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Our products

Product category: Piemont

LIE' DOGLIANI DOCG 2016 - Poderi Cellario

It is a ruby wine with purple reflections, it enacts an intense scents of cherry and plum local it derives; to the palate its taste is well-turned and well-balanced.
The grapes that give us this Dogliani’s Dolcetto derive from different vineyards, basically from the ground areas of Cornole (in Farigliano, in Galli and Bastie places) and San Luigi (in Dogliani place). 
Pre-eminently it is a daily wine that always takes place on the Langa’s tables as a join for starters and main courses without covering their real tastes.

Preservation: the bottle position   
The sampling temperature recommended: 17 - 18°C

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Product category: Piemont

ARENOS Langhe DOC NEBBIOLO 2015 - Poderi Cellario

The Langa rich sandstone and marl of Sant'Agata give us an old wine with a pale red ruby with grenade reflections.
The maceration is traditional and the refining process is taken part in Slovenian oak barrels in order to exalt all the Nebbiolo’s fineness.
The result is a very elegant wine with rose scents with vanilla and pepper notes. To the palate its taste is velvet and persistent.
It is good with any type of meat and well-seasoned cheeses.
Let’s try it with ravioli in roast sauce.

Preservation: the bottle position   
The sampling temperature recommended: 18 - 20°C

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Product category: Piemont

ARMUNDE Piemonte DOC Moscato 2016 - Cellario

It is a dessert wine. It derives from aromatic piedmontese vineyard. In the glass there is a fine perlage and a persistent spuma. To the nose the typical grapes aroma is delicate and persistent.
In the mouth the sugar gives it morbid with a good acidity that refreshs the palate. It is good with pastry and panettone.

Preservation: the bottle position   
The sampling temperature recommended: 8°C

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About us

Company details

The Cellario's idea
From the establishment of our firm by my father Giampietro, we all work with autochthonal vines, we don't believe at international taste, we prefer wines that voice the grapes they come from and tufaceous marls of our land, we believe in a wood-refined wine that doesn't taste of wood, we believe in a breeze from the Tanaro River that climbs up to the high rocks vertically to Gene's peak to give a tender look to our vines in order to create that thermic range night/day that gives intense fruits' scents to our Dolcetto, we believe in a wine that reflects us because, each single choice from each vines's trimming to the annual bottling, make us the joy to give you a present while you are tasting this bottle...

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