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Our products

Product category: Japan, Sake

ICHINOKURA SUZUNE WABI / Premium Sparkling Sake

From ICHINOKURA in Miyagi Prefecture. This sake is brewed with rice and rice koji like other Japanese sake but brand new one. Its taste will be beyond your imagination as sake. Suzune Wabi is a premium sparkling sake with gentle bubbles which are generated by natural fermentation.

The perfect harmonization of sweetness and acidity. Elegant texture with gentle bubbles and fresh fruity aroma.

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Product category: Japan, Sake


From TSUKASABOTAN in Kochi Prefecture. It is made from only natural ingredients; Junmai sake, yuzu (a kind of citrus fruit) juice and sugar without any artificial flavours. Extremely refreshing aroma of yuzu and its taste is beautifully balanced. Selected aromatic yuzu grown in the mountains in Kochi is used.

This yuzu sake tastes as if you drink just squeezed juice of yuzu straightly. Supremely fresh and its sweetness is very elegant.

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Product category: Japan, Sake

OHYAMA TOMIZU / Tokubetsu Junmai Sake

From OHYAMA in Yamagata Prefecture. The old-time sake making method is revived with modern technology. Using 20% more rice than ordinary sake making, this sake has a rich, juicy and surprising taste that you have never experienced.

Rich taste and savoury flavours are finely harmonized with juicy acidity. Mellow texture and refreshing finish.

* In the old days, the method of sake making using 10 koku (koku is a Japanese old unit of volume) of rice and 10 koku of water was called "TOMIZU brewing" (TOMIZU means 10 water in Japanese).

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Product category: Japan, Sake

GOKYO JUNMAI / Junmai Sake

From GOKYO in Yamaguchi Prefecture. The genuine sake of Yamaguchi made from local rice and water by the brewers grown in the region. Its outstandingly smooth taste and texture are derived from extra soft water which is used as an ingredient. The brewery's policy is “Simply do natural things which are needed for sake making”.

Fruity aroma of apple, banana and melon. Very clean taste of grain and fruit with savoury flavours and spicy finish.

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Product category: Japan, Sake


From OTOKOYAMA in Hokkaido. Otokoyama brand's sake has been brewed for over 350 years. It was drawn as the finest sake brand in ukiyoe pictures and loved by great names in the history. They started to export their sake in 1985 and Otokoyama is one of the most popular sake in the world. The brewery consistently been awarded gold medals in overseas competitions since 1977.

Refreshing lightness with vivid acidity. Very dry sake with sharp, rich and full-bodied taste.

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About us

Company details

The Japan Prestige Sake Association was established in 1975. Ever since, it has become a valuable source of information for top-quality Japanese "sake".

Through its far-reaching network, the association has reached a broad cross-section of the consumer market. The local brands judged as being of the highest quality and character receive the association's "Prestige Sake" designation, which has contributed significantly to boosting the popularity of sake among the general public.

As with other fine wines, sake makers are constantly endeavoring to improve the quality and taste of their products. And when anything of significance occurs, the association is one of the first to receive the information.

As more and more people around the world are now showing a greater appreciation of Japanese sake, the association is working to expand its list of select products, as well as its information network. Our future expectations are equally high, and we plan to continue working to promote the popularity of Japanese sake abroad.

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