ANUSH 1 LLC Armenian Branch

125 Muratsan Str., 0075 Yerevan

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ProWein 2018 hall map (Hall 15): stand K01

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ProWein 2018 fairground map: Hall 15

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 In the south of Artsakh, in the region bordering Armenia, there is an ancient temple overlooking mountains and stone gorges, dotted with islands of mountainous flowers and indigenous fragrant herbs.
Situated above the clouds and eagles’ nests this temple embodies a man’s desire for perfection and nobility.

The temple is called Kataro. A way to it is long and arduous, and it is not coincidental that we named our wine after this incredible place surrounded by magnificent nature and weathered by warm winds.   

The story of Kataro wine passes through generations, through revolutions, blockades and wars. But despite all the turns of fate, Avetissyan family managed to preserve and revive the wine-yards. Kataro wine is made from an ancient, indigenous and rare grape variety called khndoghni (Sireni), which you can find here in Hadrut region of Artsakh in abundance.

Favorable climate, soft sun, unique soil and consistent care give birth to wine, which has soaked in itself the beauty and nobleness of the surrounding nature.

Red dry wine Kataro is soft and deep to the palate, has a long and fine finish and has been given high commendations by many wine professionals and connoisseurs in Europe and United States.

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