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Dùzsi Tamas és Családja Kft. Temas Dzsi's and his Family's Winery

Bor Utca 47. Hrsz 7370, 7100 Szekszard
Telephone +36 74 319025
Fax +36 74 319025

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Tamas David Duzsi

Sport 11
Zip.: H-7100



György Virágh

+36 30 3722191



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Our products

Product category: Wines from Szekszárd

Kékfrankos rosé 2018

Colour: Pale onion peel, clear.

Nose: A rich citrus fruit cocktail. Pomelo, lime and goose berries do appear next to aromas of white blossom & floral hints.

Palate:Dry. The palate shows tropical fruit as mango, lychee next to a tingering acidity and a mineral character.

A complex wine that is ideal with the carribean cuisine. For extraordinary occasions the optimal choice.

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Product category: Wines from Szekszárd

Estate wine 2013

Colour: Opaque ruby red.

Nose:   Fruit aromas of black cassis, black berries appear together with a certain floral spiciness of mint, eucalypt & violets.

Palate: Dry. A medium bodied wine with firm tannins & elegant acidic structure. A certain warmth deriving from the alcohol causes a long finish with ripe hints.

Best with spicy meat dishes, pasta & risotto al rucola or simply pizza with fresh basil. The perfect wine for a neat italian evening.

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Product category: Wines from Szekszárd

Kékfrankos 2016

Colour: Medium ruby red with purple rim. 

Nose:  Ripe fruit aromas of blueberries & sour cherries pair with a pepperiness & spiciness of juniper & ivy.

Palate: Dry. Intensive fruit aromas appear in this medium bodied wine with great balance. Elegant notes of sour cherries in the finish.

The perfect wine for each occasion. To dishes as Hortobagyi pan cakes, Hungarian quark noodles or ratatouille & lecsó this wine is a special treat.

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Product category: Wines from Szekszárd

Kékfrankos selection 2013

Colour: Dark ruby red.

Nose:  The wine shows an earthy character next to fruit aromas of blueberries, strawberries & plum & spicy hints of dark chocolate.

Palate: Dry. Intensive fruit aromas of black forest fruits, blackberries appear next tot he spicyness of sandalwood & dark chocolate. An intensive wine with full body, ripe tannins & a persistant finnish, just the pure elegance of a Blaufraenkisch..

Recommended with wild dishes or riper fat white cheeses as Camembert or Brie.

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Product category: Wines from Szekszárd

Kadarka 2017

Colour: Light garnet colour, clean.

Nose:  Fruit aromas of sour cherries, black berries & black cassis appear next tot he spiciness of fresh tobacco.

Palate: Dry. Also the palate shows a spicy pepperiness. Besides hints of paprika the acids dominate with a filigrane body.

Optimal to wild-dishes & the heavier autumn cuisine.

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Product category: Wines from Szekszárd

Tour de Dúzsi

Colour: Medium ruby red.

Nose:  Fruit aromas of ripe strawberries & red currant appear next tot he spiciness of white pepper.

Palate: Dry. The light body of this wine with a fine acid & tannic structure make next to a herbaceous character an easy drinking wine, an all rounder.

Recommendation to lighter risottos or dishes with red beet.

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Product category: Wines from Szekszárd

Görögszó 2013 (Cabernet franc&Cabernet sauvignon)

Colour: Opaque ruby red..

Nose:  Ripe fruits of plum & black berries appear next tot he spiciness of thyme, black tea, dark chocolate & violets.

Palate: Dry. A round full body with smooth tannic structure & soft acidity make a multi-layered wine with intense long-lasting finish.

The right wine for special occasions, dark spicy meat dishes or even with more herb desserts as black berry mousse or dark chocolate. 

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Product category: Wines from Szekszárd

Syrah 2015

Colour: Dark ruby red with purple rim.

Nose: A complex nose with aromas of ripe black forest fruits, black cherry, tobacco & medical hints with a meaty character.

Palate: Dry. Smokey hints, violet aroma & a tar character besides a dominant acidity, medium body & persistent smooth finish with hints of black pepper.

An all-rounder, especially with black tagliatelle vongole in sepia sauce, radicchio risotto or  a medium made steak.

