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Trav. de Eirastos, 4600-661 Amarante

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  • 01  Wines (according to cultivable areas)
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  •  Minho
  • 01  Wines (according to cultivable areas)
  • 01.01  Europe
  • 01.01.17  Portugal
  •  Vinho Verde

Our products

Product category: Minho

AB Valley Wines GI Regional Minho Opção - Alvarinho

Citric color, this Alvarinho presents a fruit  flavour aroma and complexity. In the  mouth reveals structure and harmony

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Product category: Vinho Verde

AB Valley Wines DOC Vinho Verde Opção – Rose Escolha

Rose color, this Rose presents a harmonious red fruit flavour. This great  wine reveals its young, fresh and  persistent character.

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Product category: Vinho Verde

AB Valley Wines DOC Vinho Verde Opção – Avesso Reserva

Avesso, aged in french oak barrels, has  bold and unique flavours. Full of citrus  aromas an subtle floral undertones. This  great wine reveals its strong structure and  harmony with a long and persistent finish.

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About us

Company details

The AB Valley Wines arise in 2016, a fruit of a partnership between António Sousa, winemaker in the region, and Bernardo Lencastre, vigneron in the region and a perfect wine lover. The pleasure of making wine and transposing the boundaries of a certain status quo, that takes a little over the whole region, led these two long-time friends to implement a project that translates the irreverence towards a paradigm and the need to transpose the boundaries of experience, by exponentially acquired knowledge, in the production and in the vineyard. If on the one hand, Antonio lends the know-how to the project, Bernardo lends the irreverence, the constant challenge of the defined horizons and the experience in the diffusion and marketing of the brand.

Since the beginning, our idea was to make wines that express the potential of our autochthonous grape varieties and the terroir of Vinhos Verdes Sub-region of Amarante. This terroir is ideal for the development of grape varieties such as Avesso, Arinto and Azal, in the white wine grapes, or Espadeiro and Vinhão, in the red wine grapes, because of the rich soil and the protection against the influence of the Atlantic Sea. The result is a more matured grape, a good acidity and a higher alcohol level, when compared to the rest of the region. This terroir, alongside with those grape varieties, allow unique and diverse experiments that enable different wines which is the aim of our project.


Working with the grapes that are considered the most important of the region, Alvarinho, Avesso, Arinto, Loureiro and Vinhão, and joining them to others that are gaining very strong roots in this excellent terroir, António Sousa aims to reflect, through his personal imprint, the perfect symbiosis between terroir and varieties, seeking an aromatic equilibrium, on the one hand, and a unique complexity, on the other. This symbiosis resulted in two highly distinct ranges that reflect the potential of the varieties and the different forms of production. Thus, it is possible to experience the aromatic range (representing the A in AB), younger, irreverent and fresh and the aged in barrels (representing B in AB), more serious, fairly complex, balanced and very gastronomic.

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