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Our products

Product category: Piemont


Our Moscato d’Asti Lumine wine is produced from our estate vineyards that are between 20 to 35 years old.
The production area is quite large, so there are different compositions of soil, which has led us to work harder to obtain lower yields and therefore achieve a higher quality. The optimal balance between total sugars and proper acidity, is an important decision that we make every year to choose the right time to harvest and allows us to make a fresh Moscato with an intense bouquet that is also delicate and elegant.
Aromas of acacia accompany scents of sage, rosemary and musk, the fruitiness that is perfect on the palate with a final note of green apple, peach and apricot.
With lively bubbles that are never aggressive, it has a perfect balance of sweetness and freshness.
Moscato accompanies the classic desserts made with hazelnuts, fruit tarts and cream but is also for perfect for adding a lovely sparkle to a bowl of mixed berries or a fruit salad.
Here as well, thanks to our memories, we can also suggest an unusual yet traditional combination with a slice of salami or rustic bread spread with a strong cheese like Bruss or gorgonzola.

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Product category: Piemont


At Cà d’ Gal we have been producing our Asti Spumante since 2004. It all started with an encounter with Mr. Brad Lewis from the USA at Vinitaly and our desire to respond to his request to have an Asti Spumante that matched the quality and purity of our other wines, he encouraged me to take this challenge.

Over the course of two years we selected the vines that would be the best suited for the production of this wine. We decided on our youngest vines that are more generous with their grapes per hectar and have the right balance of sugar and acidity.

We only harvest by hand in the early days of September. It is a very refreshing wine with elegant perfumes with notes of elderflower, musk and peach with a finish of lemon and sage. It is an excellent wine with a lovely perlage that is typically enjoyed at all seasonal celebrations throughout the year like Christmastime with a typical Italian ‘Panettone’ or the Easter ‘Colomba’ and all the way through summertime salads.

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Product category: Piemont


This is a wine based on our love for this extremely popular, but equally challenging and delicate vine. Our first important decision was a careful selection of the best land on which we would plant our first Pinot Nero vineyard. In the end the obvious choice could only be a part of Sorì di Valdivilla, not only for its great exposure, but also for its ideal soil. With sandy soil and veins of limestone, clay (tufo) and stone at a depth of 50 cm, it is ideal for guaranteeing the right mineral content and fullness of the fruit. The vineyard is now six years old and we presented our first bottles of Ca’ d’ Gal Pinot Nero in 2011. We are convinced of the great potential of this wine planted in this territory. This is a light wine with a marked mineral verve, with delicate fruity notes of currant, blackberry and raspberry and a spicy finish, and demonstrating that it is able to evolve and integrate over the years. On the palate there is a gradual intensity that is perfectly balanced. It can be combined with any meal, pleasant with meat dishes, but also with fish in sauce, soups and spicy dishes.

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About us

Company details

Ca ‘d’ Gal started here in Valdivilla. Over the years our ideas have grown and our passion strengthened, along with what has become our winery today. And through all of this, the past is the foundation that we have used to build upon and what we continue to use moving forward over time to create wines that truly represent our identity and our dreams. 

The marriage of tradition and new experiences comes from the stories and memories of my father, specifically a dinner with some friends, the “seigiornisti” by Giacomo Bologna. During that evening, as always relaxed and friendly, they told their stories, retracing their memories and different harvests. It was at that moment as I listened to them, I suddenly found myself thinking that those memories could become reality again. It was that night that I decided exactly which vineyards could fulfill my dream: the vineyard of Mr. Pierino Valdivilla and Brichet would become the “Vigna Vecchia” from Ca ‘D’ Gal.

From that long ago moment in 1990, the road has been long, intense and full of trials and research, testimonials and confirmations but today, tasting our wines, visiting the winery or by sitting with us at the table in our agritourismo, you will find all these experiences and the understand of our history.

It is a history of men, vineyards and wines from Ca ‘d’ Gal.

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