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Thomas-Dachser-Str. 2, 87439 Kempten
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DACHSER European Logistics - Networking across Europe

DACHSER European Logistics - Networking across Europe
DACHSER European Logistics offers transport and logistics solutions whose strengths lie in a professional European network for procurement and distribution. Comprehensive network and freight transport in Europe, a homogeneous structure consisting mainly of DACHSER branches, subsidiaries and partner companies, as well as DACHSER IT, make the rapid, precise transport of goods within Europe possible. Daily services to destinations outside Europe include Turkey, the Maghreb states and the CIS (DACHSER Cargoplus). The special capabilities of DACHSER European Logistics lie in the combination of a highly efficient and comprehensive network with daily network and freight transport.

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Product category: Organisers

DACHSER Food Logistics - Complete solutions for the food industry across Europe

DACHSER Food Logistics, established in 1982 as an independent division, is now one of the leading food logistics companies in Europe. With its highly efficient logistics network for the food sector as well as a systematic industry focus, its professional handling of food, the transport and bar code supported execution of orders with comprehensive tracking and tracing, and last but not least, set procedures and contact people at every stage of the supply chain, DACHSER Food Logistics is a powerful and reliable partner for companies from the food and retail industries.

Excellent industry services for producers and retailers
Our clients include companies from the fields of meat and sausage products, dairy products, wine and spirits, confectionery, convenience, gourmet and processed foodstuffs, as well as retail. Recipients are generally retail companies, bulk consumers and catering organisations.

In order to support our clients in their competitive environments day-by-day, DACHSER relies on the continual improvement of the value added chain as well as innovative services. These include seamless shipment tracking at the package level in realtime via the shipmentcontrol tool, daily connections with fixed transit times and collaboration with proven partners. The skilled handling of food and the professional processing of incoming goods means that the delivery will be especially safe and customer-optimized. Through this cross-process, intelligent organization of transports, as well as goods consolidation, the sustainable allocation of resources and the standardized procedures, companies can tangibly improve their logistics balance sheet.

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Product category: Organisers

DACHSER Air & Sea Logistics - Solutions for global air and sea freight

DACHSER Air & Sea Logistics provides central logistics services to clients from every industry and of every size for the management of their global goods shipments. These services range from global transport consultation on air and sea freight services through to the operational handling of the freight on-site. This combination of global network and regional proximity to the customer is the key to providing the best possible quality of services. There is a set contact person for all inquiries and all services are coordinated on-site.
Worldwide Gateway network
For global, integrated and highly efficient supply chain solutions, DACHSER Air & Sea Logistics maintains a Gateway network with access to over 172 company-run branches around the world. In addition, the company cooperates with proven partner companies at a local level. As part of the DACHSER Gateway strategy, goods are consolidated at the largest air and sea ports around the world and forwarded on from there.

Customers also benefit from the many years of experience offered by DACHSER employees. They set themselves apart with their excellent knowledge of the industry, their closeness to the customer and their high levels of customer service. Together with the client, they design tailor-made transport solutions which focus primarily on the requirements of the industry in question. From the start, the customer knows their contact will investigate all possibilities relating to the transport.

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Product category: Organisers

DACHSER Rail Services - Safe goods transport between China and Europe

The transport of goods by rail into and out of China is a cost and time optimized alternative to air and sea freight. Companies are therefore increasingly using rail to transport goods along the 11,000 kilometers of the new Silk Road (south corridor) or, alternatively, the 9,288 kilometers long Trans-Siberian Route (north corridor). DACHSER Rail Services offers not only a reliable rail connection between the most important economic regions of China and Europe, it also serves both routes with a high frequency of departures from over 30 European and Chinese cities.

Customers can place orders for both LCL shipments (Less Container Load) and Full Container Loads. The range of services offered by DACHSER Rail Services naturally includes consolidating shipments and goods which do not fill an entire container into groupage shipments. Customers can take advantage of an FCL service several times per week, while an LCL is offered on a weekly basis.

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Product category: Organisers

The DACHSER Warehouse Network - warehouse logistics for regional and global product streams

DACHSER Warehouses are a central element of our integrated supply chain solutions for the procurement and distribution of goods. Warehousing services are offered as part of DACHSER Contract Logistics. With over 2 million pallet spaces, the existing warehouses represent a comprehensive network in Europe, North Africa, Asia and the USA. The warehouses are designed for both multiple and single users. DACHSER also offers special in-house solutions.

The network is tailored to the needs of a wide variety of companies, thanks to its efficient product flow: Global companies are able to professionally manage their worldwide commodity flows with the help of DACHSER Contract Logistics and rely on the optimally controlled DACHSER processes for the storage and management of raw and finished materials at the warehouses. At the same time, medium-sized companies benefit from the comprehensive services and opportunities if they want to set up or re-orient their sales and procurement markets at home or abroad.

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Product category: Organisers

Globally networked logistics thanks to intelligent IT

The DACHSER IT network is one of the most innovative in the entire industry. Core systems developed in-house, internal computing centers and an intelligently networked IT system landscape make it possible to manage and optimize logistics processes and the exchange of data down to the last detail. At the same time, DACHSER information logistics offers consistent, globally homogeneous solutions instead of a diversity of systems.

Unified hardware and software at all of our branches provide the seamless flow of data for logistics processes. All core systems are available for secure communication and the completion of orders in multiple languages. With DACHSER’s information logistics, customers benefit from numerous competitive advantages: These include standardized, need-based, tailor-made transport solutions, as well as total transparency, through seamless information management in a secure system. For the optimal security of customer data, DACHSER became one of the first logistics service providers to have its IT certified to the international standard for information security, ISO 27001.

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About us

Company details

Efficient and creative, with integrity - a global company with heart

As one of the world’s leading logistics companies, DACHSER combines the power of a multinational firm with the values of a traditional family-owned enterprise. The company, founded by Thomas Dachser in 1930 and headquartered in Kempten, consistently pursues a strategy focused on sustainability which is supported by both shareholders and management alike. With Bernhard Simon, the grandson of the company’s founder, a member of the third generation of the family has led the company as CEO since 2005. Like his grandfather before him, Bernhard Simon has promoted the ethical and economic principles of this family-owned enterprise with great conviction. Professional financial management with an eye for sustainable decision-making, as well as a focus on continual, integrative growth therefore form the commercial basis for the company's success.

DACHSER stands for “Intelligence in Logistics”
This core principle of the brand means, more than anything, that logistics capabilities along the whole supply chain are networked and integrated in particularly efficient and intelligent ways. As a result of the outstanding interaction between three divisions and warehouse activities, DACHSER masters each logistics discipline to the highest degree. DACHSER European Logistics is able to rely on one of the strongest and most effective transportation networks in Europe for procurement and distribution logistics for industrial and consumer goods. DACHSER Food Logistics is one of the leading providers in the field of temperature-controlled food transportation. DACHSER Air & Sea Logistics offers seamless intercontinental connections between DACHSER European Logistics and all global means of transport.

DACHSER sees itself primarily as a partner to its customers. Logistics solutions and service tailored to the needs of the client, in the context of a partnership approach, create genuine win-win situations – which result in a strong foundation for long-term, successful business relationships. Clients benefit from standardized and individual solutions, increased efficiency through unified global processes and motivated, highly-skilled employees. Furthermore, exemplary quality management ensures maximum security for goods at every stage of the supply chain. One essential driving force is the highly efficient and innovative DACHSER IT which sets new standards for the industry time and time again with its own, in-house solutions.

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