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Via Polvaro, 35, 30020 Annone Veneto (VE)
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Wines from Veneto

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Sparkling wine

Our products

Product category: Wines from Veneto

Pinot Grigio

Tasting Notes
Our Pinot Grigio is dry, smooth and optimally structured. Yielding a color of straw yellow with golden highlights, this wine is full-bodied and pleasantly soft on the palate. Aromas of light citrus and delicate flowers are complemented by hints of green apples and Barlett pears, ending with a delightfully long finish.

Finished Wine
Varietal content: 100% Pinot Grigio
Region: Veneto
Appellation: D.O.C.
Alcohol level: 13% by volume

Food Pairings
Ideal with grilled chicken, fish, and semi-hard cheeses.

 Serving Method
Serve at a chilled temperature between 46°F and 50°F in a narrow-mouthed white wine glass.

Harvest and Vinification Notes
The Pinot Grigio grapes are hand-picked during the second week of September. They are vinified with selected yeasts for eight days at 68°F. To avoid loss of the fresh and crisp flavors of the grapes, the wine rests for four months without conducting the malolactic fermentation.

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Product category: Sparkling wine


Tasting Notes:
Crisp, clean, and delicate with a fine perlage caressing the palate. Intense sensations of apples and peaches drive a pleasant aftertaste with fruity and floral aromas.

Finished Wine
Varietal content: 100% Prosecco
Region: Veneto
Appellation: D.O.C.
Alcohol level: 11% by volume

 Food Pairings
Serves well as an aperitif, but is an ideal accompaniment to virtually any meal.

Serving Method
Serve well-chilled at a temperature between 47°F and 50°F in a champagne flute.

Harvest and Vinification Notes
The selected grapes of Prosecco undergo traditional white wine vinification. The wine is then produced using the Charmat Method, which consists of a natural re-fermentation in pressurized tanks using selected yeasts. This process, lasting approximately one month, provides refined perlage and preserves the fruity aromas typical of the Prosecco varietal.

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About us

Company details

The Candoni De Zan family has a rich wine-making history that began over 150 years ago. The tradition continues with Armando De Zan and his wife Elviana Candoni, who both share a passion for wine and a tenacious belief in working exclusively for quality. Armando and Elviana’s daughters, Barbara and Caterina, have inherited their parent’s passions and have now entered the family business.

Together with their parents, Barbara and Caterina are instrumental in continuing their family’s wine-making traditions and making Tenuta Polvaro wines a success.

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