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Product category: Wines from Szekszárd

Rosé selections

Single vineyard, single variety rosé wines from Szekszárd and Tolna wine regions.

We started to produce rosé wines in 1996, and soon it became our most well-know wine type of our winery. Our first rosé, and till now the most well-know one in Hungary and in New York, is produced of the Kékfrankos variety. 

These rosé wine are ageable, they get deeper and more intense with time. We are experimenting with these tipes of rosé wines since 2007.  

We have won only at the le Mundial du Rosé, Cannes 36 medals for our fresh and aged rosé wines. 

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Company news




Mar 16, 2019

Der ungarische Rosé-König

"Am 16.11. habe ich in der ungarischen Speisekammer Borsó in Berlin Charlottenburg das Weingut Dúszi Tamás kennengelernt.
Es versammelte sich vor Ort eine große Menge an jungen Menschen, die sich für die Weine von Dúszi Tamás interessierten und gespannt den Erzählungen des Winzers lauschten.
Die Liebe zum Rosé ist die Besonderheit, die dieses im südwestungarischen Weinanbaugebiet Szekszard beheimatete Weingut so einzigartig macht. Ich habe während meinen 15 Jahren im Handel noch kein Weingut kennengelernt, welches dermaßen seinen Schwerpunkt auf den Ausbau von Rosé legt.

Fast jeder im Weingut angebaute Rebsorte, sei es der in Szekszárd perfekt gedeihende Cabernet Franc oder Merlot, Pinot Noir, Kadarka, Kékfrankos oder Menoire - aus jeder dieser Rebsorten wird ein individueller Rosé gekeltert und auf die Flasche gezogen. Oft werden dafür sogar Trauben von alten Rebstöcken aus den besten Einzellagen des Weinguts verwendet. Zu Recht bezeichnet man daher das Weingut Dúzsi als Rosé-König Ungarns. "....

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Feb 11, 2019

Dúzsi Tamás Merlot Rosé

Rosé all day. Koroknai Kira and Hidvégi Anna designed the packaging for Dúzsi Tamás Merlot Rosé, not shying away from the signature color the wine is known for.

Dúzsi Tamás Merlot Rosé embraces the dainty, delicate flavors in the wine and translates that into its packaging. The look is light and simple yet incredibly confident and bold. A dot pattern on the label and on the wrapping around the bottle looks classic, and the minimal text and other graphics allows the smaller elements to truly make an impact. The font is traditional, however against a light pink background it’s given new life.

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Feb 11, 2019

Tamás Dúzsi - The cycling winemaker who’s ten years ahead of everyone else

I don’t know what kind of competitor he was in his cycling competitor days - yes, that’s what Tamás Dúzsi was! However, if I take a look at his wine-making, I’m sure he wasn’t a sprinter. He was much rather a road racer competing in the classic long-distance time trial. He apportions his strength and looks forward to the whole étape. So why am I telling you this? Well, Tamás Dúzsi is known as the ‘rosé king’ in Hungary, at least one journalist called him that right at the beginning of the 2000s, and the name stuck. It’s no coincidence; he had already recognised the hidden potential of rosé when others were just waving their hands dismissively saying, that’s not wine, it’s just a soft drink. Since 2005, for example, he has picked up 12 gold and 18 silver medals in the Mondial du Rosé international wine competition held annually in Cannes in France, making him one of the world’s most successful producers! He achieved all this even though the northern rosé style, where the Hungarian also belongs, is completely different to those considered classically Provencal. Here the acidity is sharper, sometimes there is even a little pétillance in the wines (only very minimally), and usually there are no spicy notes, just loads of fruit. What’s more, in these markets rosé is typically drunk within a year; it’s not aged in oak, so there’s not so much difference really. Whereas Tamás Dúzsi has persisted and made rosés in his own style (there was one year when he even released more than eight different rosés), which means that nowadays wherever in the world someone presents rosé as a style of wine, then in a presentation of 4-5 wines, one is sure to be his. No matter whether a French professor is talking or the presenter is Portuguese. In South Africa, Chile and India too. 
Shiraz válogatás 2012   I 90-92 points
Pepper, burnt rubber, blackberry and star anise on the nose. Full bodied with lively acidity and firm tannins. Clear varietal character on the palate, with a long finish. Elegant, wonderful! 

