Artemis Karamolegos Winery Hermes S.a.

Exo Gonia, 84700 Santorini
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Product category: Branded wines


Winemaking: Pre-fermentation cold soak which duration depends from the quality of each vintage, followed by classic white vinification at controlled temperatures with the use of selected and wild yeasts. Their blend matures on the lees with under frequent bâttonage for at least 4 months before the first bottling.

Description: Floral aromas like lemon blossom and jasmine and matured fruits which reminds us nectarine, lychee and kumquat come first on the nose. Hints of minerality and green citrus fruits like grapefruit and citron in the background. Supple, elegant with persistent aromas (green pepper, exotic fruits and lime) on the palate and balanced acidity. Long aftertaste with finesse, good complexity and loads of freshness.

Ageing potential: Up to 2-3 years

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Product category: Branded wines


Winemaking: Classic white vinification under controlled temperature using only neutral yeasts in order to maintain the varietal character. We take care to vinify these parcels as naturally as possible letting them speak for themselves. When the fermentation ends the blend matures on total lees for 10 months with regular lees stirring.

Description: Pure nose, full of minerality and flint which is a typical hint of Santorini’s Assyrtiko. Notes of matured stone-fruits and tart of citrus fruits. The palate shows considerable depth and genuine concentration, rich and dense with finesse and well balanced acidity. Long aftertaste with saltiness and minerality.

Ageing potential: For at least a decade.

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Product category: Branded wines


PDO Santorini

Variety: Assyrtiko 100%

Source of grapes: Single centenarian vineyard of Assyrtico located in one of the best terroir of Santorini, in Pyrgos.

Winemaking: Spontaneous fermentation by the wild yeasts of the grapes, skin fermented exactly like as the red winemaking. 14 days total maceration and after the finish of the fermentation the wine remains on total lees for 10 months. Natural winemaking without any addition, stabilization or filtration during the fermentation and maturation besides very low sulfites added before bottling. (total SO2 40mg/lt).

Description: Intense nose, special, revealing another aspect of Santorini's character. Herbal notes like chamomile, peppermint and black tea and spices like cardamom and coriander are perceived first. Mineral notes and fruity hints of pear and bergamot, indicate directly its origin. Structured and generous mouthfeel with firm tannins balanced by the richness and the volume of the wine. Long aftertaste with salinity and a spicy finish. Ageing potential: We don’t know exactly yet due to the nature of the wine and the fact that it's just the first vintage. Based on what we taste, we consider that under good storage conditions the wine can develop a unique character for the next 5 years. Serving and food pairing: Decanting is necessary for at least an hour, in order to breath and open up its complicated character. Can be served at 13-15oC in an big glass of Riesling type , highlighting a wide variety of dishes; particularly due to its orange nature and to the presence of soft tannins it is a match with fish, as good as with meat.

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Product category: Branded wines


PDO Santorini

Variety: 90 % Assyrtiko, 10% of Athiri and Aidani

Source of grapes: Grapes are sourced mostly from old vineyards in different parts of the island. The biggest percentage of them comes from Pyrgos, Exo Gonia, Megalochori and partly comes from Akrotiri, Emporio and Fira.

Winemaking: Classic white vinification, with a part of cold soak depending of the quality of each vintage. The different varieties and the different villages are fermenting on separate steel tanks under controlled temperatures. The final blend is decided regarding the profile of each vintage and matures on lees for at least 5 months.

Description: Elegant nose dominated by the aromas of fruits (stone fruits, citrus fruits) and stony minerality (wet sea rocks). Notes of flowers like jasmine and herbal like mint derived from the percentage of Athiri-Aidani giving in this way many layers of flavor. Complex, elegant and vivid on the palate with depth of fruit, freshness and density.

Ageing potential: Up to 5-7 years

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Product category: Branded wines


PDO Santorini

Variety: Assyrtiko 90% with 10% Athiri and Aidani

Source of grapes: Grapes are sourced from old vines that may reach 100 years of age from plots situated in Megalochori and Pyrgos at an altitude up to 400 m. Harvest under high ripeness, inspired by the tradition, enhancing the structure and the aroma compounds.

Winemaking: Only the free-run juice is received from the press and after the settling, the juice is lead into the barrels to start the fermentation. Barrels of large volume, light or medium toast with a small percentage of new barrel compose the profile of the oak that we use. Regularly lees stirring are realized during the fermentation and the maturation. Total maturation for 16 months. The bottles are released on the market after 1,5 years from the harvest in order to bring out the complexity and the special character that Assyrtiko provides during its evolution.

Description: Intense aromas combining dry nuts with matured yellow fruits, honey, quince and a sophisticated minerality. Rich and oily on the palate with intense character, Nykteri is a pure ‘dynamite’ with concentrated body and a perfect balance among the electric acidity, the high ripeness and the long salty aftertaste.

Ageing potential: Up to 8-10 years

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Product category: Branded wines


PGI Cyclades

Variety: Assyrtiko 100 %

Source of grapes: Grapes are sourced from relatively young in regard to Santorini’s centenarian vines, with average 50 years of age.The vineyards are situated in lower altitude villages of the island like Kamari, Messaria, Vothonas and Akrotiri.

Winemaking: Classic white vinification under controlled low temperatures in order to highlight the fruity expression of this multifaceted variety. Maturation on the fine lees under frequent stirring for at least 4 months.

Description: Fruity aromas of melon, pear and citrus fruits combined with the typical mineral signature of the island and its hint of herbal notes. Supple, fresh on the palate with intensity, primary fruit character, nice vivid balance and long complex aftertaste.

