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  • 01  Wines (according to cultivable areas)
  • 01.01  Wines from Europe
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  •  Wines from Bourgogne
  • 01  Wines (according to cultivable areas)
  • 01.01  Wines from Europe
  • 01.01.05  Wines from France
  •  Wines from Vallée du Rhone

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Product category: Wines from Bourgogne, Wines from Vallée du Rhone

Les Vignerons de Beaumes de Venise Balma Venitia

In 1956 the cooperative was founded. For some years the name Balma Vinitia have been used. It has once been the name of the village.
In 2014 the two cooperatives in Vacqueyras and Beaumes de Venise merged in a way so they preserved the two production units but with one director, one Président, one website and one marketing organization - Rhonéa.
In 2015 156 members of the cooperative in Beaumes de Venise delivered grapes for a production counting for 2/3 of the total production of Beaumes de Venise and a bit more than 2/3 of the total production of Muscat de Beaumes de Venise. Ventoux and Cotes du Rhone are also made at Balma Venitia.
Wines from these four appellations are not made at Vignerons de Caractère. At the same time Vacqueyras wines are not any longer made at Balma Venitia.
When wines from the two cooperatives are promoted the name Rhonéa is used. If you look at you will find another name for the merged cooperatives Vignerons des Dentelles.

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Product category: Wines from Bourgogne, Wines from Vallée du Rhone


The firm was founded in 1931 by the grandfather of the owner today. At that time Charles Brotte established cellars to bottle wines from other producers - a kind of negociant firm.
In the following years the firm has bought vineyards and owns today about 60 hectares:
Domaine Barville in Chateauneuf du Pape - 23 ha.
Owned by Laurent Brottes' mother, Christiane Amouroux.
Domaine Grosset in Cairanne - 15 ha.
Owned by Laurent Brottes' father-in-law Alain Grosset.
Chateau de Bord i Laudun - 15 ha including 0,5 ha of Chateauneuf du Pape
Bought in 1991 by Laurent Brotte and his father Jean-Pierre Brotte.

Since 1952 a well known negociant wine has been made, La Fiole du Pape, a wine blended from different vintages and bottled in a special bottle. This wine is the most sold wine from Chateauneuf du Pape 400.000-500.000 bottles yearly.
In fact the wine should be a Vin du France but more than 60 years of use......

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Product category: Wines from Vallée du Rhone

Domaine des Maravilhas

The domain was establised late in 2013, when Jean-Frédéric Bistagne bought a cellar and some land belonging to Bernard Dusiegneur, who has removed his activities to Chateauneuf du Pape.
Jean-Frédéric Bistagne has en education from INSEAD from Institut national and has since 1990 been CEO in some electronic firms in France and abroad.
He has chosen to change to be a full time winegrower. The area of vineyards bought from Dusiegneur are 8 ha of Lirac and 8 ha. of Laudun.
In 2015 Mr. Bistagne has bought a parcel at lieu-dit Fargueirol in Chateauneuf du Pape of 0,5 ha planted with Syrah. He will probably look for a parcel with Grenache to make a more traditional Chateauneuf du Pape.
It has been important for Jean-Frédéric Bistagne to continue the traditions from the former owner's biological and biodynamical methods in the vineyards and in the cellar. Therefore he has a near cooperation with Frédéric Duseigneur, who after his seperation from the brother Bernard Duseigneur has established himself as an advisor of biodynamical viticulture and vinification
Jean-Frédéric Bistagne: "The Domaine des Maravilhas endeavors to keep a high portion of the land uncultivated (>20%) so as to maintain a natural habitat for the vine insect-pests.... After years of practice and observation Frédéric Duseigneur knows that to produce grapes of superior quality the vines need more than just nutrients. The vines requires a more refined, and more spiritual nourishment brought by a flora and a fauna that are kept as rich and diversified as possible –as well as strong relationship with the winemaker.
Such is the approach and the experience that he is passing on to us and such is the legacy we intend to perpetuate at the Domaine des Maravilhas".

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