to produce wines at the same time excellent in their youth and able to live for ages. Wines from great terroirs need to be at the same time complex, drinkable and able to delight next generations.

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