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Fruit spirits

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Product category: Cider


Cryoconcentrated apple dessert wine

Malus Danica 2014 – Cuvée Barrique   
Malus Danica 2014 is a cryoconcentrated apple wine made from Ingrid Marie Elstar and Jonagold apples - picked when perfectly ripe and pressed immediately. The juice was then frozen in a freezer room.
Freezing the juice and then thawing it gradually outdoors at around freezing point concentrates it into a thick, viscous apple syrup, which was then slowly cold-fermented at the winery for 12 months. After fermentation the wine was aged in used oak barrels for 4 months.
The result is an intense apple taste with high acidity and syrupy sweetness that fills the mouth with an extraordinary and surprising flavour.
Malus Danica should be served cooled at 5-10 C with good cheese, porc - or as a taste experience in its own right.

375 ML. 12% VOL
Contains sulfites – Lot. no. 2014-1-1-13

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Product category: Cider


Feminam is a dessert wine that combines the most extreme flavours of the humble apple, heat from the roasted Eau de Vie and sweetness from the frozen apple pulp.
Aroma and Elstar apples are pressed when at the peak of ripeness.
The freshly-pressed pulp is then deep-frozen in a freezer room.
When thawed, the thick, syrupy juice contains three times as much sugar, acid and aroma as before it was frozen.

The syrup is then blended with Eau de Vie.
Feminam has an alcohol content of 19% and is matured for 8 months in used 220 litre white wine barrels.
The alcohol content balances perfectly with the fresh acid and plentiful sweetness from the apples.
It has a deep, intense aroma and lots of apple/honey/caramel flavours.
Enjoy as an aperitif, with a cup of coffee or with a dessert. Serve at approx. 10 – 14 C.

19% Vol. - 500 ml.

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Product category: Cider


Cydonia is a cryoconcentrated quince wine. Prime pear and apple quince from eastern Funen are crushed and pressed to pulp, which is then immediately frozen.
After thawing out, the concentrated quince pulp is slowly cold-fermented over a period of 6 months.

Cydonia is the perfect balance of the wonderful aroma, sweetness, and acidity of quince, with smooth tannins.
Enjoy with cheese, desserts or just on its own.

0.375 l. 10.5 %
Contains sulphites

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About us

Company details


Cold Hand Winery products are the result of a burning desire to produce world-class fruit wine. Nothing less.

We believe that it is possible, as we avoid the fruits that make better wine elsewhere in the world. We concentrate exclusively on Nordic berries and fruits, which are of course best right here. The temperature variations of late summer create the unique Nordic acidity profile - clean, fresh and sought-after.


Our winery is a workshop, where we experiment for all we're worth to find just the right tones and nuances to bring us closer to the best fruit wine in the world. Apples, pears, cherries, blackcurrants, redcurrants, rhubarb, gooseberries, quince, strawberries, raspberries, plums, elderflower and even spruce have literally been in the tank.


Enthusiasm, willingness to tell the story and entrepreneurial spirit are what drive our winery. We take a lot of trouble and go into great detail in the search for the best product. To us, apples are not just apples, and nor are cherries just cherries. We know all the varieties as well as we know our kids, and the process of finding the right balance between sweet and sour is a detective story worthy of the name, in which we carefully pick the right moment to harvest and then take the utmost care in distilling.

The basic substance of all our products is an apple wine that really gives us cold hands! We press the fruit and freeze the juice immediately after harvest. The blocks of ice are then slowly thawed, and because the fruit sugar cannot freeze, the concentrated sweetness, acidity and aroma are what we get out of the process first. What's left is the ice crystals - which we simply dispose of.

The method is called 'cryoconcentration'.

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