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59, rue du Chemin, 35800 Saint Briac sur Mer

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Premiere ProWein 2018
Premiere ProWein 2018:
Premiere ProWein 2018

Product category: Cider, Cider

French Craft Cider

Megalithes is proud of its roots. La Flibuste is the name of the sailors from Saint Malo’s area who engaged themselves in war in the XVIIth Century against foreign countries. They increased their wealth and brought prosperity to their city.
So does la Flibuste today, leaving Saint Malo to travel the world and bring its gold colour all over the world.
La Flibuste is a premium craft cider, dedicated to casual moments among friends.

The product is available in 33cl.
Its easy-going appearance makes it the cider for every occasion. Once opened, you will enjoy a highly qualitative cider, made from the best apple varieties from the French Brittany.
The freshness of the taste, the sweetness of the fruit, and the long-lasting aftertaste make it the ideal product for a conviviality enhancer.

The color is light gold, pure with a gentle sparkling.The foam remains light, and the smell fruity.
The taste is round, with a balanced dryness, which is followed by a fruity sweetness.

To be consumed all day long, in sunny or dark places, to refresh or hydrate, alone or with crowd.

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Premiere ProWein 2018
Premiere ProWein 2018:
Premiere ProWein 2018

Product category: Cider, Cider

Non Alcoholic French Craft Cider

La Flibuste offers as well the non alcoholic version of its cider.
The apples are the same, carefully selected, then pressed to obtain the juice, and before fermentation, the juice is bottled with some CO2.
The change with our regular cider is:
the proportion between our sweet and sour apples, to have a fresh and sweet juice
The lack of fermentation, to have a non alcoholic juice, which will be pasteurized and carbonated.
The outcome is a very refreshing sparkling drink, sweet and balanced, with the true spirit of the famous French cider.
Anyone who does not drink alcohol can enjoy and feel as a part of the gang.

The color is gold, pure with a gentle sparkling. The foam remains light, and the smell very fruity.
The taste is round, with full fruit flavour and light acidity brought by the mix of apples.

To Drink chilled.
To be consumed anytime, anyplace, anyway, to refresh without moderation.


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Premiere ProWein 2018
Premiere ProWein 2018:
Premiere ProWein 2018

Product category: Cider, Cider

Le Clos du Chemin

Megalithes has selected a unique cuvée for the premium moments. 
This cider is made from a sole variety of apples. Its monovarietal style brings finess and lightness in the moth, thanks to the properties of the apples selected. 
Available in 75cl.

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About us

Company details

Megalithes is a French Company, created in 2016 in France.
The owner is a French entrepreneur, living in Brittany (West coast of France), who has decided to promote the local ciders. 
The brand is made locally, in a family farm surrounded by orchards.
The apples are sourced in the farm, or in the vicinity, depending on the varieties needed t oobtain this perfect balance of sweetness and acidity.
The company sells the brands in France, and abroad.

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< 1 Mio US $

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max. 75%

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