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Product category: Wines from Abruzzo

Foeminae Pinot Grigio

Once upon a time...

A realism painter from Abruzzo was enchanted by the sensuality of a woman escaping from the eager looks of indiscreet shepherds. 
Her face, half-covered by a grape colour shawl, was enlightened by particular moon shaped earrings.

Made of gold foil, halfmoon shaped with small rattles recalling the act of shaking laundry during washing, the “sciacquajje” passed from one generation to another, from a mother-in-law to a daughter-in-law during wedding occasions. These showy earrings used to be common in the second half of the nineteenth century in the province of Chieti and they represent probably the creative work of the goldsmith master Francesco Bartoletti (1855-1933).
The halfmoon shape refers to the changes of the moon and gave the jewel the ability to influence, in the collective imagination, human actions, health and fertility. Infact they were daily worn also by peasant women to ward off spells. The most elaborated ones were purchased by artists like Cascella and Michetti to adorn models for their paintings. They were convinced supporters of the renewal of painting in favour of the “truth”, they preferred women of ancient and rural Abruzzo to the holy themes, as it is in the case of the famous painting “La figlia di Iorio “taken from the homonymous tragedy of Gabriele D’Annunzio.

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Product category: Wines from Abruzzo

Felices Passerina

Once upon a time...

A citizen from Fara Filiorum Petri was singing with his guitars and drums:
“eh... oh... ah ah ah ah... eh... oh... ah ah ah ah... Popul’ nostr’, assaj fortunat’, da chi lu Ndonij miraculat’, nu ti purtem’ dentr’ a lu’ cor’, è ducent ann’ e ard’ ancor’...
è ducent ann’ e ard’ ancor’... 
eh... oh... ah ah ah ah... eh... oh... ah ah ah ah...”

It is an ancient tradition, a thousand-year narration, that animates the words and gestures of the “musician”. He was a wandering artist, a storyteller, to whom the entire community, in ancient times, entrusted the millennial collective memory. From the Greeks to the medieval minstrels, from the Provencal troubadours to the real storyteller from Abruzzo, the gap is small. The musician of Fara Filiorum Petri still accompanies his “paesani” devoted to the construction of the Farchie with songs that make re-live places, smells, perfumes, struggles, battles and passions, acts,events of local history, lullabies, crafts, feelings and thoughts of the people live. In his words, tuned with the aid of tools such as the “du botte” (accordion), he intensifies the popular traditions of his land so much that he makes them a myth, leaving a cultural heritage of inestimable value.

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About us

Company details

7 wines from 7 short stories

Our wines and our labels represent a journey through history, traditions and values, stories set in Abruzzo and in particular, in our production area, the National Park of Majella, where 7 woman warriors called Majellane stayed.

Each bottle is a portray of one of the 7 'F'
and illustrates all the magic of this territory, from the legend of the goddess Maja to the traditional popular songs, from bandits, transhumance to emigration, from 'sciacquajje' - traditional golden earrings - 
to the 'farchie' - traditional bundle of cane - of Fara Filiorum Petri.

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