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Product category: Wines from Champagne, Champagne

Sélection BRUT

Champagne Selection Brut is the heritage of the champagne Guy CHARBAUT
through a well-balanced blending of the three traditional grapes.
The power of the Meunier, the floral bouquet of the Pinot Noir and the slightly
acid aromas of the Chardonnay get involved for a wine of apéritif or buffets.

The Selection is a traditional blend of three Champagne grape varieties comprising
33% Pinot Noir, 33% Pinot Meunier and 34% Chardonnay.
A significant amount of reserve wines is added (50%).
The dosage is around 8 g/litre.
Minimum ageing 4 years in bottles.

Eye : Bright golden-yellow colour. Small, fine bubbles create a lingering creamy ribbon.
Nose : Its nose releases mandarin leaves, pine bark and herbaceous aromas. When
aired, it unveils more intensely spiced and peppered notes.
Palate : A pleasant sensation of freshness and roundness prevails on the palate.

This wine is perfect on any occasion and particularly enjoyable for aperitifs and with
gastronomical delights.

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Product category: Wines from Champagne, Champagne


One of Charbaut’s historic vintages that demands highly-developed savoir-faire.
The bunches of Pinot Noir grapes are destemmed and crushed before being macerated with their skins for 36 to 48 hours. This method, known as “cuvaison” or “de saignée” , produces a potent rosé which is sharpened with 10% Chardonnay

The Rosé is made from macerating Pinot Noir and adding 10% Chardonnay from
Premier Cru vines.
The dosage is around 8 g/litre.
Minimum ageing 8 years in bottles.

Eye : The fine dazzling white bubbles contrast perceptibly with the rather deep cherryred colour of this rosé.
Nose : A highly-expressive nose. When aired, this vintage unveils intense red fruit notes
(raspberry, fresh strawberry) as well as touches of citrus like pink grapefruit and blood
Palate : The attack is stimulating and incredibly pleasant. Slightly tannic and robust,
delightfully-structured flavour on the palate. This champagne leaves an intensely fruity
sensation, with its enticing hints of red fruit, that lingers on indefinitely.

Its richness means it is perfect with meals or with a variety of appetizers or even with
fresh, tangy desserts (raspberry sorbets, grapefruit terrines, etc.).

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Product category: Wines from Champagne, Champagne

Memory 2005

This Millésime, created by Guy Charbaut, is a precious legacy for future generations: when it is bottled, it becomes a gamble, a bet, as regards the wine itself and the grapes selected; when it is tasted, it is an invitation to discover mature Chardonnay. Even though the wait may seem long, this champagne should be aired a few minutes before being served. Take time to enjoy its taste. Limited quantity.

A 100% Chardonnay vintage made with grapes from our vines, blended with the best
grapes from prestigious vintages.
The dosage is around 8 g/litre.
Minimum ageing 12 years in bottles.

Eye : Extremely luminous yellow colour, enhanced by a dazzling white ribbon of
Nose : Its nose is delicate and unveils aromas of confectionery, yellow fruit, acacia
honey and a grilled hint.
Palate : The attack is candid and linear and gives way to a suave structure on the
palate. Aromas of brioche, candied orange and crystallized fruit enhance the tangy
sensation in mouth.

An expressive vintage for aperitifs and perfect accompaniment for a meal with fish such
as freshly-opened oysters or codfish loin

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About us

Company details

In 1936, after working as an accountant, and then as an agent for a general wine merchant, this man with a strong character bought his first land in the village of Mareuil-sur-Aÿ, as well as in some exceptional wine locations, with hills rated from 90 to 100 % on the Echelle des crus (“growth scale”), which would later produce the very best quality Champagnes.

André soon created his own brand. He pressed his first grapes in Mareuil-sur-Aÿ on his wheel-powered wine press. He worked the vineyards with the goal of producing exceptional Champagne.

In 1946, André bought the annexe to the Château Montebello in Mareuil-sur-Aÿ, where he set up his offices and his new wine presses. The estate pressed grapes for the greatest names in Champagne. They all called on the expertise of the Charbaut family.

In the early 1950s, André’s two sons (including the younger son, Guy) joined the family company. Their joint efforts led to some 20 hectares of grapevines being planted in the early 1960s.

After André, the grandfather, died, and the retirement of the latter’s elder son, Guy decided to continue the work of winemaking and expertise handed down by his father. Together with his wife, Simonne, his children Brigitte and Xavier, along with Nathalie, Xavier’s wife, he set up his own firm in 1995 with the name “Champagne Guy Charbaut”, preserving his family heritage in its entirety.

 Exports developed, leading to a large number of overseas visitors coming to Mareuil-sur-Aÿ. The idea of welcoming customers and importers to a guest house was born. The Maison Guy Charbaut created this concept, marking the beginnings of wine tourism in Champagne in 1999. Still today, those very first overseas visitors are still coming back, attracted by the warm welcome at the Champagne House.

Ten years later, in 2010, Christian GERAUDEL and Guy CHARBAUT, respectively the fathers of Nathalie and Xavier, both passed away. The couple took over the estate the same year.

The brand was redefined. The lion embracing the initials ‘G’ and ‘C’ at the centre of the coat of arms symbolises the Strength, Courage and Perseverance that characterised Guy and Simonne in the past, and continue to inspire Xavier and Nathalie. 

Xavier continues meticulously to develop his wines according to expertise that is now almost a century old.

In the wine cellar, he has reduced dosage to produce more refined Champagnes, and leaves the wines to mature quietly on their lees in order to develop their aromas and complexity to the utmost. He uses the House’s traditional blends and has oriented the estate towards protecting the environment through the development of sustainable winemaking.

athalie and Xavier Charbaut are entirely devoted to their estate. Always in search of new ideas, of progress and perfection, the couple are passionate about perpetuating the history of the Guy Charbaut brand.

 Nathalie, dynamic and cheerful, ensures a perfect welcome for visitors and an excellent presentation of the Champagnes. Alongside her husband, she takes part in tasting the vin clair (base wine), an important moment in the House, calling on the imagination and the memory of aromas. These origins are also rooted in the Champagne region. 

Xavier, a calm and thoughtful winemaker, devotes his daily life to the vineyards and to his Champagnes. He is a man who is at one with the Land and with Wine.

 Together, the couple combine painstaking work on the grapevines and the wine with an admirable sense of contact.
Their guesthouses and table d’hôtes dinners are a third feature of their daily lives, where they convey their passions and pleasure at meeting others.

 A love of winemaking and an ancestral culinary heritage that Nathalie and Xavier passionately express at the heart of a UNESCO-listed World Heritage site.

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