Görögszó 2012   I 93-95 points
(one of the most well-known Szekszárd vineyards, the grapes come from here) 
Very concentrated nose, like a wall of blackberry and plenty of forest fruits. Full bodied on the palate, rounded and elegant. Flavours of fruits, spice and cedar. Dense, chewable, endless!

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Feb 11, 2019

Wine Enthusiast

Dúzsi Tamás NV Kékfrankos Rosé (Szekszárd)


 This salmon-pink rosé is made from Kékfrankos (Blaufränkisch) and has aromas of raspberry, strawberry and white peach. Red fruit flavors continue on the palate, detailing strawberry and plum, before a light, gentle finish.

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Feb 11, 2019

12 Rosés Worth Drinking Over Labor Day Weekend

It’s no longer a fashion faux pas to wear white after Labor Day, and there’s no need to stash the rosé away after the long weekend, either. But it’s inevitable – as August moves into September, tastes move away from this summer staple. Use the three-day weekend as an excuse to celebrate the rosé wines worth drinking alongside the last few beach trips, pool hangs, and barbecues of the season.

The explosive popularity of rosé means that almost every wine region produces some version of pink wine. That means that there’s a lot of rosé on the market – including a lot of bad rosé. The key is to look for winemakers that specifically pick grapes with rosé in mind, a process that generally leads to a wine with balanced acidity and alcohol. To simplify things, here’s a handy dozen rosés to seek out over Labor Day and beyond, from Hungary to California.

Dúzsi Tamás Kékfrankos Rozé 2016, Szekszárd, Hungary ($15)
Made from the Kékfrankos grape, known in Austria as Blaufrankisch, this Hungarian rosé is fresh and fruity, with a clean finish. 

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Feb 11, 2019

Ten Unconventional Rosés That Prove Pink Drinks Are Complex

Dúzsi Tamás Kékfrankos Rosé, 2014 ($16)
Szekszard, Hungary

Hungarian wines generally offer a great value, and this Kékfrankos (that's the grape) rosé is no exception.Dúzsi Tamás is Hungary's most famous rosé producer, and one that supports organic and sustainable farming. Light and refreshing, elegant and easy drinking, this wine offers a bouquet of grapefruit and berries on the nose, but strawberries and rose petals are discernible on the palate.

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About us

Company details

Est. 1994 – 25 Years of Dúzsi winery;  we are celebrating our anniversary together with the ProWein this year
"Tamás Dúzsi is a horticulture engineer, teacher, active consultant winemaker, a member of Wine Academy of Hungary, Pannon Winemaker Guild of Hungary  and a former road-cyclist.

His winery is one of the leaders of the gradually developing family wineries of wine region Szekszárd, he bought his estate (3.3 hectares of Kékfrankos vineyard) through the „Land Compensation” process in the beginning of the 90’s, since his family had a chateau with a big land in south Hungary before the communism. He developed his winery step by step by his own and now, the winery produces approximetly 500 thousand bottles each year. 

He entered a viticulture high school in 1964, then the ‘School of Viticulture and Enology’ where he graduated as a horticulture engineer, specialised in viticulture and enology. At the early years of his career, he applied and graduated from the University of Pécs as a teacher and since than he works on these fields as a winemaker, winemaker consultant, viticulturist and teacher.

He produces a wide range of white wines, rosés and red wines; all together more that 25 different types. Among his products, the ‘Kékfrankos’ and the ‘Kékfrankos’ based, blended wines appear the most. He won several awards from great internationally recognised wine competitions, for example 35 prize only from the “Le Mondial du Rosé”, 19 medals from “Mundus vini”, also some rewards from the “Le Mondial du Merlot”, “Challenge International du Vin”, ”Le Citadelles du Vin”, “Le Mondial du Shiraz”, “Le Vinalies internationales”, “Le Mondial des Pinots”, “Zarcillo”, etc.

He is the father of  7, two of his older sons, Bence and Tamás studied viticulture and enology, Bence in Budapest  and Geisenheim,  Tamás in Germany, France and Portugal."

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