Domaine de la Meulière GAEC Nicolas et Vincent Laroche

18 Route de Mont de Milieu, 89800 Fleys
Telephone +33 386 421356
Fax +33 386 86421932

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This traditional family of independant wine-growers since 1780 has been producing great chablis wines
since the end of the XVIIIth. After Henri, Ulysse and Roger, Claude the great-grand-son founded the
Domaine de la Meulière. The arrival of Nicolas and Vincent, his sons, has opened a new way of working
with new winemaking techniques, but always with the know-how of four generations.

Our Domain applies a moderated viticultural policy.
We use some natural control mechnisms to reduce the yields. The organic fertilization made according to the analysis of petiols, the balance and the control of the nutritional value of the vine according to the analysis of the soils, the withdrawal of persistent weedkillers, the return of the ploughing ……. ensure the protection of the environment, the respect of our soils, and
your health.
Today the manual wine harvest ( grapes picked by hand ), the wine-making and the maturing of our wines with the traditional methods used at the end of the XVIII century combined with new equipments and new disciplines allow you to discover the character and the prestige of our wines of «terroirs ».
Each stage is a combination of natural processes and human intervention, requiring patience, knowledge, discernment and flair. There are as many individual wines as there are individual wine-makers.
It is important for us to work in harmony with nature and save the patrimony for our future generations and never forget the notion of « terroir ».

The vinification begins with the manual harvest by the selection of the best grapes within each plot. Because of our manual wine-harvest, our vinifacation is natural and healthy.
The light and moderate pressing in a pneumatic press, at low pressure with drains inside ensures a very good extraction of the juices without oxydation or trituration.
Then follows a racking of the must during 12 to 15 hours in stainless steel tanks.The alcoholic fermentation is made in fermenter at 18°c and after the malolactic fermentation which is systematically natural.
After these fermentations, the wines are fined with bentonite.
The tartaric precipitations are systematically made at low speed and at –3°c.
Then just before the bottling, we have a tangential filtration.
All our wines come from the Domain ; they are matured and bottled inside the Domain by the LAROCHE family.

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