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Our range of products

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Our products

Product category: Bourgogne

Chablis 1er Cru Beauroy

Technical sheet
Grape variety: Chardonnay
Exposure: South
Age of the vineyard: 30 - 45 years
Geology: Kimmeridgian limestone
Wine-making process: Traditional in temperature controlled tanks
Maturing: in temperature controlled tanks
Ageing: from 5-10 years or more depending on vintage

Food and wine combinations
- Small, rough-shelled ' Creuse' oysters 
- Clam salad with hazelnut oil 
- Langoustines with creamed sea-urchins 
- Pike cooked in chervil butter 
- Swordfish filets marinated in lime juice 
- Poached turbot in hollandaise sauce 
- Bass cooked in white wine with calves sweetbreads 
- Fois-gras either goose or duck 
- Veal escalope with baby onions 
- Poularde de Bresse 
- Chaource, Langres or Epoisse cheese 
- Caramelized upside-down apple tart

Pale light gold in colour with slight greenish glints.
Bright, luminous and limpid.

The nose
is full of sunshine, gaiety, beauty and maturity. 
A rich, splendid bouquet of a multitude of flowers. 
A basket of fruit on a fresh summers morning.

is full and round - a perfect balance of rich, powerful flavours and finesse, mellowness and freshness. Everything that was so appealing on the nose reaffirms itself on the taste. The finish leaves us blissfully happy with mouthfilling voluptuousness.

Serving temperature:
10 to 12° as an aperitif or for the pleasure of tasting, 
12 to 14° served with a meal.

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Product category: Bourgogne

Bourgogne Pinot noir

Technical sheet
Grape variety: Pinot Noir
Geology: Clay-lime soil
Wine-making process: Traditional, in vats
Maturing: in vats
Ageing: 4 to 6 years or more, depending on the vintage

Food and wine combinations
- Beef fillet 
- Crown of pork with mushrooms, 
- Braised shoulder of veal, 
- potato gratin with mushrooms 
- roast leg of lamb, 
- rabbit with mustard 
- Salted ham with mashed pumpkin 
- Quail with grapes 
- Soft cheeses 
- Strawberry and wild strawberry sorbet 
- Cherry gratin with almonds 
- Raspberry millefeuille 

Pretty dark garnet colour, pretty radiant and limpid appearance.

The nose
is complex, with red fruit aromas dominated by sour cherry.

The attack is strong, straightforward and has the same aromatic note, combined with red fruit. Fine and delicate tannins. A very pleasant to drink wine owing to its balance. It has good potential.

Serving temperature:
12 to 14° served with a meal.

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Product category: Bourgogne

Chardonnay Burgundy

Technical sheet
Grape Variety : Chardonnay
Age of the vines : 10 years
Soil : Kimmeridgian
Wine-making process: traditional, in temperature-controlled vats
Aged : in vats
Ageing : from 3 to 5 years or more depending on the vintage

Matching wine with food 
- Oysters 
- Crabs 
- Clams 
- Winkles 
- Eclade of mussels 
- Fisherman's 
- Stew 
- Conger eel soup 
- Fried smelt or gudgeon 
- Trout au bleu 
- Savoy Fondue 
- Grilled chicken wings 
- Poultry breast à la crème 
- Andouillette with vine shoots 
- Veal escalope vallée d'Auge 
- Cheese burger 
- Fresh goat's cheese 
- Fourmes and picodons 
- Clafoutis and warm sponge cakes

Beautiful pale gold. Brilliant, luminous and limpid.
Youthful look.

The nose
is young and fresh, expressing itself with vivacity through the scent of citrus and acacia.

Clear-cut and vigorous opening notes, with flowers, lemon and fresh-baked bread. Good length at the end.

Serving temperature :
10-12° as an aperitif or just for pleasure, 12-14° if it is to accompany a meal.

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About us

Company details

The Chablis vineyard is one of the oldest in France. It stretches from northern Burgundy through 20 villages, covering more than 4,300 hectares.

The terroir of Chablis consists of the following:
Chablis is located in a continental zone: hot in summer and cold in winter with spectacular spring frosts.

The Chablis vineyard is located on south/south-east and south-west slopes facing the Serein river. The average altitude is 120 to 150 metres above sea level.

a component of the terroir which we have just described. We should add that the Chablis subsoil, consisting of lime marl and oyster fossils (kimmeridgian), is rich and porous, allowing deep rooting of the vines and even water intake.

Grape variety: 
Chablis wine is made with one single grape variety: CHARDONNAY (white grape).Established since 1850, the Alain Geoffroy estate is a family business growing around 45 hectares and producing Chablis wines that uphold the tradition and authenticity of the terroir. fresh and fruity wines with a great mineral imprint.

Today, at the Alain Geoffroy estate, we continue to cherish our vines so that they not only give us wine to satisfy thirst but wines that give pleasure to all. All our Chablis are produced on Kimmeridgian geological zones (Jurassic period). Our wine’s aromatic richness and strong mineral content comes from this incredible potential of the soil.

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