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Tradepol Sp. z o.o

Turza st. 1 Maja 4, 42-450 Lazy
Telephone +48 32 6700424
Fax +48 32 6700426

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Wojciech Supernak

Export Specialist for closures (West& Middle Europe, overseas)

+48 512 677 798


Mateusz Jedryszczak

Sales Manager for glass containers

+48 508 009 226


Ewelina Guzdraj

Sales Manager for closures (Eastern Europe)

+48 693 112 415



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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 05.11  Decorative bottle stoppers
  • 05.12  Decorative bottles including stoppers

Decorative bottles including stoppers

Our products

Product category: Decorative bottle stoppers


PILFER PROOF closures are our flagship product which we have been producing for many years. These closures are used by the following industries: spirits, wine, beverage, food and pharmaceutical sectors. PILFER PROOF closures are manufactured only from premium-quality materials. Only tried and tested seals and dispensers are used to supply our clients with high-quality products.
Our product range:
Diameter (mm) :18, 20, 22, 24, 25, 28, 30, 31,5
Height (mm) : 12,5,  15, 18, 24, 30, 34/38, 40/44, 50, 55, 60

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Product category: Decorative bottle stoppers

PILFER PROOF PREMIUM / Stelvin Lux Plus type

PILFER PROOF PREMIUM closures. These are aluminium closures with a plastic threaded insert. Closures of this type make the packaging more aesthetically pleasing and make it look more prestigious. These closures have many advantages, one of which is the flat and uniform surface of the closure, without a visible thread. This solution makes it easier to decorate the closures, both on the bottom and on the top section
Our product range includes
Diameter 28 mm: 28×19, 28×34-38, 28×44, 28×50, 28×60 
Diameter 30 mm: 30×24, 30×44, 30×50-55, 30×60

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Product category: Decorative bottle stoppers


GPI closures produced by our company are used mainly by the spirits industry. These are smooth aluminium closures with a threaded plastic insert which can be additionally fitted with a safety ring seal. Closures of this type are perfectly suited for exclusive alcohol beverages and mineral water. 
400/22 | 200ml
400/24 | 375ml, 500 ml
400/28 | 700; 750 ml
400/33 | 1000 ml
400/38 | 1750 ml

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Product category: Decorative bottle stoppers


DROP-STOP CLOSURES to cater for the requirements of the food and beverage industries. This solution is perfect for all types of syrups, concentrated juices, oils and olive oils. This type of closure protects the bottle finish with a spill limiter, which prevents the spillage of viscous and oily liquids.
For the production of closures, we use dispensers and seals made exclusively from the best-quality certified materials. The seals we use include EPE, SARANEX, TIN SARAN and SVELON. Our seals and dispensers comply with the requirements linked to articles intended to come into contact with food, which has been confirmed with tests for end-products in compliance with the applicable EU legislation.

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Product category: Decorative bottles including stoppers

GLASS BOTTLES & other glass containers

FOB-Glass is a brand which developed under the umbrella of Tradepol and FOB-Decor. At present, the
company specialises in the production and sale of glass packaging such as premium-quality bottles, jars
and cosmetics containers. The product portfolio includes a wide range of glass bottles with a capacity
of 50 ml to 4250 ml, in assorted colours and shapes, as well as jars with dimensions ranging between
50 ml and 4250 ml. FOB-Glass is a result of Tradepol Group’s continuous development and pursuit of
the most advantageous solutions for our clients.
The product portfolio includes over 400 bottle designs used for:
- alcoholic beverages and wine
- water, juice, syrup and sauces
- vinegar, other foodstuffs and chemicals

and jars used for:
- processed vegetables and fruit
- processed vegetable and meat products, and processed meat
- mustard, horseradish and mayonnaise
- fish and other processed food

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Product category: Decorative bottle stoppers

TWIST OFF closures

Our TWIST OFF closures are used in the food industry where the pasteurisation (up to +100ºC) or sterilization (from 100ºC to 121ºC) processes are used. Our production line from 2009 enables us to manufacture superior-quality closures at exceptionally high production output.

Product so far available in diameter 33mm and 82mm.

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Company news




Dec 31, 2018

New production plant

End of 2018 - we have finally finished removal process to a brand new production plant (additional 5.000 sq.m. of production and warehouse area gives new production capacities.

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About us

Company details

Tradepol Group consists of Tradepol and FOB-Decor companies, as well as FOB-Glass brand – all these enterprises are based on Polish capital. Their product and services portfolios include the production of aluminium closures, glass packaging.
The registered office of Tradepol Group is located in Turza, ul. 1 Maja 4, near Zawiercie. The group has been in operation since 2009 and currently employs over 250 employees. Production takes place in new production plant, in Turza. What makes Tradepol Group stand out from the competition is its continuous development, modern machinery, good partnership with clients, timeliness, top-notch services as well as products where high-quality and engineering precision is of key importance. Tradepol Group’s products are exported around the world and they have won the acclaim of the largest companies from the alcohol, food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries.
Tradepol and FOB-Decor specialise in the manufacture of products such as aluminium screw thread closures for bottles, e.g. PILFER-PROOF, PILFER-PROOF PREMIUM, TWIST-OFF, DROP-STOP and GPI closures. The extensive product range includes aluminium closures in a wide range of standard designs, as well as closures specially manufactured on request.
FOB-Glass sells polyethylene closures, dispensers, jars, glass and polyethylene bottles, as well as other packaging products.
Tradepol Group’s excellent knowledge of the industry and management conducted in conformity with global standards, guarantee client satisfaction and the brand’s leading position on the market.

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Company data

Sales volume

10-49 Mio US $

Export content

max. 50%

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