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Dorodouli tsipouro & Spirits Credor Ltd

P.O. Box 593, 575 00 Kardia, Thessaloniki
Region Kardia, Airport Thessaloniki Area, 575 00 Kardia, Thessaloniki
Telephone +30 2392 035953
Fax +30 2392 021244

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ProWein 2019 hall map (Hall 7): stand A45

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ProWein 2019 fairground map: Hall 7


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Our range of products

Our products

Product category: Craft Spirits

Alchemestes Collection

Products from this collection:
  • Αlchemestes mission Nο. 1, brandy. This spirit is created to give moments of wealth, love, creativity and mental euphoria. 
  • Alchemestes mission Nο. 4, grape marc. The mission of the No. 4 alchemestes collection is to create a creative excess, to accompany unique and important moments.
  • Alchemestes mission No. 5, aged spirit, expression of tequila. The mission of No. 5 of alchemestes collection is to offer moments of relaxation and reflection.
  • Alchemestes mission No. 6, bartender's lover. The mission of No. 6 is to combine inspiration and success moments in an absolute delight, personal integrity.
  • Alchemestes mission No. 7, premium grape marc. The mission No. 7 (Olivinis) of the alchemestes collection, is to accompany erotic and seductive moments. In the Baroque era, the Olivinis belonged to lovers and protected them from misfortune.
  • Alchemestes mission No. 8, brandy bianco. This distillate spirit is created in addition to give moments of tranquility and endurance.
  • Alchemestes mission No. 9, aperitif. The presence of distillate No. 9 with an aroma that effuse mystery and complexity extend and enforce wealth. In addition, the strong fruity character adds a playful view into a classical elegance. Furthermore, it balances through a breath of freshness and a touch of style.

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Product category: Craft Spirits

Classico Collection

Products from this collection: 
  • Classico spirit Pexpression of gin. Aroma fresh, festive and cheerful, a breath of freshness overflowing and pleasant notes of mountain flowers that fill your senses, this is the character of the distillation.
  • Classico spirit  X, aged spirit, expression of whiskey. Accompany your beautiful moments with love and warmth on an aromatic journey in nostalgia. An elegant aroma and a smooth taste.
  • Classico spirit C , aged spirit. Tightly locked in a bottle, with an extremely romantic character is the spirit name C and waits for you.
  • Classico Spirit G , anise-flavored. When the familiar, special and loving presence anise surrounded by freshwater pearls, the aroma wakes. The color changes from transparent to opaque, the miracle begins and spreads pleasure in all senses!
  • Classico spirit T, tsipouro . Deeply hidden in memories were the secret of the authentic Greek recipe comes from the experts of tsipouro. Chiefly, this drink is a wet personification of joy and relaxation through the ordinary demands of life. The aim was to create a liquid masterpiece.
  • Classico spirit E, tsipouro. A mystery unfolds in every step this liquid, treasure introduces itself ... and in every sip excites you idyllic.
  • Classico spirit V, grape marc. The complexity is plenty in this creative distillate "lady" when you meet her... Her highlights are the irresistible concert of flavors and aromas. 

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Product category: Craft Spirits

Visit our Distillery!

We welcome you at Dorodouli tsipouro & spirits distillery! The unique distillery, from Greece, that creates fourteen different flavors of distilled grape marc, distilled spirits, aperitifs, and brandy.
We invite you to enjoy the tour that suits you best!
Follow us in our premium degustation options! Our experts will guide you through the most exciting food pairing combinations! We also have some secret menus for an extraordinary adventure...

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Product category: Craft Spirits

Signature Cocktails!

Explore our signature cocktails:
  • #Ptonic. Classico spirit P, tonic, lemon. Fresh, festive and ultra revitalizing long drink!
  • Sparp. Classico spirit P, forest fruits, passion fruit, lime, tonic.  Make your entrance into the fresh forest of your juice passion!
  • Mo6to. Alchemestes mission No.6, lime, brown sugar, ginger, soda. A twisted expression from the classic Mojito!
  • 6th Plaza. Alchemestes mission No.6, pineapple, lemon, orgeat, pink peppercorn, clove. When the adorable pink peppercorn meets a juice sourness, magic happens!
  • 6Spin. Alchemestes mission No.6, mint, chilly, cucumber, lime, mango. The chilly hell attacked the heaven’s mint!
  • 6Forests. Alchemestes mission No.6, forest fruits, Tonic. Let’s find the six hidden forests at every sip!
  • Penelope. Alchemestes mission No.6, Classico spirit G, blue curacao, lemon, soda. The unlimited breeze of the Mediterranean sea!
  • Merm8. Alchemestes mission No.8, mastiha, lime, blue curacao, pineapple, forest fruits. A velvet touch of the lovely mermaid…
  • 8Beer. Alchemestes mission No.8, apricot, peach, orgeat, lemon, tonic, aquafada. Explore the silk apricot tree from the utopia!
  • Royal 5. Alchemestes mission No.5. tonic, strawberry. You find me! Yes, you with the royal palate.
  • 5th avenue. Alchemestes No.5, grapefruit, lime, passion fruit. I love your sweet- sour passion!
  • Tango No.9. Alchemestes No.9, triple sec, lime, strawberry. When the gentleman No.9 invites the lovely strawberry into the tango battle…
  • Zante 9ght. Alchemestes No.9, grapefruit, lime, orgeat. How is your night goes on, at the Zante island?
  • 9th Pandora. Alchemestes No.9, lime, strawberry, pink grapefruit, soda. The magic box exploded at the feast palace…

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Product category: Craft Spirits

Food pairing with special distilled spirits!


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Company news




Jan 22, 2019

We feel Same BUT...definitely Different! Dorodouli tsipouro & spirits Stand 07 A45!

This year in ProWein 2019 we feel Same BUT ...definitely Different 🗓 on 17-19of March... look for us in 📍 Hall 07 Stand A45. Don't miss it! 🍸#DorodouliSpirits

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About us

Company details

Τhe traditional heritage of our family's passion is the distillation of grapes.Τhe mission of DORODOULI tsipouro & spirit distillery is to approach and pass on to next generations this passion enriched with new wings and transform local northern Greek distillation recipes into superior products.

Our goal is the gustatory evolution of authentic ancient methods and recipes. A collection that is equivalent and respects the transition of Greek heritage in the new world. Principles and values that follow our team are development, research, faith in expertise and strict compliance with the new rules of environmental protection and energy saving.

The target of our team is the combination of experience and research in large-scale production with the training of our distillery workers in compliance with European standards. The welcome of the new generation expands our requirements and focus on new green development standards and good resource management in an open company where " the spirit can distil spirits".

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