Cascina Mosca, 37, 12060 Verduno (CN)

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Our products

Product category: Piemont


Denominazione: Verduno Pelaverga D.O.C.

Varietal: small Pelaverga

Vineyard location: town of Verduno

Yield: 90q. /hectare

Epoca di raccolta: last ten days of September

Vinification: after a careful destalking the tumultuous fermentation takes place in 4-6 days under constant temperature control (max.25°C), short but frequent remounts and racking for about 8 days.  The wine-making process, the malolactic fermentation and great part of the aging process (which finishes with a period in wood) takes place in stainless steel containers during  a 6 month period.

Organoleptic Characteristics: the color, which is not too intense, is typical of this variety and leaves room for brilliant, vibrant tones of red, signs of its forwardness and youth. The predominant characteristic of the varietal is the richness of the perfumes: a jubilee of spices that delicately alter leaving plenty of room for warm, intense, encompassing notes of pepper.

Pairings: this is a versatile wine which pairs well with rustic dishes,  is excellent with salumi and aged cheeses, first courses and main courses which leave room for the marvelous sensory journey that this wine will take you on. Download the technical information for our Verduno Pelaverga.

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Product category: Piemont


Denomination: Chardonnay Wine

Varietal: Chardonnay

Vineyard location: Verduno.

Yield: 100 q. / hectare

Harvest season: First 10 days of September

Vinification: After the manual harvest of the grapes, a light pressing of the whole bunches frees the must flower, which is removed, begins a slow and constant white fermentation at low temperatures (max. 20°C) to preserve the true expression of the varietal internationally interpreted on the hills of the Langa. We purposely do not do a malolactic fermentation and the entire wine making process takes place in stainless steel containers.

Organoleptic Characteristics: wine varietal with a luminous yellow color, delicately perfumed with note of apple and citrus. A correct acidity exalts the freshness of the product.

Pairings: the classic white fermentation of this international varietal cultivated in Langa makes this a wonderful companion to fish dishes, white meats or vegetable based appetizers. Wonderful with delicately flavored risotto.

We recommend serving this wine chilled (8-10°C). Download the technical information about our Chardonnay.

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Product category: Piemont


Denomination: Rosé Wine

Varietal: Nebbiolo 100%

Vineyard location: Verduno, La Morra

Yield: 80 q. / hectare

Harvest: second ten days of October

Vinification: after a careful de-stalking, a quick maceration brings about the right intensity and color tone, followed by a rapid racking which leads to a white fermentation under constant low temperature control (max.20°C), in order to preserve the acidity and freshness of the wine. The entire process, deliberately short, takes place in stainless steel containers.

Organoleptic characteristics: a young reinterpretation of nebbiolo, the brilliance of the pink tone immediately underlines the fresh exuberance of this wine. A deliberate sugary residue gives the right softness to the flavor balancing the acidity. This is a style which should appeal to wine drinkers of any age.

Pairings: Created to accompany light, fresh summertime dishes like fish or vegetables, the wine also pairs well with finger food and appetizers. Delightful when paired with chocolate desserts as well.

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About us

Company details

Monvigliero, a velvety hill that unites the heart of Verduno with Alba, the capital of the Langhe. An amphitheater with a gentle slopes, caressed by the cool morning sun, hot in the middle of the day and cool again at sunset – a guarantee of the best daily exposures.

The terrain, composed of grey blue marl at its depths, whitish on the surface, alternating with arenarie (a typical formation in the marl of Saint Agatha) makes for expansive scents (flowers and spices), elegance and the best expression of terroir of the principle varietal of the hill: Nebbiolo.

Because of these unique characteristics, Monvigliero was named a sub-zone of Barolo.

In this harmony of terrain, microclimate and favorable exposure the winery Diego Morra daily cultivates with passion about 5 of their 14 hectares of land which were once dedicated to Nebbiolo and now dedicated to Barolo. They have also elected this terrain for the company headquarters.

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