Ageing potential: 2-3 years

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Product category: Branded wines


PGI Cyclades

Variety: 80% Mandilaria and 20% Assyrtiko

Source of grapes: Vines of average 50 years of age from vineyards of Exo Gonia, Akrotiri, Megalochori and Mesaria.

Winemaking: Short pre-fermentation skin contact in the press receiving only the free-run juice. Classic white vinification is followed by selected yeasts in low temperatures. Matured on the fine lees for at least 4 months.

Description: Fruit-forward intense nose with red fruit aromas such as strawberries, cherries. Peppery and hints of blossom in second plan. The palate is quite rich, well balanced characterized by refreshing levels of crispy acidity and depth.

Ageing potential: Up to 2 years

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Product category: Branded wines


PGI Cyclades

Variety: Mandilaria 100%

Source of grapes: The grapes are sourced from old vines of average 60 years of age, from the vineyards at Karterados, Mesaria and Kamari.

Winemaking: Classic red vinification at low temperatures with short maceration period. A small part of it matures in oak barrels and the rest in steel tank. It is bottled after 8-9 months of maturation in order to keep its fresh and fruity character.

Description: Youthful nose with red fruit aromas, beautifully combined with spices and Mediterranean herbs. Stylish and immediate on the palate combining high freshness, crispy fruit, tannic firm structure and elegant personality.

Ageing potential: Up to 2-3 years

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Product category: Branded wines


PGI Cyclades

Variety: Mavrotragano 100%

Source of grapes: Two selected vineyards of this rare variety of average 20 years old of age, situated in Exo Gonia and Kamari. Their cultivation differentiates from the traditional way of 'basket' trained vines. They are trained in vertical wire trellis and pruned as double Guyot.

Winemaking: Classic red vinification with 24 hours pre-fermentation cold soak. Fermentation under stable temperature, extraction by pump-overs and punchdowns. The free run is separated from the mark depending by the phenolic content. Alcoholic and malolactic fermentation finish into the steel tank and then the wine is transferred into the barrels. Matures in oak barrels of 1st, 2d and 3d use for 24 months.

Description: Ripe nose offering black fruit, liquorice, chocolate and white pepper along with earthy notes and aromatic herbs. Opulent and strong on palate with solid but ripe tannins and finesse. A dense wine with excellent ageing potential.

Ageing potential: Up to 6-8 years from the vintage

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Product category: Branded wines


PDO Santorini

Variety: Assyrtiko 85% with 15% Aidani

Source of grapes: Grapes are sourced from old vines averaging 100 years of age from vineyards in the villages of Megalochori, Pyrgos, Exo Gonia and Akrotiri.

Winemaking: The grapes are left to sun-dry in a traditional way for 9 to 14 days under the hot sun of Santorini in order to evaporate the juice losing their weight and concentrate their amount of sugar, acidity levels and flavors. Fermentation follows in tanks and lasts for several days. It stops spontaneously leaving a significant amount of residual sugars. Maturation takes place in old French oak barrels of 225lt and 500lt for at least 90 months

Description: Dense and complex aromas of dried fruits, chocolate, caramel, espresso coffee and nuts. Luscious on the palate, yet not cloying with “kicking” acidity levels. Exuberant and complex lingering finish. This mahogany colored wine-elixir concentrates all the special traits of Santorini’s unique terroir.

Ageing potential: 10+ years after bottling

2007: Gold Medal _ΤEXSOM IWA 2016 , Gold Medal _18th Mundus Vini
2006: Robert Parker (Mark Squires): 94, Gold Medal _17th Mundus Vini
2005: Silver Medal _Mundus Vini 2009 and 2010
2004: Gold Medal _ 14th Thessaloniki IWC

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Product category: Branded wines


PDO Santorini

Variety: Assyrtiko 100%

Source of grapes: Grapes are sourced from selected very old vineyards of Assyrtiko. Their main origin is Pyrgos, Megalochori and Exo Gonia.

Winemaking: Classic white vinification with a percentage of pre-fermentation cold soak. Only the free-run juice is fermenting in steel tanks under controlled temperatures. Use of selected neutral yeast and wild yeasts for some tanks in order to express the pure varietal character. Minimalistic approach in the whole winemaking process and maturation on total lees for at least 5 months, under frequent lees stirring (bâtonnage).

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About us

Company details

Tradition is combined with a modern point of view, expressing the pure Santorini volcanic character
The history of the winery goes back to the 1952, when the grandfather, Artemis, was cultivating the vineyards in order to produce wine for his own family and later on, in order to sell it in the island and in the rest of Greece.
Artemis Karamolegos, the grandson who succeeded his grandfather and his father at the winery of Exo Gonia, is an energetic young man full of passion for his job. Since 2004 and until today, he managed to rapidly evolve the family business and move many steps ahead.
In 2004, there was a turn to a modern and of a high quality production winery with the creation of a bottled, labeled and of a good quality wine named “SANTORINI”.
The very first but most important step was to renew part of the old vineyards, to plant new ones and others to be planted with Assyrtiko and other rare Santorinian varieties such as Aidani and Mavrotragano.
That modern point of view in the vineyard, which is the most important part of the wine production process, resulted iin a multi awarded boutique Winery, one of the most dynamic in Greece. Tradition is combined with a modern point of view, expressing the pure Santorini volcanic character.
Being a "team player", Artemis works with experienced and qualified specialists, such as the Oenologist Lefteris Anagnostou and the Deverlopment Director Dimitris Kekas. 

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1-9 Mio US $

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max. 50%

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