Az. Agr. Metinella di Stefano Sorlini

Via Fontelellera 21/A, 53045 Montepulciano (SI)
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Our products

Product category: Toscana


The significance of this renowned wine, the beauty and the reputation of this land with its terroir and vines have instilled in us deep respect for the century-old wine tradition of Montepulciano. By this criterion, the numerous passages on the grapevines, while harvesting, enable the grapes to be picked by hand just at the time of their optimum phenolic maturation in order to achieve a high-quality product; grapes are then carried from the vineyard to the winery, where they are submitted to a further quality control before pressing. After obtaining the must, it is left to ferment at a controlled temperature of 27°C, enabling tannin and color to be enhanced. Its maceration on grape skins continues for 10 days and the malolactic conversion takes place when the wine has already been put into the barrel. Burberosso, a gentle and noble wine, is first left to age for at least 18 months in 25- and 50- hectoliter oak barrels , followed by a further ageing time in bottle before release, thus featuring the best of its ‘noble’ and ’austere’ character, as the very Nobile di Montepulciano is required to be.

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Product category: Toscana


This traditional wine, called ‘holy wine’, is grown with the utmost care and its cultivation – according to our methods – occurs without using any chemicals or fungicides, as a mark of respect for nature and its delicate equilibrium. Our grapes are selected starting from their inflorescence and then harvested by hand at the optimum time, i.e. when the thickness of their skin enables grapes to be dried and the phenolic aspect shows promise for great aromas and flavours. After harvesting, the grapes are left to dry naturally for 4 months. Once the dried grapes have been pressed, their must is then kept in Tuscan oak caratelli, i.e. small oak barrels, where it is required to age for at least 5 years in the so-called ‘holy wine cellar’, followed by a further long period of ageing in bottle enabling the wine to achieve an optimum balance. Both natural cycle of the plant and vinification of grapes take place in compliance with our methods maintaining high standards of quality.

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Product category: Toscana


Our grapes are harvested by hand at different intervals of time, thus allowing to pick them and start their winemaking process with grapes having excellent phenolic maturation only. Their fermentation occurs at a controlled temperature of about 25°C with maceration of the must on the grape skins for about 7 days in order to enhance the quality of grape smells as much as possible. The following malolactic fermentation occurs directly in 25-hectoliter oak barrels where our wine is aged for a time that varies year by year in order to achieve optimum smoothness among aromas.

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About us

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Montepulciano is a land where history and art are constantly bonded with everyday life, a land surrounded by gentle slopes illuminated by a bright sunlight that can be appreciated here and nowhere else, a land full of flavours and smells where the breathtaking beauty of the Tuscan countryside is still being protected by nature.
Thus, it is a land where one may find himself and enjoy the great outdoors while being inebriated by the harmony of nature, its unique beauty, delicacy, fascination and contemporaneously being involved emotionally in history and tradition of these places.

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