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Taster Wine A/S

Ringager 6, 2605 Brøndby

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ProWein 2020 hall map (Hall 13): stand B56

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ProWein 2020 fairground map: Hall 13


Exhibitor Categories

  • 02  Exporter
  • 02.01  Europe
  • 02.01.28  Cyprus


  • 02  Exporter
  • 02.01  Europe
  • 02.01.47  Turkey


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  • 02.02  Asia
  • 02.02.26  Indonesia


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  • 02.02  Asia
  • 02.02.41  Philippines


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  • 02.02  Asia
  • 02.02.42  Singapore


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  • 02.04  Northern and Central America
  • 02.04.25  Mexico


  • 02  Exporter
  • 02.07  Africa
  • 02.07.50  South Africa

South Africa

Our range of products

Product categories

  • 01  Wines (according to cultivable areas)
  • 01.02  wines from Africa
  • 01.02.06  wines from South Africa
  •  wines from Swartland

Our products

Product category: wines from Swartland


Besides an extensive assortment of wine and spirits, Taster Wine has a large portfolio of own brands ranging from wines, aquavit, bitters, liqueurs and fruit wines, which are sold and marketed in Denmark and abroad. Two of the greatest successes are the two brands Diamond Hill and Silverboom, both characterized by high quality wines at affordable prices.

Taster Wine also offers customized "Private Label” solutions designed according to our customers’ wishes and needs. Through our large network of suppliers, skilled and experienced buyers and our internal logistics and marketing departments, we tailor the product to fit the customer, the market and the demand, thus ensuring great competitive advantages for our customers.

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Product category: wines from Swartland


Taster Wine A/S has its own highly modern and IFS certified (International Food Standard) bottling plant where wine and spirits from all over the world are being bottled. We have a highly qualified team of cellarmen. In colla-boration with our laboratory they perform quality controls of the production, bottling and the imported bottles. This control system and the IFS certification ensure that we, at anytime, can meet the highest standards in the area.

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Product category: wines from Swartland


Taster Wine A/S purchase wine and spirits worldwide and import wine in bottles as well as in bulk. We have a tank capacity of more than 3 million liters ready for filling on our own filling line.

We have a large production and filling of wine, fruit wine, liqueur, and spirits in both bottle and bag-in-box. We have six filling lines, three for bottles and three for bag-in-box with a total capacity of more than 20000 liters per hour.

Thanks to optimal purchase, effective production, own designs and a strong sales and marketing work we have built up a range of strong brands of wine and spirits. One of the most sold series of wine is, in fact, filled by Taster Wine A/S. Furthermore we have a number of spirit products sold on the Danish market and to a number of export markets. Furthermore we have a comprehensive production and filling of spirits under private labels and with our flexible filling line we can service almost any customer regardless of volume.

We also supply a range of wine and spirit products in bulk for the food industry in Denmark as well as abroad.

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Product category: wines from Swartland


When opening Taster Wines’ new domicile, the employees donated a vineyard to the company. The grapes are of the Rondo variety, which is the grape used for the majority of the Danish wines. The vineyard is composed of 108 vines planted in four rows of 27 vines. The estimated harvest is 225 liters equal to one barrel and enough for 300 bottles. The vineyard decorates in a beautiful way the entrance of the company.

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About us

Company details

The company was founded July 1st 1946 by Fritz Paustian senior. It all began with an import license for Hungarian wines. The young Fritz Paustian, then a reserve lieutenant in the Danish army, used empty Red Cross lorries on their return trip to Denmark, to transport the first wines to Denmark from Hungary. At that time customers were very keen on working with wine merchants since the supply of wines were very limited and demands high.

With that foundation, the business quickly grew. Through numerous takeovers of prestigious established companies in the Danish wine trade, Taster Wine expanded both its business and customer base, becoming a significant player in the market able to compete on the highest possible level, supplying wine and spirits to all sectors of the market, and thus evolving to the company we know today.

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