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Destilerija Zaric d.o.o. Kosjeric

Maksima Markovica 42, 31260 Kosjeric
Telephone +381-11-849604
Fax +381-11-849604

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ProWein 2020 hall map (Hall 12): stand E43

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ProWein 2020 fairground map: Hall 12


Milan Zaric

executive director



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Our products

Product category: Fruit spirits

Queen - aged 7 years

The best varieties of brandy plums, Požegača, Trnovača and Crvena Ranka in strictly controlled treatment process gave this great brandy, only in Serbia, with protected geographical origin. The bouquet is more reminiscent of the best French Cognac than of brandy. Balanced strength of 42.0% vol of alcohol and aged in oak barrels, position it among appetizers, as well as among in the digestives. You will not be mistaken if you ask for it to be served as a Cognac, moderately warmed, or as Vodka in chilled glasses. The choice is yours!

Characteristics This brandy is dominated by the rich and sophisticated fragrance of real fruit, and the taste is harmonious, rounded off with a bouquet and long aftertaste of pure oak. “Kraljica” can be taken in all occasions, usually as an appetizer. It is served at room temperature or chilled to a maximum of cellar temperature and then it provides its full and sumptuous taste.

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Product category: Fruit spirits

Obsession Raspberry Brandy - aged 3 years

This luxurious brandy, of superior quality made of exquisite, carefully selected raspberry fruit will seize you with the “first sip”. It is intended only for real brandy experts with refined aesthetic palate. At first you will find it strong, but afterwards you will see that the volume of 40.0% vol of alcohol is he right one, to make the fragrance and raspberry flavor come to fore. Drink it slowly and feel it with all your senses.

“Opsesija” is colorless and crystal clear. In its sent one can feel the full and soft, well developed bouquet of raspberry varietal. The taste is impressive, nicely rounded, harmonious and long lasting. It is served at room temperature or chilled to the maximum of cellar temperature, not below 15 degrees. Usually served as an appetizer, and can also be used at the end of the meal, with fruit and desserts.

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Product category: Fruit spirits

Nostalgia - aged 3 years

What feels good for the body and soul, what awakens the most honest and deep feelings is our Quince brandy. It effects equally women and the male population. It seizes with its taste, which is enhanced by aging in oak barrels. Its aroma is at its peak in 40.0% vol of alcohol, and the gold color speaks of its quality. You simply cannot resist it.

Characteristics The Brandy has a nice light yellow color with express varietal aroma. The taste is subtle, medium-long aftertase and harmoniously rounded

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Product category: Fruit spirits

Nirvana - aged 3 years

Regardless of the fact that it was produced of William’s pear type, there is a reason for being called Nirvana. After the first glass you will feel the “bliss”. It seems to be much lower than 40.0% vol of alcohol content but that is thanks to the dominant taste and scent of pears that are so preserved that it makes you think you are eating the fruit, not drinking brandy.
It will completely disarm you with its gentleness and smoothness.

Characteristics It scent has an express fines and varietal aroma. The taste is full, impressive, appealing with a long lasting aftertaste. To be served at a temperature up to 15° C

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Product category: Fruit spirits

Honey-sweet Plum Brandy with Honey - aged 3 years

Filigree determined mixture of plum brandy, honey, propolis and royal jelly in this brandy, and its strength of 30.0% vol alcohol content are classified in divine spirits for hedonists. If you drink it slowly and moderately, it will open your appetite, strengthen the immune system and slow aging, in one word, it willinvigorate your body. For its full flavor, make sure you shake it well before pouring. Cheers!

This brandy has a golden color because of honey, with full and rounded fragrance. One can taste pleasant sweetness and fullness, with medium-long aftertase. It is recommended to be served at room temperature, usually as an appetizer, but because of its sweetness and fullness of taste it agrees well with dessertsfruit or chocolate cakes.

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Product category: Fruit spirits

Magic Apricot Brandy - aged 3 years - Gold Las Vegas WSWA

We have invested a lot of love and effort into each individual fruit to remove pit and skin. The very heart of apricot transformed into brandy will awaken in you a feeling that you are eating a fragrant and juicy apricot. Isn’t that magic?

Characteristics: “Magic” is colorless and crystal clear. In its sent one can feel the full and soft, well developed bouquet. The taste is impressive, nicely rounded, harmonious and long lasting. It is served at room temperature or chilled to the maximum of cellar temperature. Usually served as an appetizer, but can also be enjoyed at the end of the meal.

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Product category: Fruit spirits

Coquette Cherry Liqueur - aged 1 year

Fruit liqueur with no additional flavorings, Made solely from the cherry fruit Sweet - but not sweet, strong - but not strong, sour - but not sour... Simply flirting with you. The ideal strength of alcohol of 26.0% vol and overwhelming taste the juice of ripe cherries makes it unique in the market.
Flirt with it too!

The dominant color and taste of juice of ripe cherries. The ideal appetizer or addition to cocktails. Served chilled or with ice.

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Product category: Fruit spirits

Powlenka Plum Brandy - aged 3 years

Plum brandy that bears the name of the place it originates from, combining old Serbian tradition and modern technology for obtaining brandy of extreme quality. The strength of 45.0% vol alcohol corresponding to the tradition of drinking spirits with the Serbs.

The scent provides full and sumptuous plum bouquet, with subtle and gentle tone of wood, whose traces are derived from oak barrels in which it ages. The taste is extremely full and very rounded, with impressive aftertaste, with sweet traces that give a final impression. To be served at room temperature, as a cocktail as well as a digestive.

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About us

Company portrait

Distiller and master blender since 1946, Zaric Distillery offers authentic, premium brandy made from organic fruits grown in western Serbia mountains.
Zaric Distillery was founded in 1946 on the tradition of „Distillery Povlen“ in Kosjeric, heart of authentic fruit growing region on the hillsides of Povlen mountain. In 2007 Zaric family has put into operation new distillation line which is used by the top class malt whisky producers, ensuring highest quality and continuity standards. Zaric Distillery has a modern line for processing, packing and quality control and facility for maturing the brandy in oak barrels. All the equipment installed in Kosjerić factory is the latest technical and technology break-through made in the world, while the hygienic conditions are according to highest world standards. Yearly maximum capacity is 1 million litres and can be easily increased with more barrels.
Zaric brand is the market leader in Southeast Europe in the production of top quality brandy. Company has many different kinds of brandies which are made from 100% organic local fruit. Our main product which we are proud to present is KRALJICA plum brandy which is the only brandy in this part of Europe with protected geographical origin.
What we are looking for: spirits distributors through HORECA chains, food & drink store chains and all other appropriate shops. Our main long term aim is to find a business partner with whom we would have mutual benefit.

Company data

Sales volume 1-9 Mio US $
Export content max. 50%
Number of employees 20-49
Foundation 1946

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