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Our products

Product category: Fruit spirits


Pesahovka Lehaim is a traditional Jewish distillate from raisins, which is made specifically for the Passover holiday.
Since, our production is in the old Jewish town Buchach, we found the old recipe and spent two years restoring classic Pesahovka.
Traditionally, the drink made by distillation with fermentation process, that differs from adapted Pesahovka manufactured by raisins maceration.

Volume 0.5 l, Strength 40%

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Product category: Fruit spirits

Fruit spirits Fruktovitsa

This product belongs to the category of most ancient alcoholic beverages.

Since olden times, people have produced alcoholic beverages of that raw material which they had in abundance (usually it were fruits), in the region where they lived. Throughout the world this drink was called in different ways: o-de-vi, fruit Brandy, Schnapps, Okowita,  Pálinka, Obstler, Rakia…

All of the above beverages are grouped in accordance with a production process – distillation.

The word “distillation” comes from the Latin word distillatio, meaning “to drip”. This is why the product obtained by distillation, is called the distillate.

 How was it made?
Our product was made in the classic way – by distillation, i.e. using the traditional pot still, also known as alambic, with two-three distillation stages.

 The main distinction from Vodka
Only fruits are used as raw materials and production method is distillation, but not a rectification (L. rectus, right, and facio, to make).

The modern Vodka is made by rectification. As a result of this method the ethyl spirit is gained (not less than 96%), after which is mixed with water and diluted to 40 degrees and then - filtered.  I.e. in fact, in this case raw materials don`t matter anything because aroma and taste of the basic materials are not saved. If there are special taste characteristics in vodka, then they were received by the addition of different flavoring agents.

Another thing is distillation (L. distillation, to drip), which saves the aroma and taste of raw materials. And only fruits and nothing more are used for this!

 What lies at the base?
The base of our fruit distillates is Ukrainian fruits and berries.

The production of fruit distillates is a labour-intensive process. 8 L of fruit cider are required to produce 1 L of 40 degrees drink. And it takes 12 kg of fresh fruits to produce 8 L of fruit cider.

Our product is distilled from fruit varieties of Precarpathian region and bottled by our enterprise.

 Region of production
Carpathian region is the most environmentally clean. And as to the soil fertility the legends are written.

The history of fruit distillation has started exactly in this region (Poland Pálinka, Serbian Rakia, Czech Slivovice – all of these beverages are manufactured in the Carpathian region (Tatra mountains).

 Gastronomic value and combinability
Our drinks are traditional for Slavic tableful, well-combined with meat and rich food.

In distinction from Vodka, due to high aromaticity and taste characteristics, our fruit distillates can be consumed on their own as an aperitif, and can be served as a good end of the meal.  In this case the piece of fruit (from which the drink was made) could be recommended as an addition to beverage.

Temperature of consumption
The best consumption temperature is a room temperature, but you`d better warm up a drink in your hands.

Assortment line

Strength: 40 %
Produced from fresh, hand-selected, wild ukrainian plumps from the Carpathian region
Intensive, multifaceted aroma of a fresh plump
Aftertaste is round, rich, plump

Strength: 40 %
Produced from very aromatic wild ukrainian pear called Dechka, this type of fruit is very different from Williams.
Aroma: of the autumn pear orchard
Aftertaste: fresh pear, rich, very soft and long-playing

Strength: 40 %
Produced from write grapes (brandy spirit type production) from Odessa region.
Round aromatic and fresh grapes aroma
Aftertaste is round and very smooth

Strength: 40 %
Produced from wild very aromatic small ukrainian apricots from the Carpathian region
Splendid and very intensive aroma of a fresh apricots
Aftertaste is fresh with dried apricot note.

Strength: 40 %
Produced from ukrainian cherry from the Carpathian region
Amazing  aroma of cherry
Aftertaste is dry cherry note.

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Product category: Fruit spirits


The Lemotiv Liquor series is made by the method of maceration (infusion on fresh berries and flowers). The basis of liqueurs is a grape distillate, that is why a series of these drinks envelopes the tenderness of taste, without the acuteness of alcohol and has no analogues in Ukraine.

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About us

Company details

Galicia Distillery produces  grape brandy brands Greenwich, Buchach and Renuage, fruit distilates Fruktoviza, apple and plump brandy Prikarpatsky, traditional Jewish distillate from raisins Pesahovka and liquors Lemotiv.

The name Galicia has historic background and is related to the town of Buchach, where its founder, the count Pototskiy established the manufacture, then called “the distillery”, back in 1769.

The factories gently preserve all the best since ancient times:

centuries old traditions of manufacturing,
the experience of wines distillation inherited from the ancient brandy craftsmen,
unique secrets of distillation processes.
In addition to the traditions with deep historic background, the manufacture efficiently implements innovative approaches, the symbol of the future. Cutting edge equipment along with brandy craftsmen of great expertise allows updating the ancient recipes and acquiring new products of perfect quality.

Galicia Distillery strictly adheres the classical technologies of brandy alcohol distillation. This method, “alambic”, the name similar to custom made distillation device of Italian origin. To obtain the necessary taste bouquet the experts thoroughly select the best oak barrels: from France (such as Limousin), Hungary and, the most unique, from Ukrainian oak.

Owing to the synergy of high end equipment, perfect raw materials and hundreds of years of expertise Galicia Distillery manufactures strong beverages with optimal taste and aroma.

Nowadays, Galicia Distillery is the upswing manufacturing company with 250 employees headquartered in Kyiv.

Galicia Distillery –advanced brandy manufacturer in keeping with the best traditions of ancient craftsmen

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