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Weingut Richard Böcking GmbH & Co. KG

Schottstr. 12-14, 56841 Traben-Trarbach
Telephone +49 6541 9385
Fax +49 6541 5944

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Denman Zirkle

Geschäftsführer / Managing Partner



Sigrid Carroll

Managing Partner / Director of North America Marketing



Christopher Weiss


49+(0)176 729 481 78


Philipp Buchkremer

Estate Manager

49+(0)170 467 3685



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Our range of products

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  •  Wines from Mosel

Our products

Product category: Wines from Mosel

Classic Wines from the Middle Mosel

Our wines are produced in three categories:

Böcking Riesling (off-dry)
Böcking Pinot Blanc (dry)
Böcking Pinot Noir Rosé (dry)

Devon Riesling (Cuvée) (dry)
Burgberg Grand Cru (dry)
Schlossberg Grand Cru (off-dry)
Ungsberg Grand Cru (dry)

Burgberg Kabinett "M"
Schlossberg Spätlese "M"

At ProWein our 2017 vintage will be presented, along with selected wines from the 2015, 2016, and 2018 (barrel samples) vintages.

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Our trade marks

Richard Böcking Weingut
Weingut Richard Böcking

About us

Company details

For almost 400 years, the family of Richard Böcking has been cultivating vines and producing wines exclusively on the steep slopes in the heart of the Mosel River valley. Today, the 15th generation is continuing the tradition of excellence in winemaking. 15 acres are under cultivation with 95% Riesling plantings. Three of our four vineyards are classified as Grand Cru: Burgberg, Schlossberg and Ungsberg. The vines in these vineyards are ungrafted and up to 80 years old.


Weingut Richard Böcking focuses on producing dry, crisp wines that suit the modern international palate. All of our Riesling and Pinot Noir wines are from estate grown grapes and harvested by hand. A small production of 20-30,000 bottles annually allows for natural production methods with the least amount of additives or coercion, a philosophy that is embraced in sustainable farming practices.

The Böcking Collection (Riesling, Rosé, Pinot Blanc) presents crisp, dry and off-dry wines that balance the acidity and fruit harmoniously; they form the basis of our wine pyramid.

The Devon Riesling is a dry cuvée made from all vineyards during the early harvest and showcases the 400 million year old slate that runs through the surface of these vineyards.

The Grand Cru wines come from our oldest vineyards that were recognized in the 19th Century by the Prussian government. Grapes for these dry and off-dry wines are selected from the highest quality vines in our estate, produced with natural yeast and aged in German oak barrels. Each vineyard has different characteristics that are reflected in the wines.

These high-end, new-generation wines are produced predominately from old vine grapes, each wine being harvested from one - and only one - of our three steep-slope vineyards. These wines express our highest quality, but with more limited yield and production.

In these wines the characteristics of the vineyard, and the ground in which they are rooted, form the orientation of the wine. The grapes are harvested at the Spätlese or Auslese level of sugar content, then naturally fermented until a dry or off-dry balance is achieved. The vineyards producing our Grand Cru are Trarbacher Burgberg, situated beneath the ruins of the old Grevenburg fortress, Trarbacher Schlossberg, and the historic Trarbacher Ungsberg.

The Grand Cru vineyards also afford the opportunity to make “Prädikat” wines, traditional German sweet wines. Depending on the harvest conditions of the vintage, the winemaker produces Prädikat wines, such as Kabinett and Spätlese. The sweetness of these wines can reach from a Kabinett and Spätlese to an intense Trockenbeerenauslese, from fruity sweet to noble sweet, depending on the vintage. Our Prädikat wines are labeled with an “M” in
recognition of our beautiful Mosel River and the lovely, rich wines that are produced here.


At home in a 14th Century building known locally as the “Rittersaal,” estate owners Denman Zirkle and his daughter Sigrid Carroll (a 15th generation Böcking descendent) have expanded the reach of the Richard Böcking Winery over the past five years. The wines are available in the U.S., U.K., Switzerland, Norway Estonia and Finland, as well as in Germany. The wines have been well received by consumers as well as influencers in the wine industry, such as Robert Parker and David Schildknecht of Vinious. Wine and Spirits magazine named Richard Böcking one of 12 Vineyards to Watch in 2016. In 2017, four Böcking wines of the 2015 vintage were among 20 from the Mosel that were recognized with Gold or Silver awards at Meininger’s Mundus Vini Spring competition.

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