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Our products

Product category: Veneto

Amarone 2000

From the grapes of the vineyards chosen with particular care on the hills of ValpolicellaClassica, comes this Amarone, that, thanks to its character and elegance, expressed after along ageing in particular woods, we raised to “special selection”. Refined and special is even the “dress” selected for the 2500 bottles produced, as if they came from a tailor’s shop.
The year 2000 presented a regular weather pattern, but an abnormal hailstorm, with small hailstones and wind in early June, gave us a natural and definitely positive selection for the quality.
In September, the production was low (30 hectoliters per hectare) but of excellent quality. During the long drying process, physical, chemical, biological changes occurred inside the grapes, such as to make them reach their uniqueness in time for the pressing at the beginning of the new year. This was followed by a slow fermentation for at least 40 days with alternating pumping and delestages, in order to allow the marc to “wash” in a soft way, to transfer extracts, flavors and colors to improve the quality of the final wine.
The patience of being able to wait for the ageing of the wine in 2,000 liter barrels and 500 liter casks for at least four years, with only the necessary control and some racking, has paid off for all the efforts.
After bottling, this nectar must rest at least two years in the bottle to give its best. The deep ruby red color with light orange rim, narrow and persistent tears, prepare for special feelings.
The nose is filled with aromas. From the aroma of pipe tobacco to fruit (sour cherries, plums and raspberries) in alcohol, from spices (cinnamon, white pepper) to dry leather,it’s a mix of intriguing sensations.
The impact in the mouth, at the first sip, shows its softness, fullness and harmony. Giving it time, this Amarone 2000 transforms all its aromas, making them wider and offers intense emotions, both matched with a gastronomical meal or just sipped in good company.

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Product category: Veneto

Valpolicella Ripasso Classico Superiore DOC

Great red wine obtained respecting tradition and territory. The first fermentation takes place in autumn, after the harvest. At the beginning of spring it is then re-fermented (“ripassato”) on the Amarone grape marc still soaked in wine. This process gives the wine greater structure, personality, aromas and colour.

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Product category: Veneto

Lugana DOC

Young and fragrant white wine, produced in the small area between the provinces of Verona and Brescia from which it takes the name, Lugana owes its full body, freshness and abundance of aromas to the extremely favourable climate and the naturally alluvial and sandy soil.

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About us

Company details

Farina Family, “trasparent” by nature
We were born in a family in which winemaking was a sort of inevitable legacy. However, before making this choice we wanted to experience other professional paths, sure that making wine is more than a job and to do it, it is necessary to be convinced to the very end. And when we chose to dedicate ourselves to this amazing world, we did it with absolute conviction, passion and love. Yes, love, because without strong feelings you can’t go a long way in the wine industry. Love in winemaking but also love in creating the right, true relationships, within the market. Love, that for us translates into transparency. Transparency in telling exactly what we do in the vineyard and in the winery, but also transparency in always being ourselves, convinced that the most important thing is to be trustworthy and, using a word that may appear obsolete now, honest. Claudio, Elena and Alessandro Farina.
The vineyards were our wines are born
Our wines are the result of 45 hectares of selected vineyards of Valpolicella Classica. Ten of which we own and 35 belonging to historic, trusted contributors, whom we’ve always considered our absolute “accomplices” in the production of our wines. We are dedicated with respect and spasmodic attention to our vineyards, because we believe that the attention to details allows a higher quality and the exploitation of a wonderful grape which is the Corvina. We have two historic vineyards, real crus of Valpolicella: the vineyard Montefante (300m a.s.l.), with its tuffaceous, clayey and calcareous soil and the excellent hilly exposure, it is an ideal habitat for the Corvina destined to our reserve Amarone Montefante; the other cru is the vineyard Montecorna , located on Mount Masua, characterized by an extraordinary calcareous soil, ideal for the production of the grapes dedicated to our Valpolicella Ripasso Montecorna.

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