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Product category: Marc brandies

Grappino® Bertagnolli

Since its founding in 1870, Grappino® has been produced by Distilleria Bertagnolli. Being its best-selling product of all the time, Grappino® is obtained by the distillation of pomace of Teroldego – the indigenous and popular red grape variety of Trentino characterized by its intense aromas of blueberry and other local berries – and the pomace of other grapes from the vineyards of Trentino that complement its aromatic bouquet. Grappino® impresses its enthusiasts and admirers due to its organoleptic features, its harmony and its ability to sincerely represent the magical terroir it comes from.

Available in both ‘clear’ and ‘gold’ version, which is aged in large oak barrels for at least 12 months, Grappino® Bertagnolli is a grappa ideal not only for special moments, but also as an everyday end-of-the-meal treat.

Every year, since 1989, it has been awarded with the Gold Medal at ‘Alambicco d’Oro’ Spirit Awards by ANAG – Associazione Nazionale Assaggiatori Grappa, and branded with the origin marc ‘Istituto Tutela Grappa del Trentino’ – authority for the certification of origin, quality and distinction of the distilled spirits produced in the region Trentino.

Grappino® is only Bertagnolli.

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Product category: Marc brandies

Collection "Grappe Classiche" Bertagnolli

The roots, the origins and the ultra-centenary history of the Bertagnolli family are constantly evolving and being modernized. The collection Grappe Classiche Bertagnolli presents itself in a clear, fresh and contemporary way. Crystal clear glass, bright and transparent distilled spirit, brief product technical sheet on the back-label to promote a conscious as well as responsible drinking. The collection features the iconic Grappino®, seven single-varietal grappa from Trentino – scented, fragrant and persistent – and two grappa riserva, enveloping chorus of aromas and flavors harmonized in fine French oak barrels.

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Product category: Marc brandies

Collection "Gran Riserve" Bertagnolli

To celebrate its 145th Anniversary, Distilleria Bertagnolli presents the Collezione Gran Riserve. Rediscovered ancient recipes and natural aging in fine French oak barrels, innovative design and elegant labels. The magical synthesis of artistry, process, and celebration. The story of Bertagnolli, its important cultural heritage, and the uniqueness of the ancient art of distillation enclosed in every single bottle. With outstanding quality and refined taste, the Collezione Gran Riserve represents the noteworthy tradition of the Grappa from the region Trentino in elegant premium packaging.

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Product category: Marc brandies

Collection "Grappe Trentine alle erbe di montagna" Bertagnolli

The collection of these traditional grappa emphasizes and celebrates the close relationship that Bertagnolli has always had with the magnificent territory of the region Trentino and its mountains. It is the result of the infusion of selected aromatic local medicinal plants, hand-picked, in the well-known Grappino® Bertagnolli - obtained through the distillation of fine pomace of Trentino grapes with discontinuous steam alembics. Cirmolo and Chamomile are two artisanal recipes of the local tradition that complete the collection in addition to the classic ‘Grappe alle Erbe’, among the most popular being the Ruta Graveolens, commonly known as Rue or herb-of-grace, the Juniper, the Mugo Pine, the Amara and the Woodruff.

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Product category: Fruit spirits

Collection "Aquafrutta" Bertagnolli

Four unique fruit spirits. A makeover that combines elegance, colour, and intense aromas projects the tradition of this family distillery toward new horizons. Uva Blu, Uva Fragolino, Pera Williams e Sorbo dell’Uccellatore, obtained through the distillation with discontinuous steam alembics of grape, fruit, and berries cultivated and harvested in the region Trentino Alto Adige. Bright fruit spirits, elegant aromas, extravagant colours. Enjoy them with temperatures - even - glacial!

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Company news




Jan 19, 2018


Great satisfaction and fulfillment at Distilleria Bertagnolli for the Silver Medal triplets. At the 49th edition of the IWSC - International Wine & Spirits Competition it is Silver for Grappa Moscato Giallo Trentino and K24 Grappa Riserva, and it is "outstanding" mention for the iconic and renowned Gran Grappino® Bianco Bertagnolli.

Distilleria Bertagnolli proudly announces the prestigious acknowledgments which have just been confirmed by the prominent IWSC 2017, the world’s most prestigious wine and spirits competition. Established by oenologist Anton Massel, this award has been taking place in London every year since 1969, and it annually judges products from over 90 countries. IWSC medals are considered the highest honour.

