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Our products

Product category: Armenia


3 year natural aged Armenian Brandy (cognac) “Madatoff” is prepared on the basis of spirit received from the splendid assortment of sun flavored grapes of Artsakh. This brandy has transparent amber tint and delicate traits of flower-fruit punch typical to new brandy. Its indescribable soft and harmonious taste gives freedom to feelings and inspires mood for creation. The brandy can be enjoyed with fruit and chocolate.

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Product category: Armenia

Madatoff 5

The basis for the 5 year natural aged Armenian brandy (cognac) “Madatoff” is the assortment of sweet-tasting grapes ripening in the lifenourishing sun of Artsakh. Traditional Armenian technology of preparing brandy gives excellent masters of this work the chance of receiving perfect sonority of taste punch. This brandy has warm gold colored tint. It is a splendid classical brandy, which can be enjoyed in any company.

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Product category: Armenia

Madatoff 15

“Madatoff'” Armenian Brandy collection includes unique coupages produced by “Stepanakert Brandy Factory”. One of the masterpieces of this collection is Madatoff 15 years old Armenian Brandy.

Madatoff 15 years old Armenian Brandy has a very soft taste that gives a long lasting aftertaste.

It perfectly combines festive events and gatherings.

Aging – 15 years

Alcohol – 41%

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About us

Company details

Knight Valerian Grigor Madatoff (Meharb’s Rostom) was General-Lieutenant, hero of the Patriotic War and Yermolov’s outstanding military associate in Caucasus. Madatoff was born in 1782, in Karabakh, in the village Avetaranots (Chanakhchi) nearby Shushi. He was from a rather famous Armenian family. In 1799 he entered as port-praporshchik in the Life Guards of Preobrazhensky Regiment, in 1802 he was moved to Pavlov Grenadier Regiment as Lieutenant, in 1807 – to the Mingrelian Musketeer Regiment as staff captain and in 1808 he was promoted to the rank of captain. In the same year – in 1808, he started his glorious military career in the war against Turkey. Serving in avant-garde under Platov’s command Madatoff participated in the battles nearby Brailov, Machin, Babadag, Girsovo, Kyustenji, Rassevat (Golden Sword), Kalapetro and Kapakla. Brilliant courage and outstanding qualities of skilful cavalry officer displayed during all mentioned battles brought up his move to the Alexandrian Hussars Regiment as Rittmeister ("riding master" or "cavalry master")in 1810. In the ranks of that regiment Madatoff excellently fought nearby Tataritsa and was elevated to the rank of Major. In the battle nearby the village Chaushkino he was awarded St. George (white) cross. Together with his squadron, only he pierced into numerous Turkish column, scattered it and seized the cannon (Order of St. George Forth class) in the battle of Batinsk. For the battle during which Madatoff together two hundred soldiers scattered the Turkish column, he was elevated to the rank of lieutenant colonel.

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