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Via Fontane, 5 Fr. Roncadelle, 31024 Ormelle (TV)
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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 01  Wines (according to cultivable areas)
  • 01.07  OTHER WINES
  • 01.07.03  Branded wines
  • 02.06  Quality sparkling wine/Sekt
  • 02.06.01  Quality sparkling wine/Sekt without more precise indication of origin

Quality sparkling wine/Sekt without more precise indication of origin

Our products

Product category: Branded wines

ZERBAIA - Stands for tradition

The Zerbaia is a reality that even more follows our mission. It is aimed at sophisticated products that highlight the old tradition of winemaking: the lowest yield in the vineyard to get the most select grapes, the use of wooden vats for fermentation, long maceration and long aging in cask. Zerbaia is the result of the collaboration between Dr. Joseph Zerbo, owner of vineyards in the area of Lison, Count Ninni Giuberto Riva, owner of vineyards in the town of Monastier, Michele and Luca Nardin as designers and manufacturers.

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Product category: Branded wines, Quality sparkling wine/Sekt without more precise indication of origin


Our experience, care and respect for the taste of the consumer today are directed towards the production of light wines, but at the same aromatic and fruity Young wines loads of emotions to give us, just as our Mattia, the fifth generation of winemakers in the wine cellar Walter Nardin. .

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Product category: Quality sparkling wine/Sekt without more precise indication of origin


The method we use gives more complexity to sparkling wines and elegant sensations perceived during tasting well.
The colors are more loaded with shades of gold, perfumes are complex and vary hints of evolution.
We can find scents ranging from fresh bread and baking the crust of bread and toast, flowers and fresh fruit to dried. The wine has good structure and a long aromatic persistence.
Finally, the bubbles that are bright, fine and persistent, enhance the taste all the sensations encountered.

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About us

Company details

Nardin farm was founded by Vittorio Nardin in Roncadelle, a small village near Treviso, in 1922. From the very beginning the farm has had a leading role in the area. In fact “vin” (the dialect word for wine) is a synonym for “Nardin”.

When Pietro died in 1971, Walter Nardin, who was 18 at that time, started working in the farm and, together with his uncle, contributed to make the wines of the D.O.C Piave and Lison Pramaggiore areas grow and to widespread the their knowledge in Italy and Europe. They worked using the techniques and the know-how they learned from the grandfather Vittorio, uniting the past rural culture with the most updated technologies.

About 10 years ago, exploiting the highly developed know-how acquired working for the family farm, Walter Nardin founded Walter Nardin Farm with the idea of preserving the perspective of the family management where the research of a quality product able to satisfy taverns, wine libraries, and most refined restaurants always prevails on the idea of producing more and more and at any costs.

Today Walter Nardin, with his wife Mirella and his sons Michele and Luca, grow their vineyards and make wine in moder cellars, never forgetting their roots and the thread that links them to the activity grandfather Vittorio started at the beginning of the previous century. Some vineyards are in Roncadelle in the D.O.C. Piave area: they produce the grapes used to make white wines well known for their fragrance and harmony, and red wined well known for their shape and authority. Some other vineyards are in the D.O.C. Lison-Pramaggiore area where earth and microclimate allow to create wines characterized by special perfumes and tastes.

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