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Our range of products

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Wines from Turkey

Our products

Product category: Wines from Turkey


Kalecik Karası
Bright light cherry
Intense and expressive with red fruit aromas such as pomegranate and cherry
Delicious with intense fruit flavors, lively and well balanced with soft tannins
17-18 °C

Matches perfectly with lightly sauced pizzas, pastas, red meat dishes and fresh cheeses.

International Wine Challenge-2 2018 Bronz Madalya
International Wine and Spirit Competition 2018 Bronz Madalya
Decanter 2018 Gümüş Madalya

Ancyra owes its name to the terroir where our history has began, to capital city of Anatolia, “Ankara”. Meaning anchor in latin, Ancyra has been symbolizing the city Ankara, established by Phrygian King Midas in history. 

Ancyra Kalecik Karası 2017, produced from the grapes grown in Kalecik and Kırşehir Vineyards in Central Anatolia, is a well balanced, lively and smooth wine with elegant tannins and persistent red fruit flavors and floral notes. 

This wine is best served at 17-18 °C and matches perfectly with lightly sauced pizzas, pastas, red meat dishes and fresh cheeses.

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Product category: Wines from Turkey


Elazığ/Eastern AnatoliaElazığ/Eastern Anatolia
Lively and fuchsia
Intense red fruit aromas such as sour cherry, red plum and blackberry
Lively and well balanced with soft tannins and permanent fruit aromas
15-16 °C

It is a good aperitif and matches perfectly with deli meat, fresh cheeses, and red meat grills.
Primeur is the Turkish representative of the traditional French “Beaujolais Nouveau” wine which is available on the world markets on the third Thursday of each November. Kavaklıdere shares this worldwide tradition with Turkish wine lovers every year since 1988, by the lead of Mr.Mehmet Başman. Produced from Öküzgözü grapes, this young wine is bottled just at the end of the vintage and is very lively balanced and aromatic. 

Primeur Red is a good aperitif and matches perfectly with deli meat, fresh cheeses, and red meat grills. This wine is best when served at 16-18°C.

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About us

Company details

Kavaklıdere Winery, the first private sector wine producer in Turkey, is founded by Cenap And in 1929 in Ankara, it has steadily developed to become Turkey’s leading wine producer.

Our company owns 645 hectares of vineyards in the most important wine-producing area of Anatolia, where our professional wine growers strives to maintain the perfect grapes-soil-climate equation and increase the potential of the vines that produce the grapes that have been successful in the production of Anatolian wines for hundreds of years and to introduce wines from international grape varieties grown in Anatolia’s varied micro-climates to achieve their best potential when they are transformed in to wine.

As our company celebrates its 85th year, our products are being produced in modern facilities and vineyards located in Ankara-Akyurt, Cappadocia-Gülşehir-Côtes d'Avanos and Aegean-Kemaliye-Pendore. Kavaklıdere Winery has a storage capacity for 19.5 million liters and exports almost 20% of its production, which consists of 55 different wines, plus two grape juices, to European, American and Far Eastern markets.

Since its establishment, Kavaklıdere Winery has stood by its principle of “Anatolian wine from Anatolian grapes” and has improved and introduced indigenous Anatolian wine grapes to the world. Participation in many domestic and foreign competitions has earned Kavaklıdere Winery nearly 900 medals.

Every year the target of “standard and consistent good quality” has been realized due to the implementation of new technology, increased production and the benefits of technical and theoretical support for the cultivation of grapes, the raw material for wine.

In 2005, in partnership with the French firm, Duvigneau S.A, Kav Vin Inc. Was established for the expressed purpose of improving Turkish vineyards and winemaking and producing higher quality, healthier, certified grapevines.

A leader not only in the field of wine production, our company also organizes and promotes our country’s wine culture with projects that include “Kavekol”, a certified wine training program for people employed in the Horeca sector and wine connoisseurs in general, “Karaf Magazin”, a wine culture magazine, “Şarap ve Şarapçılık Dosyası”(Wine and Winemaking Issue), another wine culture publication, vintage tours for wine lovers, winemakers and interested individuals to fascinating grape vineyards and different professional kitchens where food and wine events are hosted. As well, the Kav Club, located at our Akyurt Production Facility, houses a restaurant that specializes in world cuisine, a wine education classroom and an area for sporting events, designed to provide enjoyment for Kavaklıdere associates.

To encourage the popularity of classical music in Turkey, our founder Cenap And also established the Sevda Cenap And Music Foundation. The “Ankara International Music Festival”, one of the largest festivals in Turkey, is just one of the activities to which this foundation, an honorable member, gives its support.

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