Cantina Di Carpi e Sorbara SAC

Via Cavata, 14, 41012 Carpi (Mo)
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Pearl wine/Frizzante with indication of origin

Our products

Product category: Emilia-Romagna


The Lambrusco ‘Salamino di Santa Croce’ comes from the vine with the same name . The bunch of grapes is small, cylindrical, thin, compact and tight. The berry is not uniformly big and spheroidal, with a thin, bloomed, blue-colored skin, the flesh is juicy. Its production is rich and constant and its grapes ripen in early October, after having stored the summer and autumn sunlight.

It originates from the lands in Carpi (in the province of Modena) and nearby land of the southern area belonging to the Modena province . Lambrusco di Santa Croce owes its name to the village with the same name, Santa Croce, in the town of Carpi. From here this vine spread throughout the province of Modena and neighboring lands. The soil here is generous and very fertile, thanks to the constant man’s work for over two millennia.

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Product category: Emilia-Romagna


It is made from the vine with the same name. The bunch is loose, cone-shaped, the berries are spherical and depending on the vintage they can be more or less like shot berries. This is due to a floral anomaly which brings to a significant loss of product and the cause is a pollen sterility. Some years even reported productive loss that exceeded two-thirds of the yields. But this is also a peculiar feature of this grape which becomes unique, easy to remember and considerably prized. The yields are reduced but the flavors are much more concentrated. The production is always very short and in some years, even insufficient, but if it lacks in quantity, its quality on the contrary is always amazing. To facilitate its fertilization, this vine is cultivated with a percentage of Lambrusco Salamino, side by side in the same vine.

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Product category: Emilia-Romagna


The historical origin of the term MODENA given to Lambrusco, is known since 1800 thanks to the production method, which consisted of a blend of the various Lambrusco grapes grown in the province of Modena, the name of the region capital. The substantial and significant trade results achieved in over a century of business activity have turned the wine Lambrusco di Modena into one of the most qualified products in the oenological panorama of the province. This success has led his reputation to obtain the prestigious PDO status.

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About us

Company details

The Winemaking cooperative of Carpi and Sorbara counts 1,200 member manufacturers and a production capacity of about 450,000 wine hectoliters per year.
Currently the cooperative owns 6 factories, among them, 5 are dedicated to grape pressing and 1 to bottling activities. They are located in Carpi (Mo), Concordia (Mo), Poggio Rusco (Mn), Rio Saliceto (Re)Sorbara (Mo) and Bazzano (BO).

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