  • Gran Grappino® Bianco: Outstanding Silver Medal IWSC 2017
  • Grappa di Moscato Giallo Trentino: Silver Medal IWSC 2017
  • K24 Grappa Riserva Bertagnolli: Silver Medal IWSC 2017
With the purpose of researching, rewarding and promoting the best global wine and spirits, the IWSC continues to pursue excellence, value that characterizes every aspect of the competition, starting from the evaluation process. The judging commission is carefully selected and includes Master Distillers, Masters of Wine, buyers, sommeliers, WSET qualified educators and respected wine and spirits journalists. Each product is blind-tasted and evaluated for its merit within the corresponding category.

Grappa Bertagnolli is not only an award-winning enveloping chorus of aromas and scents to try, taste and love, but also a reference point and quality assurance for clients and customers.


Gran Grappino® Bianco Bertagnolli – Technical profile
Medaglia d’Argento Superior IWSC 2017

  • POMACE: Finely selected pomace, harvested fresh and moist for distillation, of Teroldego and other grapes from the vineyards of Trentino
  • DISTILLATION: Discontinuous steam alembics
  • ORGANOLEPTIC FEATURESCOLOUR: bright and transparent
  • AROMA: harmonious, pleasant, intense, with a slight hint of blueberry and red berries
  • TASTE: enveloping and slightly fruity
  • SERVING TEMPERATURE: Between 12°C and 14°C, though during the summer months lower temperatures are advised
Grappa Moscato Giallo Trentino Bertagnolli – Technical profile
Medaglia d’Argento IWSC 2017

  • POMACE: Quality cru pomace of the Moscato Giallo Trentino grapes from the hills of the region
  • DISTILLATION: Discontinuous steam alembics
  • ORGANOLEPTIC FEATURESCOLOUR: bright and transparent
  • AROMA: aromatic, uniquely elegant and persistent
  • TASTE: velvety, firmly aromatic, with a tinge of tropical fruits and sage
  • SERVING TEMPERATURE: Between 12°C and 14°C, though during the summer months lower temperatures are advised
K24 Grappa Riserva Bertagnolli – Technical profile
Silver Medal IWSC 2017 & Silver Medal ISW 2017

  • POMACE: blend of finely selected quality pomace of Teroldego, Chardonnay and Gewürztraminer grapes from the vineyards of Trentino, harvested fresh and moist for distillation
  • DISTILLATION: Discontinuous steam alembics
  • ORGANOLEPTIC FEATURES:COLOUR: intense shade of amber
  • AROMA: fragrant, slightly aromatic, persistent, vanilla-flavoured
  • TASTE: refined and elegant, velvety, structured and vanilla-flavoured
  • SERVING TEMPERATURE: Between 14°C and 17°C.
  • NATURAL AGING: Over 24 months in fine French oak barrels.
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Distilleria Bertagnolli
t +39 0461 603800

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Distilleria Bertagnolli is the oldest family-run distillery in Trentino. Its origin dates back to 1870 when the landowner Giulia de Kreutzenberg, of Austrian aristocratic descent, married Edoardo Bertagnolli, the forebear of the family and heir to a well-established pharmaceutical business in Mezzocorona.

The distillery is situated in Trentino, a region of northern Italy on the eastern slopes of the Brenta Dolomites – UNESCO World Heritage Site, right in the heart of the Piana Rotaliana; a landscape described by Goethe as the “most beautiful vineyard in Europe”, perfectly suited for growing grapes and home to fine wines and excellent grappa.

By using artisanal discontinuous steam alembics, for over 145 years, Distilleria Bertagnolli has been a leading producer of award-winning grappa, even certified by the ‘Istituto Tutela Grappa del Trentino’ for its exceptional quality.

This precious inheritance has been embraced by its descendants with the same passion, skill and spirit of innovation as its founders had. To this day, the distillery is still proudly managed by the same family: the cousins Livia and Beppe Bertagnolli who represent the fourth generation of the dynasty. To this day, with pride and relentless ambition, they continue to transmit the antique traditions of this distinctive grappa which is noble by birth but aristocratic in taste.

Over 145 years of outstanding quality grappa, through four generations, with antique secrets, artistry and innovation. This is the story of the oldest family-run distillery in Trentino, which continues to evolve and redesign itself to keep up with the ever-changing times.

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