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Stobbe 1776 Uta Stobbe

Lindenstr. 5, 91564 Neuendettelsau

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Uta Stobbe




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Premiere ProWein 2018
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Premiere ProWein 2018

Product category: Gin

Stobbe 1776 Gin

The Stobbe 1776 is one of the oldest juniper brand: started in 1776 by Peter Stobbe from the Dutch Mennonit familiy in the area of Gedansk, to distill a juniper gin. He named it Stobbe Machandel ( German Juniper). This best seller, in the typical barrel bottle, is reminiscent of the barrels in which the Machandel matures, before the gin gets filtered and bottled.

The confidential recipe is still in the family’s possession. It originates from the Neatherlands and is akin to the fabrication of the Genever, the grandfather of the Gin.
The demand for the Stobbe increased from year to year. In the beginning it was stated that farmers,fishermen and mariners, and later stevedores and lumpers were consuming this spirit.
After a short time the Machandel avanced to a middle-class - also the expression “a solid lifestyle does not get disturbed by a Stobbe Machandel“ became famous in the area of Gedansk.

In the last couple of years no other spirit has had such a rise in popularity as gin. Gin has become a drink, which is increasingly for the refined connoisseur, and is very popular with the younger generation even the original Stobbe Machandel.
Also the newest „family member“ 1776 Stobbe Blackcurrant and Bergamot follows the tradition in the new spirit of gin culture. This unites the classic Stobbe Machandel with the fruit of the blackcurrant and the fine sour of the bergamot.

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Product category: Gin

Stobbe 240

Now also back in the bourbon barrel -In tradition for the 240 Anniversary.1776 Stobbe Blackcurrant and Bergamot, the traditional Stobbe Machandel is united with the fruit of the blackcurrant and with the freshness of the Bergamot to a new Gin-cultur.
For further information about Stobbe Machandel and 1776 Stobbe

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