Cantolio Manduria s.c.a.

Via per Lecce, km 25, 74024 Manduria (TA)
Telephone +39 099 9796045
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Our products

Product category: Puglia


Fiano del Salento
Indicazione Geografica Protetta

The Fiano white grape variety has very ancient origins and like many of the varieties indigenous to Southern Italy, it must have migrated originally from Greece. Its introduction into Puglia and Basilicata dates back to the 1200s (hence the name Fiano ’200), when Charles the II of Anjou ordered the delivery of thousands of plants from Cava de’ Tirreni to Manfredonia.
CATEGORY: Top wineTAGS: Fiano del Salento, IGP winePRODUCT ID: 1204

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Product category: Puglia


Primitivo di Manduria 
Denominazione di Origine Protetta

The soils of the terrain inland are red, rich in potassium and iron, or black, rich in humus and clay. These plants, strictly cultivated using the bush vine technique, provide full bodied powerful wines. The bush vine is the most ancient system of cultivation still in existence, where the grapes almost touch the ground receiving its warmth and humidity as well as nutrients. This process is enhanced by the farmer with the maintenance of a ditch around the trunk. Some plants are over seventy years old yet are still vigorous and strong, giving the farmer a generous harvest of precious grapes. No one plant is the same as the other, each one is shaped and contorted by the weather, each one has its story to tell. Using the stones removed from the fields, the farmers have created kilometres of dry stone walls and the typical Trulli from this region.
CATEGORY: Top wineTAGS: Primitivo di Manduria, DOP winePRODUCT ID: 1197

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Product category: Puglia


Primitivo di Manduria
Denominazione di Origine Protetta e Garantita

“Ab aeterno” is a Latin expression literally meaning “From all eternity” and therefore “Since time immemorial”. It applies beautifully to the relationship between this wine and the Messapian land with its Cyclopean walls, archaeological settlements and traces of truly ancient remains, which are even found on the Cantolio wine estate, where this Primitivo di Manduria Dolce Naturale is produced.
CATEGORY: I classiciTAGS: Primitivo di Manduria, DOPG winePRODUCT ID: 1228

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About us

Company details

The winery was established at the beginning of the sixties, by a small and tight-knit group of courageous wine growers. They started transforming their grapes, aiming at a market that was beginning to appreciate and seek full-bodied and robust wines with great character. At the time, there were only a few associate wine growers. Now there are over 700, and with consummate skill they continue the know-how, “bound in tradition”, to produce the Primitivo di Manduria Wine from the Taranto and Brindisi provinces. These come partially from coastal areas, and partly from the traditional bush trained vines, exposed to the sun’s heat and the beneficial properties of the Ionian Sea. Arriving from the Lecce road, we are welcomed by an enormous sign that is placed at the entranceway to an ancient Messapian settlement. It is a land that has always been dedicated to the production of Primitivo grapes. Written records of ancient wine-growing traditions in the region are to be found in the archaeological park of the Messapian walls, as they are, only one kilometre away, within the Cantolio winery; a must for an enjoyable wine tasting experience. Just inside, we are welcomed by a smart and inviting wine shop, equipped with handy dispensers for serving the wines. Since 2008, the entire CANTOLIO production has been processed using power from renewable sources (Photovoltaic). Cantolio even produces an excellent extra virgin olive oil, the result of a process that faithfully follows the ancient traditions: hand harvested and cold pressed. Tradition is sustained by using modern methods of working that guarantee the absolute and genuine qualities of the final product.

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