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Friuli Venezia-Giulia

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Product category: Friuli Venezia-Giulia

IGT Sauvignon

Grape variety: Sauvignon. medium-sized cluster with a conic and cylindrical trunk; medium-sized, golden green, round berries which are dotted; aromatic flavor.
Collio Sauvignon.
Vine training system:
Double Cappuccina with 8-10 buds, good planting intensity
Harvest period:
The second and third periods of maturation, second ten days of September.
The de-stemmed grapes are macerated at a low temperature for a long time inside cooled pneumatic presses so as to extract from the skin the antioxidant substances which are beneficial to the human body; the must ferments at a controlled temperature and is then drawn into large barrels.
It rests for 6-7 months on its own yeasts in large, oval-shaped oak barrels of three different essences.
shiny, golden yellow with greenish tones.
complex, of green fig milk, peppers, ripe peaches, at times of nutmeg, intense and fragrant.
full-bodied, velvety, of fresh spices and sweets, structured and strong.
Serve with:
seafood and shellfish, cheese canapés, vole au vent, risotto with mushrooms and seafood, fried eggs, sauces, boiled and delicate white meats.
Serving temperature:
store the bottle in a cool, dark place and serve at 8-10° in the summer and 11-13° in the winter; serve in a wide, capacious, long-stemmed tulip-shaped glass.

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About us

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The good wine starts in the countryside: the C.P.C. has endorsed the old farmer’s saying, mainly basing its production project on the care of Vineyards, writing a Code of rules and a Countryside notebook, a detailed Code of conduct that every member has to comply with. Here all the details and the exact time of the winter pruning are written down, along with the agronomic and cultivation practices and detailed information about products and quantity. Each member reports the start and the end date of the grapevine phenological stages, in order to achieve a homogenous and high qualitative standard of the grapes. The Countryside notebook is aimed at getting a reliable product with excellent organoleptic qualities; a very limited use of fungicides is envisaged, while a steady supervision of the 400 hectares of vineyards ensures protection from parasites. Eight equipped weather stations, scattered over microclimatic spots record any change in weather, temperature, humidity, sun radiation and rainfall. The collected information is immediately dispatched to the Cantina Produttori Cormòns computer station; here data are carefully examined in order to prevent any irregularity. The Cantina Produttori Cormons manages to control the whole territory and to get exceptional grapes and therefore exceptional wines thanks to a technology which fully respects the old customs.

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