Azienda Agricola Gianfranco Daino

Via Croce del Vicario 115, 95041 Caltagirone

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Cultivation of three sicilian indigenous grape varieties - Nero d'Avola, Frappato, Alicante - has given rise to Suber, a wine with an intense red colour and distinctive, complex, highly aromatic taste. Combination of the three varieties gives the wine body and character. The contribution of the Nero d'Avola is an aroma of red fruits, such as blackberries or mulberries; the Frappato adds an aftertaste of yellow peach; the Alicante gives Suber alcoholic strength and enriches it with a hint of fragrant spices.


The wine is the fruit of meticulous research in the vine and wine sector combined with traditional vine cultivation techniques. The vines are bush-trained, as in the past, and tended using ancient tools and enduring care. In the silence of the woodlands, work in the vineyards is marked by the sounds of secateurs during pruning, and the farmer's hoe and the clop of Gino the mule’s hooves during ploughing. In order to protect nature and the surrounding woodlands, the vines are cultivated in accordance with organic farming standards and are tended by hand. The particular composition of the vineyard’s terrain, consisting of deep red, sandy Mediterranean soil overlying sandy arenaceous rock, combined with a dry, windy climate, give the grapes their characteristic harmonious intensity and complexity of taste.
Each grapevine produces just enough grapes for a single bottle of wine, and bush-training not only ensures a quality product but also creates a natural harmony between the vineyard and the surrounding landscape. After a natural vinification process, without recourse to processes of clarification and filtration, Suber is aged for 12 months in 225 and 500 litre barrels and is then bottled around 15 months after harvest and aged in the bottle for at least 6 months.
Suber goes extremely well with red meat and cheese; it makes an interesting accompaniment to chocolate.

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The Daino vineyard

For centuries farmers have worked the lands of Caltagirone with wisdom, passing down to the present day their skills in the cultivation of Nero d'Avola, Frappato and Alicante, so that these have become typical features of the local lands and culture.
The Daino estate cultivates its vineyard using traditional techniques, at the same time protecting the environment and nurturing the natural development of the plant and fruit. The various stages of cultivation are carried out manually: from the design and layout of the vineyard to the subsequent stages of cultivation each vine is personally tended with care and attention.
Vine pruning follows the phases of the moon and is done with secateurs made, as in times gone by, by local craftsmen. The surface roots are cut forcing the rooting system to grown down deeper. Emphasis is also placed on so-called "green pruning" to curb excessive growth during the summer and to contain the foliage.
Natural, organic fertilisers (sheep and horse manure) keep the soil well supplied with nutrients, in accordance organic farming standards. The soil around every plant is hoed manually and the ground is worked with the help of a mule. The phase of preparation for the harvest requires careful, constant monitoring of the state of maturation of the grape: in fact, from mid-August onwards the sugar content of the grapes is measured every week. Only once it has been ascertained that the optimal level of ripeness has been reached does the harvest begin. It is carried out strictly by hand in a single day taking care not to damage the fruit and not to exceed a given number of bunches per box, so that the crop is healthy, a necessary prerequisite for a quality wine.

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