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Lombard Brands Ltd. Lombard Scotch Whisky Limited

Bourne House, College Street, IM8 2 TD Ramsey, Isle of Man
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

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About us

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About us
Margaret Lombard-Chibnall, current CEO, founded Lombard Scotch Whisky in the mid 1960’s. As one of the original independents, Lombard was beholden to no single distiller. Entering the market as a supplier of bulk whisky to blenders, Margaret invested in whiskies of the highest standard. Select distilleries were commissioned to produce ‘new fill’ and from date of distillation, Lombard took full control over the maturation of its stocks. Today Lombard holds, matures and bottles from its own whiskies . Bottling and blending is within the central region of Scotland. 

Renowned for bringing added value to a global market place, Lombard continues to invest in the Scotch Whisky industry and today is second to-none with its stocks of aged and rare whiskies. The formidable and expanding portfolio of Blended Scotch Whiskies, is a perfect compliment its rare, single cask, single malts. Today, Lombard is in a stronger position than ever to meet the increasing global demand for its whiskies.
“ Lombard Scotch Whisky has a distinguished past and an exciting future” Richard Lombard-Chibnall – Global Brand Director
Family History
Early records (Edward the Confessor 1042-1066) show the family deriving from the village of Chebenhale. At this time, the Chibnall name was “de Chebenhale” . Following the Norman invasion, there is reputed lineage to a son of William 1st. In 1351, the English king, John I, changed his domicile to Sherington in Buckinghamshire, retaining a cottage in Chebenhale as a pied-a-terre. The royal connection is shown in the family Coat of Arms by a Ducal crown which is engrossed on the dragon’s neck – a sign of royal blood ! At this time the family was established as ‘Chibnall of Astwood’. 

In 1762, records showed the Chibnall family owning a Wine Merchants, a cooperage business and the local pub. Several predecessors were Wine merchants, but interests expanded via marriage, to cork plantations in Portugal and a cork manufacturing business in London called G.Lombard. Marriage resulted in the family name being Lombard-Chibnall.

Early in the 20th century, Henry Lombard-Chibnall married Alice Robinson of the brewery and soft drinks business. Brewers bottled beer, as well as gin, vodka, port and this became the early connection to the later start of Lombard Scotch Whisky.

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