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Product category: Wines from Basilicata

Vignali D.O.C.

Grape variety: Aglianico 100%

Vine training: Espalier

Planting density: About 3.500 vines per Ha. Vineyards ages:10 to 20 years old.

Yield: 55 to 65 hl/Ha.

Altitude: Between 400 and 550 metres a.s.l.

Production district: The Aglianico DOC. area, which comprises 15 communes in the northeastern part of the Potenza province(Venosa territory included).

Harvest period: Usually from 10th to 30th of October.

Grapes picking method: By hand early in the morning, into up to 12 kos. boxes, followed by immediate transportation to the Cellars.

Wine-making: Maceration in small stainless steel containers for 7-8 days at between 23° to 26° C.; fermentation to dryness and malolactic fermentation completed in stainless steel tanks.

Maturation: Partly in small French oak barrels and partly in Slovenian oak 25 and 50 hectolitre casks for 12 months.

Keeping ability: Vignali DOP. will improve for at least three years in bottles, after release.

Tasting notes: A modern fine Aglianico vey well structured: Colour: ruby red with garnet hints; Bouquet: raspberry and blackcurrant fruit with spicy notes; Taste: dry, persistent, very pleasant harmony.
Alcohol: 13.5% vol.

Food matching: A versatile wine to accompany Mediterranean dishes, grilled meats and cheese.

Serving temperature: Open some time before drinking and serve at 16° to 18° plain red wine glasses.

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Product category: Wines from Basilicata

Terre di Orazio – Rosè

Grape variety: Aglianico 100%

Vine training: Espalier

Planting density: Approximately 3.200 vines per Ha.

Vineyards ages: 10 to 20 years old.

Yield:55 to 70 hl/Ha.

Altitude: Between 400 and 550 metres a. s. l.

Production district: The Aglianico DOC area, which comprises 15 communes in the northeastern part of Potenza province.(Venosa territory included).

Harvest period: Usually from 10th to 30th of October.

Grapes picking method: by hand in the early morning, into up to 12 kos. boxes, followed by immediate transportation to the Cellars.

Wine-making: Crushing and soft-pressing, with a portion given short skin contact; fermentation at controlled temperature between 15° to 18° stainless steel containers.

Maturation: In stainless steel and bottles for at least two months before release.

Keeping ability: Designed to be enjoyed in the first flush of its youth. Basilicata IGT. will nevertheless keep for at least two years, if properly stored.

Tasting notes: A modern wine, well structured and full of juicy fruit. Colour: Rosato. Bouquet: cherry and raspberry fruit. Taste: irresistible quaffing wine.
Alcohol: 13.00% vol.

Serving temperature: Serve it at 12° C.

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About us

Company details

Venosa  is a town  located North in Lucania  and it is famous for having been the birthplace  both of Orazio and of prince Carlo Gesualdo da Venosa. Full of history and art, Venosa boasts a culture widely spread around and much appreciated, the culture of a wine  par excellence, named  Aglianico di Lucania.

A wine with an intense ruby red colour  and garnet hints , delicate blackcurrant fruits bouquet, an unmistakable and harmonious flavour which have fascinated important men in the past, such as Charles d’Angiò and Pope Paolo III Farnese as well as wine conosseurs all over the world.  This is Aglianico del Vulture , a D.O.C. wine with more than 2000 years  of history which represents the perfect marriage between the rich structure of a volcanic soil (Aglianico is in fact the volcano on the soil of which most of the Aglianico grapes  are grown ) and the lucky exposure of the gentle Venosa hills. Venosa, a smiling town, rich of history and art, and proud for the many monuments dating back to Roman times, still to be admired.

Here, in Venosa, there is one of the most renowned wine businesses of Southern Italy: CANTINA DI VENOSA.  Founded in 1957 by 27 promoting members , thanks to the will, the perseverance, the capability to associate of this vine-growers group,  Cantina di Venosa nowadays is an association of 400 members with about 800 hectars of vineyards, most of which in the Venosa Commune ,  the largest producer of Aglianico  grapes, in the Vulture area.

The equipment here is  at the top, but  technique, passion and care are those belonging to the tradition: careful assistance to each member during harvest, selection of the best grapes, attention to the various maceration and fermentation phases, scrupulous maturation , during which Aglianico is transferred  in French and Slavonian oak barrels in order to achieve that superior quality for which it excelles.

Aglianico del Vulture would have been introduced in Italy by the Greeks, when Cuma was  founded or a little bit later, whilst the change of Hellenica name into Hellanica  and afterwards into Aglianico must be attributed to the end of XV century , when the Aragona’s power dominated in Naples Reign.       The delicacy and  exquisite style that you notice both from the bouquet and  ** from its sent ,distinguish the grape that you can pick from vineyards grown on the hilly soil of Vulture, all  important factors that  have contributed  Aglianico del Vulture to become a D.O.C. wine.  

To this you should add the strength of the  alcoholic degree which is generally  over the minimum value of 12,5°, the total acidity  that grants a fresh and pleasant taste and the high level of glycerine which brings softness to the wine.  The flag-ship of the assortment is Carato Venusio, Aglianico del Vulture D.O.C. the colour is full garnet red, delicate bouquet and dry full-bodied round taste, an important red for pairing with roasted meat, game, venison  and mature cheeses, which set this wine among the great wines produced in the Vulture area.   To follow:

Il Gesualdo Aglianico del Vulture D.O.P., Terre di Orazio Aglianico del Vulture D.O.P., Terre di Orazio Dry Muscat, Terre di Orazio Rosè, Verbo Aglianico del Vulture D.O.P., Verbo Bianco Malvasia, Verbo Rosè Aglianico, MuscaVignali I.G.T. Rosso, Vignali I.G.P. Bianco, Vignali Spumante Sweet Muscat,  are all wines belonging to Cantina di Venosa assortment.

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