Caspian Food Ltd.

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On the territory of the former Soviet Union, in a scenically attractive Saryagash district in southern Kazakhstan we built the largest high-tech winery. In the area of the Silk Alley with historical value that extends over 750 hectares there is a fruitful valley, which in its soil-climatic conditions and temperature regime is ideal for growing both red and white wine grape varieties of the gold standard. Currently, the elite certified French grape varieties, imported from Bordeaux region, France, are grown on our wine farm. The winery is equipped with modern European high-quality equipment with a fully complete production cycle beginning from the grapes and ending with the bottle of wine. The in-house specialized laboratory allows us to monitor the quality of products at all stages of production.

The vineyard is equipped by a drip irrigation system, which makes it possible to maintain optimum soil moisture for the uniform ripening of the grapes on all maturity stages, and to obtain a high-quality crop.

Apart from that, on the territory of our agricultural land, we develop bee-farming, livestock farming, poultry breeding, fish farming and horse breeding. Due to the variety of natural resources, our grape berries are not exposed to hazardous chemical as we use bio- and eco-friendly fertilizers with organic and mineral substances, which are indispensable for grapevines.
Moreover, we operate a safe protection system from a complex of pests and diseases. The historical experience of our ancestors suggested the most effective stratagem against birds and rodents that do so much damage to grapes. Tamed golden eagles and saker falcons contribute to the preservation of a humane way for vineyard protection. All the above-mentioned advantages give us additional opportunities to obtain ecologically pure products.
The cooperation with the Champagne Oenological Institute, as well as with the Union of French Sommeliers, allows us to produce unique wines with exquisite aroma and rich taste composition.
Exclusively natural "Chateau Silk Alley" wines have excellent healing properties, which contain biologically active substances that affect the human body to the maximum extent.

The price range of our products is available for any buyer category; in some way it is a compromise between demand and supply.
The main goals of our enterprise's activity, which have been set by the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, are to become a national brand in the quality of wine production and one of the top 5 wine producers in the world.

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