Azienda Agricola MALIGNI di Fabio Tomei Cantine Maligni

Strada Pignatari, 3, 66100 Chieti (CH)

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Our products

Product category: Abruzzo


"Bacchus loves the hills" Virgilio wrote, stating that the best wine comes from the east-facing hills receiving “the first sun kiss”, and it’s in that scenery that the Maligni Winery cultivate the “Montepulciano d’Abruzzo” wine, representative of the homonymous region. In spite of the similar name, it is different from the “Nobile di Montepulciano”, produced in Tuscany. The Abruzzo’s one, formerly locally named as “Maglioppa”, cultivated in Abruzzo since 1377, is an absolutely extraordinary fruit and wine of our lands, outcome of great passion and knowledge of winegrowers, telling Abruzzo with its wonders and traditions through that.

"Il Montepulciano", Abruzzo’s vine and wine, strong and kind as its people are.

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Product category: Abruzzo


That fruit gives back all the passion and the devotion put into the cultivation of the vine: a wine of great aromatic intensity, always amazing. The name “Pecorino” is still a mystery, but through several hypothesis, the most presumable is the one linked to the transhumance (“pecora” means “sheep”), typical of Abruzzo. It seems that sheep really liked this type of grapes that, ripening before the others, were very sweet in sheep transiting time, in mid-September.

To achieve excellence, vine needs high and fresh hills, with large temperature range. In addition to early maturation, these grapes are very sugary and it determines high alcohol contents and wines with a tasty marked acidity.

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About us

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Located over Chieti hills, facing the Adriatic Sea, the Maligni Winery lies in Chieti and Torrevecchia Teatina lands.

After more than five generations, passion for grapevine and wine came to materialize in 2009 with the creation of the “Maligni” Winery, flanked by the pre-existent “Savini Maria Assunta” Winery and the previous “Tomei” one. The name “Maligni” (=”Malignant”) is an old appellative, it has identified the Tomei family for over four generations and, according to several research, it was born after a quarrel between the old Pater Familias Pasquale Tomei and the local priest.

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