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Bahnhofstrasse 3, 3970 Salgesch
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The Mathier's arrived in Salgesch in 1387.  Originally hailing from Marseille France, they came through Grenoble into the Valais.  The reason for the move was due to poverty and the possibility of earning money as mercenary soldier's abroad.  The Mathier's enlisted into military service in the Valais.  After their stay in the Valais they decided not to return back to their homeland, but to settle in Salgesch.  Soon they discovered that Salgesch was an excellent location well suited for wine growing.  They concluded that a good glass of wine was healthier than fighting in wars.

The founder, Albert Mathier was born in 1891 the second of nine children.  In 1918 he married Monika and from this marriage 5 children were born. In these times when the world economy was at its lowest, the family tried to defy the recession.  Fields and meadows  were ploughed and planted with vines.  With the building of their own winery, the Albert Mathier family established the cornerstone for their own history in wine and for the red wine metropolis of Salgesch.  Through hard pioneering work, things started looking up.

The winery of Albert Mathier & Sons, a small family business has been operational for over 85 years and has indebted itself to the wine lover.  Through all of these years, experience has been accumulating and traditions cultured. Today, a complete wine infrastructure is at the wine lover's disposal: Fadri and Martin foster the wines, Peter oversees the clientele, Amedee leads the business and the families own 30 hectares of wines are expertly farmed.

The wine family Albert Mathier & Sons are responsible for over 300,000 vines.  They assume the entire responsibility for the wine; from the vine to the filled bottle and delivered wine.  The family stands behind their self-produced wine.  Every bottle from our winery carries its own personal touch.  "The Wine is a Piece of Our Personality".
So it shouldn't be a surprise that the family of Albert Mathier & Sons continually receives awards and accolades for their wines.  In 1991 the winery received the Golden Award for its pursuit of Quality and since 1987 one or more wines have always ranked as a medal winner.  In 2010 we were appointed the "Historical Cellar" of the Valais by Vinea, Sierre.

Since its establishment in 1928 the medal count of the winery is over 300 awards.

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