Perlage Winery Srl

Via Cal del Muner, 16, 31010 Farra di Soligo (TV)
Telephone +39 0438 900203
Fax +39 0438 900195

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ProWein 2018 hall map (Hall 15): stand F21

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ProWein 2018 fairground map: Hall 15

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The Mission Statement of Perlage
The first responsibility of Perlage is towards the consumer
All Perlage products are organic certified and guarantee the greatest quality of organic wine. Perlage assures that the quality of its products will never be controlled by the law of the market, because they cannot go below the qualitative standard that we strive to maintain. We want to guarantee an organic wine that is genuine and certified, with attention to price but always consistent in quality.

The second responsibility of Perlage is towards all of society
The organic cultivation promoted by Perlage allows the limitation of the chemical treatments harmful for the plant in primis, but above all for the land, the air and the water. The elements that surround the hill should be safeguarded because they are integral part of a territory remained untouched for millenniums and that allows the well-being and the health of its citizens.

The third responsibility of Perlage is towards all the stakeholders of the enterprise
From our suppliers to our distributors to whom we offer the guarantee of a reliable service and of a durable collaboration, the associations and the schools that we support and that support us and that always give us new skills to grow and improve ourselves, the friendships cultivated during years of passion for the wine and the culture that surrounds it, the families that appreciate the product and it's consumption.

Perlage ensures the colour of the purity, the scent of the tradition and the flavour of the quality.

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