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S.A. Torri Cantine Srl

Via Vibrata, 22, 64010 Torano Nuovo (TE)
Telephone +39 085 7993626
Fax +39 085 7992951

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Cristina Morando

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  • 01  Wines (according to cultivable areas)
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  • 01.01.09  Italy
  •  Abruzzo
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Sparkling wine

Our products

Product category: Abruzzo

Montepulciano d'Abruzzo doc

Montepulciano can be a very versatyle grape: with its characteristics of dark fruits and solid body structure, can be interpreted in many different ways. For us, one of the most successful is the 4 20 (four winds, because of the vineyards' exposure): fruity, fresh and with smooth tannins to top it. Here's the description of the wine from one of our customers:

"this is an absolute beauty that epitomises Montepulciano at its very best. Right from the outset there is distinct appeal on the eye when that purply black viscosity hits the glass. There is no doubt that this is a real winner.
On the nose, the experience is one of subtle evolution rather than a massive “whoosh” of fruit. The palate experiences a super-smooth succulence that displays an earthiness with huge brambles and damsons alongside Morello cherries and red berry fruits.
The wine’s underlying structure is quite superb and displayed an integration that belied its youthful vintage."

Montepulciano also ages incredibly well: our Riserva 2013 is a beautiful sum of ripe red fruit, round and thick tannins, swee spices and a long lasting pleasure that can either be stored for future moments of joy or enjoyed right away in all its balance. 

Our small productions of old vintages of Turan, like 2007 and 2011, are young history living in the bottle.

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Premiere ProWein 2018
Premiere ProWein 2018:
Premiere ProWein 2018

Product category: Abruzzo

Pecorino d'Abruzzo doc

The Pecorino grape has recently known a well deserved world wide success, thanks to its characteristics of fresh and fruity wine. Our version is round and mineral at the same time, we love to propose it in its good balance with local style. As we do with most of our production, our Pecorino is grown ORGANICALLY.

We have two Pecorinos in our portfolio:
  • one is called 4 20 (four winds because of the exposure of the vineyards):  light and bright yellow, ist bouquet reminds of white flowers. Fresh and mineral to the taste, white fruits' pulp remain to the end, sustained by its clean freshness. Great with fresh or medium aged cheese, grilled fish and shellfish.
  • the other is called Bakàn, from the joyful chilean expression of our friends when they tried it for the first time.  Coming from older vineyards, it's intense: bright yellow, has nice white and yellow fruits and flowers bouquet and it is f ull bodied, fruity and spicy, with a nicely balanced freshness and roundness. Great with aged cheese, grilled fish and shellfish.
  • We also obtain a fresh and pleasant Brut, local organic grape and international Italian sparkling taste. 

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Product category: Abruzzo

Trebbiano d'Abruzzo doc

Trebbiano is the most famous white grape of the Abruzzo region. It has many expressions, from the fruity and flowery bouquet and full bodied mouth to the fresh and mineral version.  It very much depends on the agriculture and exposure: with our ORGANIC choice, the yields are naturally lower than usual, hence the concentration is higher. 

The Trebbiano 4 20 comes from younger vineyards, its freshness is balanced by its roundness and invites immediately to the second glass. The nose is a full bouquet of white delicate flowers, and you can almost hear the sea breeze in the glass.

The Trebbiano Bakàn is complex and intense, a basket of white and some yellow fruits, with a full mouth of long lingering memories of open spring fields and sunny days. 

A great white grape to be re-discovered.

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About us

Company details

Typical grapes of the Abruzzo region, such as Montepulciano, Trebbiano, Pecorino and Passerina, give distinctive wines, expression of the land and totally enjoyable to drink. ORGANIC to us means speaking the same language of nature, being able to follow its rhythm, and that's where we put our greates efforts. That's Torri Cantine was one of the first to be certified organic.

Our packaging is reresentative of the style of the wine inside, stylish yet fully connected to the Earth.

The historical Torri cellar, born in 1966 in the beautiful and fertile Teramo hills, flagship of a territory and important chapter of the regional viticulture, writes today a story again, without forgetting the roots that have given rise to its history.

Full respect of nature and the fruit that gives life to the wine, innovative ideas and in continuous ferment, the uncompromising excellence of its products are the basis of new labels, full expression of quality and of the peculiarities of our precious terroir.

Halfway between the Adriatic Sea and the Gran Sasso, on the left bank of the river Vibrata, around the little town of Torano, Torri Cantine works its grapes, born in 1966 in the wake of the best oenological tradition of Abruzzo.

The beautiful rolling hills planted with vines of towers Cellars express an infinite variety of perfumes and all the colors of the earth warmed by the heat of the Sun. The Torri vineyards stretch for

60 acres in the towns of Colonnella, Controguerra and Torano, from 100 to 300 metres above sea level. The favorable climatic condition and the generous land, along with patient work in the vineyard and in the cellar, have enabled us to produce wines of great value.

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